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  1. The problem will be in Music Folders somehow, the scan to find the folder tree is taking far too long. What happens if you remove the memory card, do you then see a Music Folders list (but for the phone only)? What size of card is it, could you temporarily try a smaller card and see if it is then able to find the folder structure? I don't think the format type makes a difference, but worth checking anyway. Andre
  2. Sounds like you are playing in All Songs mode from the Library - what is the symbol shown to the left of the song title in the player screen, what Library mode does it correspond to? Andre
  3. It's on the list for Poweramp v3 as far as I know, which will have a completely rebuilt audio engine. Andre
  4. According to the dev (which is all I have to go on) the Google licence check should ONLY occur once within the first 24-48 hours of installation, and after that not be requested again unless you reinstall the app, change ROMs, clear data, reset the system, etc. Other than that, it is meant to just continue working without any further network connection. I assume that rechecking the licence is not needed after a simple power-off/power-on reboot though. Turning phones off for a while is a pretty common requirement (e.g. when taking off in a plane, after which time you can switch it back on in Flight Mode, most likely without any internet access) so trying to do a license check after a simple reboot would IMHO be an extremely bad idea. Max, please could you look into this again for these users, as obviously there is still some sort of issue going on here. Andre
  5. Your music (and playlists, album art, etc) are local to each device, you need to manually copy your music folders over from the tablet. Poweramp is not a cloud-based player, so there is no automatic synchronisation at all (although you can export your Poweramp settings and also your playlists from your tablet, and then re-import them on the new device). Purchasing the unlocker simply allows you to install the full app on multiple devices, as long as you use the same Google account. Andre
  6. When I've built playlists on my PC for a lot of files, I've done it the same way - built a list of all the files with their paths (using "dir /b /s" in a Command Line prompt in the appropriate directory) and then edited it in a text editor to remove what I don't want and change the path details to a more device-friendly layout if needed. It's actually quite simple, but a rather geeky solution and not ideal for GUI-only users - and in no way could it be described as "smart", it's about as low-level as you can get. Andre
  7. Please email your details to poweramp.maxmpz(at)gmail.com Andre
  8. This has been a wishlist item for a lot of people for about three years now, but we're all still waiting I'm afraid. There are so many long-audio formats around today which really need better ways for managing playback (audiobooks, podcasts, concerts, radio shows, etc) and I too find it frustrating trying to navigate around such files, especially if you need to come back to the same place after listening to something else. For example, finding exactly 1h 10m 30s within a 2-hour audio file is nigh on impossible in Poweramp, and a slight slip of the finger leaves you 5-10 minutes away from where you want to be. Bookmarks, and a skip-forward-30s / skip-backward-10s option (perhaps by swiping left and right on the album art?) would go a long way to fixing that. Oh, and I'd love a way to remove long tracks from the Shuffle music options too, hour-long spoken word material doesn't work so well when played randomly! As I understand it though, the next major Poweramp release (v3) won't actually be adding any of the new UI features that people have been requesting, instead it will be a complete overhaul of the underlying audio engine but with the same UI. Perhaps that was the best way to add new codecs (OPUS etc), but otherwise I must confess that I'm quite happy with the current audio quality and would be far more interested in new operational features. But it's not my call I'm afraid. Andre
  9. You need to keep the unlocker installed. There is no need to exit Poweramp other than stopping the music playback and exiting the player screen (e.g. press Back or the Home button). Application memory management is handled by Android, and Poweramp uses no battery when not in use. Andre
  10. If at all, it'd be sometime after the new version 3 for Android (which has been in planning for two years)... and maybe an iOS release... so basically don't make plans for it. Andre
  11. Embedded artwork (i.e. within tags) should override any generic folder art or downloaded art by default. Have you checked the settings, as there are some override options? Andre
  12. Play store for me shows latest version as build 558, 5.95MB, uploaded on 19 Jun 2014. If you want to do it manually, look at the first post in the Common Talk forum here and download the APK file and install that (works exactly the same way as if you'd done a Google update). Andre
  13. I can't give you an answer I'm afraid (we'll need to wait for Max on this one) but I can tell you it doesn't seem to happen to me when I format up some filenames the same way as yours and choose filename view, I see the whole filename, brackets and all. Is it worth upgrading to the latest version, just in case? (you were on build 555, whereas 558 is most current). Andre
  14. Please email poweramp.maxmpz (at) gmail.com with your details. Andre
  15. Just force the update by going into the Play Store and press Update on Poweramp in your Apps listing (which should be showing as available to update to build 558). Andre
  16. Are both CUE files in the same folder? Could you try putting one into a different folder maybe? (you'd need to edit the path line to point correctly to the main file though). Andre
  17. Certainly looks like stealing the name, and much of the look and feel, although not an exact clone. Andre
  18. I wonder if it's possibly being treated as a duplicate file? Have you checked Settings > Folders and Library > Lists > Don't Add Duplicates ? Andre
  19. In which case, Poweramp Settings > Folders and Library > Lists > List Item Click Action. Andre
  20. WAV was never really designed to be a tagged format, but for raw audio waveform data. I think you can add tags to them, but there are no guarantees they will work between different apps. Other than for easier multi-generation editing purposes, I can't think of any reason to use a WAV file over a FLAC though, and certainly not on a phone. If you want to try, I'd definitely do it on a PC rather than your phone though - use a batch system which can build tags from filenames (or the other way around if you prefer) to do them all at once. Might as well batch convert them to MP3 or FLAC while you're at it. Andre
  21. Go to Poweramp Settings > Folders and Library > Music Folders and see if the folder where your music is located is visible and ticked in the list. Andre
  22. Poweramp Settings > Folders and Library > Queue > Start Playing Queue Andre
  23. Please email the details to poweramp.maxmpz(at)gmail.com. Andre
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