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  1. Play store for me shows latest version as build 558, 5.95MB, uploaded on 19 Jun 2014. If you want to do it manually, look at the first post in the Common Talk forum here and download the APK file and install that (works exactly the same way as if you'd done a Google update). Andre
  2. I can't give you an answer I'm afraid (we'll need to wait for Max on this one) but I can tell you it doesn't seem to happen to me when I format up some filenames the same way as yours and choose filename view, I see the whole filename, brackets and all. Is it worth upgrading to the latest version, just in case? (you were on build 555, whereas 558 is most current). Andre
  3. Please email poweramp.maxmpz (at) gmail.com with your details. Andre
  4. Just force the update by going into the Play Store and press Update on Poweramp in your Apps listing (which should be showing as available to update to build 558). Andre
  5. Are both CUE files in the same folder? Could you try putting one into a different folder maybe? (you'd need to edit the path line to point correctly to the main file though). Andre
  6. Certainly looks like stealing the name, and much of the look and feel, although not an exact clone. Andre
  7. I wonder if it's possibly being treated as a duplicate file? Have you checked Settings > Folders and Library > Lists > Don't Add Duplicates ? Andre
  8. In which case, Poweramp Settings > Folders and Library > Lists > List Item Click Action. Andre
  9. WAV was never really designed to be a tagged format, but for raw audio waveform data. I think you can add tags to them, but there are no guarantees they will work between different apps. Other than for easier multi-generation editing purposes, I can't think of any reason to use a WAV file over a FLAC though, and certainly not on a phone. If you want to try, I'd definitely do it on a PC rather than your phone though - use a batch system which can build tags from filenames (or the other way around if you prefer) to do them all at once. Might as well batch convert them to MP3 or FLAC while you're at it. Andre
  10. Go to Poweramp Settings > Folders and Library > Music Folders and see if the folder where your music is located is visible and ticked in the list. Andre
  11. Poweramp Settings > Folders and Library > Queue > Start Playing Queue Andre
  12. Please email the details to poweramp.maxmpz(at)gmail.com. Andre
  13. Is this a general issue with the Bluetooth connection now that you've upgraded to KitKat, or does it only effect Poweramp playback? Andre
  14. So you do have hundreds of folders selected, as we assumed. Being pedantic or sarcastic about whether they are folders or subfolders won't help anyone to solve your problem. The Music Folders list is a folder tree, you can expand it and select or deselect any level of folders and subfolders that you want. The probably large quantity of folders is why both Max and I suggested enabling them in batches until you find out which folder or folders contains any problem content. Unless it's something specific to the file system of your phone of course, but as I too am using a Note 3 with KitKat and a 64GB external card (with a similar quantity of music and folders) I rather doubt that. My Note 3 is rooted, but still on stock rom/kernel. Andre
  15. Check that the Poweramp Settings > Folders & Library > Music Folders list has the location of your music files ticked, especially if they are on an external storage card. Andre
  16. What versions were you updating from/to? Sounds more like it did a full re-install (which would lose star ratings and set sorting/etc back to default). Andre
  17. You first say you have only one folder selected for music, but then you say you have 240 folders? What Max was suggesting was to deselect all the folders/subfolders and then select them one-by-one (or groups at a time) until you find the one (or more) that might be causing the problem. I have a lot more folders/subfolders than you do, and I don't see the problems you do, so I don't think it's an inherent limit of the software. Andre
  18. No idea until it is checked, but very possibly. Andre
  19. Yeah, that one is much closer to what I'd like (the mid-screen position of the seek bar is nicer too), although visually I do prefer black background skins. Actually, one of the issues I have with touch interfaces in general is that, by definition, your finger is often covering the very thing that you are trying to see to adjust, so there's very little of the precision that you get with a mouse-based interface. I like your idea of a completely separate slider thumb above the timeline bar for just that reason. Andre
  20. Send a sample of one of the files to poweramp.maxmpz (at) gmail.com. Some .m4a files do play, but other people have reported issues with files being unable to seek, etc. Andre
  21. Are the 96/24 files encoded by different software I wonder? Andre
  22. Max, I'm finding that these short audio dropouts when listening via Bluetooth in the car with the screen OFF are now fairly repeatable - what is the best debug info that I could let you have to compare what's different between screen-on and screen-off operation? It doesn't seem to happen with a wired headset. Andre
  23. Could I ask you to check something? I've been getting some odd little glitches during Bluetooth playback in the car recently (momentary clicks or silences) --- but ONLY when the screen is off. If the screen is on (even if fully dimmed) it seems to play perfectly for hours. This is on a Galaxy Note 3, rooted, stock 4.4.2 ROM/kernel apart from a few minor Xposed tweaks. Could you comment on whether you find the same? Andre
  24. Poweramp should not need access to the internet to see your local files, can you still see all the local music files in a File Explorer when you are not connected to the net? Andre
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