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  1. It will work with just the filenames, and no other #EXTINF etc lines in the M3U file, by the way. You can also use relative paths if you like (which are based from the same location where you store the playlist file) but absolute paths are fine too as long as they are edited as above. It may sound complicated, but it's really just a couple of Search & Replaces.



  2. Something as simple as Notepad will do it, or any other text editor, if you don't mind a bit of cut'n'pasting or typing. The most basic format of an M3U playlist file is just a list of filenames with optional paths.
    If you export a playlist from another program (such as Media Player) then it will work, but you need to be careful of hard-coded paths (such as "C:\Users\<name>\Music\") which won't exist on your phone, so you'll need to edit them to make the paths relative to your phone's directory structure.

  3. What would be the difference between "Shuffle all songs" and "Shuffle songs, Shuffle lists"? When would I need to use one over the other? 


    See post #2 above.


    Basically, "Shuffle All" can play any song at all from your library, in any order. "Shuffle Songs, Shuffle Lists" first chooses an album or folder and then plays that album's entire contents (in random order), then it randomly chooses another album/folder and does the same again, etc.



  4.  Hi Max. MP. dev group.

    I hearing many ripped music from southcast-radio with streamripper. many music many poor. :)

    I need a mp3 erasing function is not in the lists.

    Thank you Jozsef nagy.




    If you want to delete some files, just delete them using your file explorer software. Poweramp does allow you to delete single files if you wish, but it's not a file management app.


    If you just want these poor files to not show up within Poweramp's Library, just untick those folders from Poweramp's "Music Folders" list.



  5. I've often wondered what people use A-B Repeat for in the real world, but a lot of people do seem to want it. I've had it on CD players, etc since they were invented in the 80s, but not once in my life have I actually used it! I just can't see why I'd want to repeat-play a short portion of a track in casual everyday use. Sure for editing purposes, but not on a regular player.



    Max: if you were to implement this, it might fit in well with the revised playback options that we were discussing a year ago? Just add an extra seventh option, thus:


    Play One Song
    Play Current List

    Play All Lists

    Repeat Current Song
    Repeat Current List
    Repeat All Lists
    Repeat A-B

    If the user selects the Repeat A-B option, that would define the current playback position as the 'in' point, and the option wording would change to Repeat A-B (set endpoint). When the endpoint has similarly been selected, the track would repeat continuosly between A and B until the user selects a different option. Long-press on Pause button (i.e. Stop) could revert to the previously selected playback mode.





  6. Yes, Poweramp can read folders and subfolders, but in the navigation folder menu the application don't keep the original structure of folders, but shows all folders at the same level.

    Thank you.

    Ah, right. Just set the Folders > List Options > View As... setting to "Hierarchy" rather than "List".


  7. I think it's bit of a joke, but it does hold a point.

    Yes, it was meant as an amusing/ironic comment. Sorry, I didn't think it needed a smiley to reinforce the point but I guess I was wrong.

    However as you say, the underlying implication of the quote (and it's a fairly famous one in computing circles) is still valid.

    By the way, please note the wording in my sig folks... I offered to help out the staff here in catching spammers/etc more quickly, but I'm not one of the actual programming staff.


  8. A better option might be to have an alternative mode - mainly useful for long tracks such as concerts, radio shows, audiobooks, podcasts, etc - where the outer (currently Album Back/Forward) buttons act as Track forward/backward instead, and the current track navigation buttons are replaced with Skip Forward 30 seconds / Skip Back 10 seconds functions.

    However for some reason even though better support for longer audio tracks has been requested by a number of people for a couple of years now, it doesn't seem to get much traction (or even replies) from the developers. It's almost as though they see the word 'audiobook' and ignore the fact that this really applies to ALL long audio files, both music and spoken word.


  9. Why is this such an important feature to people? I've never used it on any CD players that had it!

    Nor me, I've actually often wondered what it could be useful for. It's got to be a trivial bit of code, but I can't for the life of me think why I'd want to repeat some random bit of one song which could only be relatively coarsely selected anyway.


  10. We're going to improve "exclusion" from Poweramp Folders (you'll be able to exclude any unwanted folder from Folders view directly via Folder context menu)

    Excellent, so when I'm looking though my folders list, I'll just be able to select a context menu option of "Exclude folder from Shuffle". Sounds perfect, can't wait! Will it include any sub-folders too by the way? (For example, if I exclude my "Podcasts" folder, will it also exclude anything from the dozen or so sub-folders in there also?)


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