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  1. RIngtones are easy to remove. As you'll never want to listen to them in Poweramp anyway, just untick the specific folder that they are stored in (using Settings>Folders and Library>Music Folders), and they'll never be picked up during a scan and Poweramp will never play them at all. Andre
  2. Don't Apple frown on third-party apps which duplicate (even if they improve on) standard Apple functions? Andre
  3. Quite, just need an option to define which songs should not be added to the all-songs shuffle list (e.g.concept or classical albums where the tracks flow into one and other, audiobooks/podcasts/radio shows, etc). A by-folder exclusion list would be the simplest, but also using genre tags (optional of course) could be another possible solution. Andre
  4. I mostly listen by songs to be honest (or random) but if I want to listen to a whole album then I'll start at the beginning as the artist intended - same as I do with films really - and just work my way through it. If I want a later track, I'll skip to it. Thowback to listening to cassette tapes and CDs I guess. Andre
  5. I actually use them a lot, and the behaviour of starting any new album (whether going forward or backward through the list) at the beginning of that album makes perfect sense to me. What you seem to be asking for is a 'go back to previously played track' option (a bit like an Undo feature) which I agree would be very useful. Andre
  6. This has been asked many times, and hopefully better long-file support is coming in version 3. Max/Wen, is there a general outline of what is planned to be implemented in this area, and how you see it working from an end-user point of view? For the record, I would suggest something along the following lines: A new 'Long Audio Track Options' submenu in the 'Folders and Library' category (or could be called 'Audiobooks/Podcasts/Spoken Word'). This should contain: Folders List <--- This would display a folder tree showing all the currently selected MusicFolders, with tickboxes to chose which of these folders should be treated specially as containing 'long tracks' (or whatever the term eventually becomes). Nested folders should auto-select with the parent folder. Genres <--- A list of genres to always treat as 'long tracks', with tickboxes beside each one (e.g. 'Audiobook', 'Podcast', 'Radio', 'Spoken Word', etc). This could probably be simplified to a Yes/No option actually, covering all of the common genres in one go. Track Length <--- Selects the number of minutes that any random track needs to be in order to also be considered as a 'long track'. Skip Tracks in Shuffle mode? (Y/N) <--- The requested feature above, i.e. to skip podcasts/audiobooks/etc when listing to random music in Shuffle mode. Remember Previous Playback Positions? (Y/N) <--- As a lot of these tracks can be several hours long, allows the user to go off and listen to something else in the meantime and then come back to any podcast/audiobook exactly where they left off. Have I missed anything obvious that people might want? (I also think new Skip Back <nnn> Seconds and Skip Forward <nnn> Seconds options should be available for all songs, rather than only for audiobook/podcasts, although they will be most useful for these longer formats). Just my $0.02 anyway, hope it's useful. Andre
  7. Agreed - I wasn't actually saying that Romanian shouldn't be added, just that the original post was a little... contradictory, shall we say, in that one person's "useless" is another person's handy new feature. Saying that Google Music would be useless as it is not applicable to all countries, and then talking about a Romanian translation in the same paragraph, seemed a bit odd. Andre
  8. Romanian being a popular feature in all countries I assume? Andre
  9. Personally, I'd prefer Max's valuable development time to go into making Poweramp an (even) better audio player with easier and better playback controls, still more accurate audio, and other useful features - rather than making it into the Instagram of sound. Just IMHO anyway. Andre
  10. Hmm, try Shuttle Songs, Lists In Order and turn the Repeat mode to List (keeps playing the randomised folder repeatedly). Andre
  11. Yeah, this concept of 'lists' is confusing a few people - it's a kind of generic term to cover folders, albums, artists, etc - basically whatever you've currently got requested as your 'top-level' sort order. I use folder mode, and the Shuffle terms translate as follows (but the same idea applies if you categorise by abums, artists, etc): Off - No shuffling. Play all files (tracks) within the first folder (or album or artist) in order, then play the next folder/album/artist in sequence, etc. All (aka Shuffle All Songs) - Completely random, any file/track from any folder/album/artist can be played next. Songs (aka Shuttle Songs, Lists In Order) - Folders/Albums/Artists are chosen in the correct order, but all the files/tracks within each folder/album/artist will be randomised. Lists (aka Shuffle Lists, Songs in Order) - Folders/Albums/Artists are chosen at random, but the files/tracks within each of those folders/albums/artists are player in the correct original order. Lists/Songs (aka Shuffle Songs, Shuffle Lists) - A folder/ablum/artist is chosen at random and then all of the files/tracks within that folder/ablum/artist are played at random, then a new folder/ablum/artist is chosen (at random) and its contents are played in random order, etc. At least, I think that's how it works! Andre
  12. Do we get to add to this post directly? I'd vote for a very simple configurable set of options for the player's 'Menu' button, so you can choose the initial five/six items which pop up when you press the Menu button (as everyone's usage style is wildly different). Unless the skin editor will allow that already? (fingers crossed) Andre
  13. Multiple artist support would be great for me too. Maybe you could even auto-split the artist tag where you see the term "feat." in the working (where did that come from over recent years anyway? In the good old wax-cylinder days it was simply called a duet! ) Andre
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