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  1. A few years ago i bye POWER AMP Full Version (Buy Now, Directly) . Yesterday i formate my phone and intsall new Android. How can i restore my FULL VERSION POWER AMP?

    I dont remember My order ID. Remember only gmail

    Please contact poweramp.maxmpz(at)gmail.com with your full details and it should be possible to get the info sent back out to you (it relies on your email account being present on your new device for validation, so if you have changed email you need to let them know both addresses).


  2. Not sure if that's a Lollipop related bug but, on my Shield Tablet i cannot add songs to a playlist directly from the menu. I either have to go to the song/album/etc list or adding files via the option on the playlist menu.

    Could you check if you have the 'Delete' option disabled in Settings > Look and Feel > General. If so, try enabling it. Somehow, hiding the delete option can also hide the Add to Playlist option.


  3. But if you don't have any 'per album' artwork in the folders, and have presumably turned the auto-downloaded feature off in Settings > Album Art, and have deleted the album art cache and have done a Full Rescan, then I wonder where the incorrect artwork is coming from anyway?! The next thing to try would be to remove all app data (using the system Application Manager menu) and effectively run Poweramp as a new install.


  4. Thanks for the link.

    The organ music files work fine for me (tested on a Galaxy Note 3 with build 571 of Poweramp), with each track showing a different image in the player screen as per the embedded tags:



    I wonder if you've got some cached artwork which is causing the problem? Could you check the folder, and remove any non-MP3 files (folder.jpg, etc) or try putting the song files into a fresh empty folder and see if the same thing happens? You could also try deleting the whole album art cache via Settings > Album Art, but that's a bit drastic if you've got other downloaded artwork that you want to keep.


  5. Is the latest version on Google Play store? Because Google Play here in Japan lists 2.0.9-build-564-play as the latest, relased on 15th Sep.

    No, you need to download the latest versions from the first post in this forum until they are migrated to Google. Part of the reason is to allow the folks here a bit of time to test and report any issues before a more widespread release to several million users.


  6. I think what andrei1015 is pointing out is that you and your possible local colleague AbhiAvi have (repeatedly) misunderstood crowd-sourced translation. People do it because they like the product and would like to see it displayed in their own language. They do not do it for monetary or other in-kind gain, unless employed by the developer in advance. The fact that you keep asking the same question anyway appears to be what he is being a little jokey about.


  7. Also the best solution (reading and writing ratings back to the actual individual file tags) might get blocked by the appalling Google decision in KitKat to force making external SD Cards read-only (other than for very specific cases).

    IMHO, this sort of thing makes root even more essential for any serious Android user. The S5 is easily rootable, it's just the carrier-specific versions which are proving an issue. I would prefer to buy a SIM-free phone outright rather than give money to the likes of Verizon or AT&T in the states who are currently crippling their bootloaders.


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