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  1. This one was requested a long time ago, I think it's known as "radio mode" of something similar.

    Even more powerful a mode that I used to love on a very old music player on another platform is to watch the at the recorded in/out levels of the two songs. You define a cutoff dB level for outgoing tracks, and a cut-in level for new tracks. Then when the old track get below the defined volume at the end of a song, the new track will be started at its requested in-point (with a settable short overlap value if you want, bringing the new song up underneath the old one so the jump isn't too harsh). That compensates for the problem you get with tracks that either end or start suddenly, which just don't work with automatic fades.


  2. As an update on why adding this feature is not quite as easy as you would think, here's a response from Max (the Poweramp dev) on the subject:


    Chromecast streaming is very easy for mp3/mp4 and flac (low res) without further processing. As for all other formats Poweramp supports, it's close to impossible. And I really don't want to pack Poweramp with features that don't work. DLNA and cloud support, plus Google Music, is much more doable in timely manner, I have these modules ready and I just need to integrate them.

    Chromecast limited module exists also, but requires more work to make it play all the formats with all the DSP options PA can apply. Also, Poweramp is more about the actual playback, not about controlling remote devices, it has own audio engine, DSP, etc., and that is not what Chromecast is focused for.

    Nothing is likely to be added before the current alpha-test release gets into at least a late beta form though.


  3. There are lots of on-the-fly music normalisers around, which basically "turn it up during the quiet bits" (although there are a lot more technical ways to describe it :) ) but as they also reduce the dynamic range and mess with the sound they are not always ideal for hi-fi listening, but great for noisy environments where actually hearing something is more important than overall quality. Also reducing the excessive peaks can help for nighttime listening.


  4. Foobar2000 can do ReplayGain tagging I believe.

    Basically it scans a whole music file, finds the peak level, and determines a gain factor which would need to be applied in order to bring that peak level up to the format's maximum playback level. That gain boost is then applied (to the whole track) during playback to make any MP3 file play as though it had been encoded with a digital 100% peak level.

    If you are dealing with a set of thematically connected files (e.g. an album) you can set it to detect the maximum peak over ALL of the tracks, and then apply the same gain boost to each track, thus keeping the relative volumes between the different tracks intact.

    What it does NOT do is dynamically normalise levels on the fly, nor apply psycho-acoustic models to the audio to make music 'sound' louder. In fact, peak level adjusted tracks may not even 'sound' the same level, even though they do peak at the same volume, depending on a ton of factors such as the dynamic range of the recordings, companding in the mix, etc.


  5. The third-party app New Playlist Manager from forum regular Theoklink apparently now does this, it can write ratings that you have created in Poweramp back into the original music file. PA still can't read or write the tags directly though, it's been on the feature 'to do' list for more than four years, so hopefully soon now!


  6. Last I read from Max was that streaming playback was a lowish priority, as he feels Poweramp's main function is to provide superior audio playback quality, and streaming from the cloud doesn't do that.

    Convenient yes, but at the expense of quality loss.


  7. I've just updated to 581 via the Play Store, and the issue I described above still seems to exist: the action bar icons at the top of the screen still stay there permanently,

    Have you tried turning off the Android Action Bar and using Poweramp's skinned menus instead? (if your phone does not have a physical menu button it might also be an idea to tick the "Show Menu Icon" item too, to force that button).


  8. Same problem here on LG G4 with Android 5.1.

    With build 580 it's not possible to customize the menu anymore. The action bar is forced on top of the cover.

    Previous settings from older build were overwritten.

    After downgrade action bar could be disabled again.

    Must be a Lollipop related issue as it works fine on my KitKat Note 3. So you're both saying that you can't use Poweramp's menu settings to disable the Android Action bar, yes? Can you untick it but nothing happens, or does it not let you even uncheck that option in Settings > Look and Feel > Menus ?


  9. You are in the main playback screen in the image above.

    To get to a playlist that you have created, first go to the main Folders/Library screen (via the menu, or just tap on the song title in the player screen) then tap 'Library' at the bottom of the screen, then tap 'Playlists', and select the Playlist that you want to work with. That's where you can then edit the order by using the sliders beside each song in the list.

    It is also possible to export playlists and then manage them in much more detail via an external text editor if you want to.


  10. To edit a playlist you created in Poweramp, make sure the slider thumbs are enabled to the right of each title within that list (to do this, press the symbol in the upper right of the playlist screen, a bit like an equals-sign with arrows above and below). Then you can hold on that icon next to each song title to drag it up and down the list.

    To delete a playlist, long-press on its title and select Delete.


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