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  1. Batch tag editing is best done in a specific tag editor program - I use TagScanner on my PC, but there are plenty around.

    To force folders to the top of the list, use a higher level folder which is named so it sorts to the top. For example inside my top music folder I have folders called "10 Podcasts", "20 Films", "30 TV", "50 Songs", and all my other album/etc folders are contained within those (no actual files are stored directly in those folders though, only in subfolders, otherwise you see those numbered folder names in the list, and they are only there for sorting purposes). I use "Sort by Path" and "View As List" at the folder List Options level. Then in my folder list in Poweramp I see all the podcasts at the start of the list, then film and TV soundtrack albums, then regular music albums. You could just use "Favourites" and "Other" if you wish, or make the ordering more detailed if you prefer.


  2. Ah, I see what you mean, but you're asking in the wrong place, as Poweramp already supports what you ask internally.

    Adding such an option to What's App's attachment menu would be up to the What's App developers. It currently offers to send anything from the Android system music library or to record your own audio, plus some other limited photo/document sending options. They could use Poweramp's API to reference PA's internal database if they chose to, but you'd have to ask them that question though.


  3. No, you can't just remove a file-based playlist from storage, as the next Rescan will remove that entire playlist from the library's view (in the same way that removing an MP3 file from storage will remove it from Poweramp too). To keep the contents, first add them to an internal playlist and then you can remove the file copy (which will remove the file-based entry from the Library)


  4. Without an extender (either .m3u or .m3u8) the playlist files won't be recognised as playlists and thus wont be imported. All file-based playlists need that extender.

    Internal (database style) playlists don't need extenders as they are not files, they just have names. To copy from an external file-based playlist to an internal one, go to Library > Playlists and long-press on a file-based playlist title and select 'Add to Playlist'. Give it a new name and that will then create a new internal list of the same songs, but with no extender showing. Then get rid of the file version using your Files app (or maybe keep a backup copy somewhere, just in case).


  5. I believe that basic Chromecast streaming is planned for the next-but-one test release of Poweamp v3. Max released alpha2 yesterday, and his next planned (beta) release should feature an updated user interface. After that, there will be one more beta release before it is officially released, which should include Chromecast/DLNA/etc output.


  6. 2 hours ago, Osmanas said:

    im have this version already but dont work album covers 

    Sorry, which version?

    Build 585 is the latest release on Google Play, which you might have been automatically updated to recently (and which it sounds like might be the cause of this problem).

    Build  584 was the release prior to that, and I was suggesting that you re-download 584 from the forum official download link to test if that resolves the problem for you. If so, stay with build 584 for now until the problem is identified and a new version is released which fixes it.


  7. As you may have noticed, Max has updated our forums to the latest version from IPS.

    I've also taken the opportunity to set up the 'Downloads' tab (in the menu bar near the top of the page) as a better way to manage files so they are easier to find without having to hunt for Sticky posts, etc. Please let me know if there are any issues. Note: I've set the Alpha-test releases to require forum registration here, but all other files are available for general guest download.


  8. Isn't Telegram a messaging app? Unless people are sending you copies of their music files via it maybe, or a larger group is sharing copies of their music files?

    Sadly it sounds like the current workaround of using folders (which works fine for properly organised music collections) wouldn't help much if people are sharing ad hoc files into one location, unless you can create subfolders within your Telegram folder. You could just create some kind of batch command to move all of the *.mp3 files out of that messaging folder and into a more appropriate music location.


  9. There is currently only one Bluetooth equaliser profile, so if you set the preamp gain in order to reduce the levels in the car, any other bluetooth devices will inherit the same setting.

    Can you not use Tasker or a similar app to allow you to launch Poweramp after first reducing the device's main bluetooth level? Then have another shortcut which launches Poweramp but with bluetooth volume first set to 100%? That's what I do for listening at night when I want my headphone levels to be much lower than I would during the day.


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