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  1. PA has an available association for JSON files, yes. It's meant to, so you can click on such a file to load a new EQ settings file directly from a file explorer if you want. However PA does not (as apps CAN NOT) set itself as the default app for opening JSON files, that is something the user must do manually in their file explorer app by tapping 'Always' rather than 'Only Once' when opening such a file, which presumably you must have done accidentally at some point. Clear that status in your file explorer app (doing this varies by app, but in Solid Explorer you just use the 'Open With' context command and choose Once Only again) and you should see results like these: Solid Explorer (the top entry is for quick access to the app previously used to open this file type, with other options below): Total Commander: Samsung stock 'My Files' app: Please try (for example) Solid Explorer and see if you have the same problem there. Warning: Further instances of profanity or abusive comments towards other users who are only trying to help you will get your account moderated or suspended. Andre
  2. The limit is partly for display space reasons, and partly so auto-recognition of track numbers from filenames doesn't try to interpret dates/etc. Andre
  3. You can use the Bookmark feature (long-press on the album artwork) to save the position of any song, and return to it later via the Bookmarks category. Andre
  4. An app cannot forcibly override Android or insist that it be the only app to open a given file extension, that's up to Android, the user's preferences, and the file explorer you choose. Andre
  5. As I said, unless you have previously selected 'Always' (rather than 'Only Once') when opening a JSON file, Android (via your file explorer app) should prompt you to say what app you wish to use to open it. e.g. in Solid Explorer on a Galaxy A70 / Android 11 the following choices are offered when trying to open a .JSON file: I don't know why your device or your particular Android firmware are not handling this correctly, as you should be able to clear any preferences that you have set via your Android app settings anyway. Second
  6. That is so Equalizer presets can be chosen from an external file explorer app, and you can set PA as the default action for JSONs if you want or just use it one time. It's up to you if you want to set a different default app though. Andre
  7. That's a pretty specific usage case though (same could be said of any gapless content, such as concerts where you don't want the gain to vary from one track to another). But it wouldn't bother me if Album Gain was still applied when listening to a concert or a concept album in a different order. It would be far more jarring that the track joins no longer fitted together to be honest - War of the Worlds in shuffle order would make no sense, and the mixed up segues in Oxygene would sound very odd whatever the gain settings. Andre
  8. You can have as many tracks in an album as you like - for example I have one that I call "Singles" which contains 1114 songs and counting. However if you want to organise and sort them using the Track Number tag, there is a maximum value for that field of 999. The Disc Number field maxes out at 99 I seem to recall. Andre
  9. I'm actually a bit puzzled on this one. What is the logic behind wanting to use Album Gain for levelling the volume across (for example) ten tracks in an album when played 1,2,3,4,5... but to NOT use it when playing those same ten tracks but in a different order? I completely understand and agree that Track Gain should always be used for completely random shuffles when each news song comes from somewhere unpredictable, but not why you'd want it when listening to one album, albeit in a different order ("Shuffle Songs, Categories in Order"). Andre
  10. See existing Feature Request thread - is that what you are looking for? The ability to re-order the top level Library Categories list (in addition to the current show/hide category option) is also an existing request: Note to self: I really must get around to creating a 'Frequently Requested Features' sticky post, which I said I'd do a while ago. Would be handy for finding these sort of threads quickly. Andre
  11. It is up to Google, no one else can force them to accept your gift card. Andre
  12. What happens when you try different output methods for Speaker? Andre
  13. I think the third mode should simply be "Automatic", which would enable Album Gain only when playing a full album (either via Albums category, or Artists>Albums, etc). It should also use Album Gain when shuffling within a single album, but not when in more random song modes. Track Gain used all other times (Playlists, Folders, etc). Andre
  14. You need to make the purchase via the Play Store, and as far as I know you should be able to load a gift card value into your account. Andre
  15. Check in Settings > Library > Music Folders to ensure only the folder you want to scan is ticked. Might be worth revoking storage permissions and granting them again. Also make sure that Settings > Misc > File Access Legacy Mode is not enabled. Andre
  16. You could try adding the folders into your 'Music Folders' list one by one, until you find you have added the one containing whatever is causing the scanner to hang. OGG files should scan OK, but it's not exactly a common format to choose. Andre
  17. I find AA's list display is spotty at best on my Hyundai car head unit - it almost never works in fact, I just get a spinning wait symbol and nothing ever happens. I usually set my choice of music up before I start driving though, or use Shuffle. I do most of my AA testing using the phone app version. In there, for the 'All Songs' list I see exactly 400 songs, no more no less. In 'Albums' mode I seem to see all of them (I have 443 albums) and in 'Artists' mode (of which I have 1349) I see up to the start of the 'M's, so about half of them. Andre
  18. @R.de In PA Settings > Audio > Output. There are about four choices in there (Android default is normally OpenSL ES, but you should also see options for AudioTrack, AAudio, and Hi-Res). That screen will show which one is active for the current output device, but you can tap on any mode and enable/disable that particular method for each output device individually (e.g. Wired Headset/AUX, Speaker, Bluetooth, USB DAC, etc) Andre
  19. @İbrahim Yiğit I'll leave Theo to cover the workings of his app, but to backup ratings using PA alone you need to make a temporary playlist that contains every song in your Library. In the 'All Songs' category, long press on any song title and then tap 'All' and use '+Playlist' to add all of the songs in your library into a new playlist. Then in the 'Playlists' category there is a menu option called 'Export', which will create backup file copies of all internal playlists (including the new all-encompassing one you just created). That .M3U8 file can be placed anywhere that a newly installed Poweramp setup can scan, and as long as you have enabled Settings > Library > Playlists > Import Ratings, when it scans that playlist it will restore all of the saved ratings too. Andre
  20. If you don't use a lot of EQ boosts, you could increase the target level for ReplayGain by turning up the RG preamp setting. I have mine set to +6dB, and my preamp for non-RG songs set to -2.5dB, which seems to level 100%-max digital tracks to around the same level whether they have RG tags or not. Andre
  21. @Scorpion I assume that's the same setting that's in dev options, but made available per BT device rather than globally. Andre
  22. @rg94130 To check if this is the Google app bug, roll the 'Google' app back to original defaults and see if that corrects the problem. Unfortunately it will update itself automatically fairly soon, but you can check if that's the issue anyway. Andre
  23. If you use DVC, then you need to disable the Android dev options 'Absolute Volume for BT' feature. But if you don't use DVC for your Bluetooth output, it doesn't matter. Try different methods for your BT Output (in Settings > Audio > Output) and see if that makes a difference. PA is not designed to be loud specifically (there's another thread on the same subject in fact) and can leave processing headroom which may make it quieter than other apps which may send 100% digital maximum. Try turning ReplayGain off, and increase the pre-amp setting in the PA EQ screen if overall volume is more important to you than reducing the risk of clipping distortion. Andre
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