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  1. Folders Hierarchy category has only one set of List Options (which covers both its sorting order and the scalable view type). In this category there is no concept of upper 'folders only' layer and a final 'files/songs' level at the bottom of the drill-down layers. Any level can contain both music files and folders/subfolders. Andre
  2. Seems OK to me now in build 860. @cheungie can you confirm it's now fine for you too? Andre
  3. I've just got my head around this one, please call me stupid. In Folders mode there is a clear difference between the 'folders' level and the 'files' level (just like Albums, etc). However in Folders Hierarchy mode, just like in any folder/files directory structure, you can have both folders and files at any drill-down level. Even your main root folder might contain some music files alongside some folders. Thus every drill-down level is the same in terms of both its sort order and view type. My own music collection doesn't have any files saved at the same level as folders, so I just forgot this very obvious possibility. Andre
  4. Thank you, that's definitely helped where long numbers in filenames (such as dates) were getting misinterpreted as track numbers. However my single Songs folder - where, by intent, all ID3 track number tags have been removed from files - still needs some work. All of the following examples should show as having no track numbers as that's how I manually edited the files: Andre
  5. Thanks Max, working fine in build 860 for my test case of the Adele subfolders. @Squeller - are your example cases working in 860 too? Andre
  6. If you downloaded from Google Play, just enable updates and it will do it for you. If you downloaded the app manually as an APK file from here on the website, just download the newest version from the Downloads tab at the top of the page. Andre
  7. That relates to headunits sending spurious commands (especially when initially connecting) which you can indeed tell Poweramp to ignore, But that won't help if the user wants their commands to be actioned, but the head-unit is sending the wrong command. Andre
  8. This seems to be the main problem I am having with the new track display too. I too have a lot of tracks which are Singles, or otherwise not part of any specific album (radio shows, concerts, etc). They don't have any Album Title tag details, and I also specifically batch edited them all to remove any extraneous Track# and Disc# ID3 tags that may have crept in during CD ripping. So it doesn't really make sense in my particular case to have PA invent its own track numbers when I had specifically removed them all. Andre
  9. I can't seem to duplicate that. Could you provide any more info? What ratings mode are you using? Any common factors between your two systems? Andre
  10. The problem is that the view mode is not sticking once changed. When you leave that view and go back again later, it's set differently. The lowest songs/files level is meant to have its own separate List Options setting isn't it? i.e. songs level can have a different List View compared to the one setting for all the folders/subfolders above it. Andre
  11. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ducktamine.poweramp.v3.skins.minimal Andre
  12. I've checked, and yes this issue still appears to be present in latest build. @maxmp it seems to be related to situations where some containing folder names start with either uppercase letters and/or numbers (it's a bit hard to be 100% certain). To demonstrate, a simplification of the folder structure that I have which causes it is as follows (obviously there are lots more folders and files, but this structure should suffice for testing): /MusicFolders/ 50 Music/ [Songs]/ FirstSong.mp3 SecondSong.mp3 MoreSongs.mp3 Adele/ 19/ 01-Adele19Song.mp3 02-AnotherAdele19 Song.mp3 03-MoreAdele19Songs.mp3 21/ 01-Adele21Song.mp3 02-AnotherAdele21Song.mp3 03-MoreAdele21Songs.mp3 25/ 01-Adele25Song.mp3 02-AnotherAdele25Song.mp3 03-MoreAdele25Songs.mp3 In Folders Hierarchy mode, drill down mode into the Adele folder so you can see its subfolders (19, 21 and 25) and tap the Play icon. What you would expect is for all of the songs in the album 19 to play, then 21 and 25. What actually happens is the first track in the [Songs] folder starts playing, and that folder continues. Andre
  13. Build 588 is one of the last v2 releases (not v3) and is about 3 years old. It is considered a legacy product that has been kept available for people who still have old Android KitKat 4.4 (or older) devices, and there will be no further development for it. If you have Android 5 or later, please update to Poweramp v3 - there is no extra charge, your original licence includes the latest releases too. Andre
  14. I'm guessing another Android 10 foible then (I know Max said Lock Screen functionality was reduced in 10). I do wish Google would stop unnecessary moving the goalposts. Andre
  15. I've checked Folders Hierarchy and I agree there is something strange with maintaining the view layouts. You don't even need to exit the app to see it, just switch to normal Folders view and then go back to Folders Hierarchy and it seems to get set to different List View settings than before (sometimes at both the songs level and the folders level). @maxmp could you take a look at this? Andre
  16. It's a bit ROM-dependent, but for the Grant Access screen you need to have navigated to the root of your SD Card before you tap the button to confirm the access, not the location of the specific file you want to work on. Some more recent versions of Android can have permissions set in the app permissions Android menu too. Andre
  17. That's definitely causing some (most?) of the issues for me. I have a lot of podcasts (and radio show recordings) which naturally include no track tags, but they may have dates or series/episode numbering in their filenames (often at the end of the name). Many are getting randomly interpreted as track numbers in song lists, often showing as '99' as they must then be too big. Info/Tags still shows no Track detail though. My Miscellaneous Music folder contains about 700 songs, virtually all of them 'single' tracks, where I have deliberately batch-edited out all of track & disc number tags, plus any album names, so it is probably an ideal place to check this. In most cases, my filename format is "%title% - %artist%": Band names (generally near the end of the filenames) such as Haircut 100, U2, Timbuk 3, Heaven 17, etc create phantom track numbers. Some song names (first part of filenames) do create phantom track numbers (songs such as "19", "22" and "7 Years" fairly obviously) but others don't (such as "In the Year 2525" and "The Number 1 Song in Heaven (Part 2)"). I have no idea why the filename "1234 - Feist.mp3" above didn't get interpreted as track number 1234, like 19 and 22 did, and thus show as an overflow value '99'. Also I have several singles with the words "12-inch version" in the filename, which do not get picked up as track 12. [Edit to add more details, to save yet another post, sorry!] Also, filenames from multi-disc collections that have the format "%disc%-%track% %title% - %artist%" are getting misinterpreted. e.g. in a 5-CD Christmas Songs collection folder, I added a few extra singles of my own into the same folder, which I wanted to be filename-sorted to follow at the end of the five-disc set. I used the same naming format as the rest of the folder, such as "6-01 Run With the Fox - Chris Squire & Allan White", but as there are no embedded Track# tags for Single tracks, PA displayed them all as being track 6. Hope some of this helps, I think this kind of intelligent interpretation from filenames definitely needs to be optional as there are a lot of places it could cause problems. Andre
  18. Sorry, I can't suggest any specific headphones. Wired ones ought to sound better than wireless for high-res use though, and there will be less potential bluetooth issues between the headphones, your device, your ROM version, and Poweramp. Maybe someone can suggest what they use? Andre
  19. Only if you manage to install an Android 5.0 (or later) ROM on your device. The S3 never that that released natively, but I'm sure there must be some root versions ones around. Andre
  20. I hadn't thought about PA potentially trying to pick up numbers from filenames, I was expecting it to be using tags only for track/disc numbers. I'll have a look, that could definitely be why files with no track# tags are showing a track number of 99. Andre
  21. LOL, I was going to mention 'pseudo-albums' like that in my earlier post, but I thought that probably no one apart from a geek like me would have gone to the bother of creating and properly tagging 100+ tracks, so I deleted the sentence before posting. Seems I was wrong. Andre
  22. If a track number says 150, should it not be displayed as 150. Is displaying a Title line such as "150. Some Long-running Podcast Title" such a major issue, compared to the confusion of dozens of titles all starting with "99"? That sort of string length might happen anyway once you add the requested disc number prefix at the front of track numbers - assuming a Disc tag is present of course - e.g. "2/11. The Eleventh Song on Disc Two". Also I firmly believe that when a Disc ID3 tag is missing from a file (which is pretty common) that should always be treated as being a null item, and thus no disc number would be displayed, and it should definitely not be treated as being synonymous with there being a tag value of '1' which would imply that this is disc 1 in a series of discs. Basically it should work in the same way that a series of missing Track ID3 tags should not be treated as if all of the songs were track #1, they are simply null entries and no track number is displayed. Just my 2 cents worth anyway. Andre
  23. It does depend somewhat on whether you are using high-res audio, and/or if you have DVC enabled (which bypasses a lot of device audio processing). See also the options in Settings > Audio > Audio Focus. Andre
  24. Re: Track numbers again. I'm seeing quite a lot of tracks that either have no Track# ID3 tag, or else a track number in three digits (a lot of my weekly podcasts have 'track' numbers in the 200-400 region) are showing as Track 99 within list views and/or in the Player UI. This is despite them showing correctly as either missing the tag completely, or having a number such as 287, in Info/Tags. Some other files which also have missing tags just show nothing in the space for track numbers, which is the behaviour I would expect. Andre
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