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  1. That is already the case. Shuffle mode will not repeat the same song within the current shuffled session, until the entire session has been played. Check the track counter in the metadata line, it will start at 1 and progress all the way to the end of the total number of songs in the library if you have time to let it. Unless the shuffle mode is changed or playback reset anyway (which you can tell by seeing if the track counter returns to a new '1' again). Andre
  2. No need to be obtuse, English is obviously not @institut's first language - and frankly, without Google Translate, my own French is an awful lot worse than his/her English! The original post is fairly obviously asking for a new feature for Poweramp to be able to save its downloaded cover artwork as embedded tags directly within audio files. This is a fairly common request, but in the past Max has indicated that he's not too keen on implementing it due to the amount of time it would take to save the data (which would interrupt playback) and the possibility of inadvertently damaging audio files. A manual option, perhaps included in the Info/Tags editor screen, might be nice though if Max decides to look at it again? Andre
  3. That is a free tool, so I don't see any reason for this post to be an ad. It's also not in competition with Poweramp, so it seems a fair reference to me. Andre
  4. For Android 9, rather than using the old legacy modes, try changing Settings > Look and Feel > Notifications > Notification Type to either Auto or Media/Colorized, and turn off Colorize Notification (although I quite like the effect with that mode turned on, you'd probably prefer it off for consistency). Andre
  5. Yes, a purchase from the website works on both v2 and v3. You do need to have an internet connection on the device though, and the email address you use must be set up as an account on it. http://support.powerampapp.com/knowledgebase/articles/323571-unlocker-without-google-account Andre
  6. CUE files are separate text-files (sidecar files if you like) which contain text names and timecode pointers to define 'pseudo-tracks' within one large audio file. They are not contained inside the actual audio file itself. However an app that cleans up audio block data (such as mp3DirectCut, which can re-write the file again block-by-block) will definitely help to clean up any rogue join errors within an MP3 file. I use mp3DirectCut too by the way, it's got a really clunky old interface that seems left-over from about Windows 95, but it does the job well. It can run in Batch Mode by the way, so you could just give it all the files that were made in this manner and let it get on with doing a simple re-save of all of them. I would suggest keeping backups of the originals for the time being though; just in case anything goes wrong, you don't want to mess up your only copies. Andre
  7. It does sound like the merge program may have caused some glitch within the file that is causing Poweramp to skip at that point. Either that or you do have CUE files referring to the long-file. Personally, I would not normally try to merge existing MP3 files, I would re-rip the whole content into one WAV file and then covert that to an MP3 (I use Exact Audio Copy for ripping, and LAME for MP3 compression). Not sure why you feel the need to do this anyway though, why not just save separate MP3 files and play them back in album order? Andre
  8. To roll back you would need to uninstall 839 first, so yes you will lose your settings, internal playlists, etc. You can export them to physical files before you uninstall though. Andre
  9. Unfortunately, the current release of Poweramp requires a minimum of Android 5.0. Jellybean is basically obsolete now, but you can still run the legacy v2 Poweramp on it, or the early test builds of V3 prior to the new interface being added (which is where the Android 5.0 minimum comes from). There are no plans to make any code changes to v2 now, or to revise old beta builds I'm afraid. If 709 doesn't work for you, there is no way to get high-res from Poweramp with your current ROM. Sorry. Andre
  10. Poweramp build 840 is not out yet, latest released build is 839. Andre
  11. Use the library category 'Folders' (or 'Folders Heirarchy') and when you are viewing the list of folders, tap the three-dots men icon. Select List Options and then choose 'By Path' as the sort order. Then drill down into one of the folders until you see the list of songs, and use the same List Options feature to set the sort order at that level to "By Filename". Your folders and song files will now be sorted by true ASCII alphanumeric string sorting. Note: that won't always mimic what Windows shows though, as Windows adds some human-interpretation to its sorting. For example, true ASCII sorting is case-sensitive (so "ABC" and "XYZ" both come before "abc" or "xyz" in lists) , whereas Windows treats 'A' and 'a' as the same thing as far as its sorting priority goes. See http://support.ecisolutions.com/doc-ddms/help/reportsmenu/ascii_sort_order_chart.htm Andre
  12. Can you say how you are selecting then songs, and what the result is? Normally I set my playback option before I start driving (so on the phone) so I haven't looked into the selection options on the Android Auto screen very much. Andre
  13. The searched list plays via the Queue, what list of songs do you see in the Library > Queue view while the searched list is playing? (Or just tap on the album art to see the list). It's also worth checking in Settings > Library > Queue to ensure that queue shuffling is not enabled. Andre
  14. There is no such thing as a "Best EQ Setting", it's subjectively up to you, your ears, and your equipment. You can have a setting that makes your music sound the way you like it, or a setting that compensates for the particular response curves of your own equipment (phone, output method, speaker/headset/amp, etc). But that "best" setting will be different for every individual. Andre
  15. Or just bring the option for up/down swipes back? Andre
  16. I did ask if you could provide an example of creating a short INTERNAL playlist with (e.g.) 6 items in it, export it, then add 3 more songs to that internal list and export it again (best to rename it first, or you'll end up overwriting the old file), and paste the contents of both files here. You provided a 14 point method list and just one 30+ item playlist, and also discussed editing both the internal list and re-loaded M3U8 file at the same time. The M3U8 files are backups, you should not ideally have both the original and the backup loaded at the same time (they will be duplicates of each other) Andre
  17. Are you referring to the Visualisation display showing behind the Library view in your screenshot? If so, it doesn't happen for me (nor would I want it to). Could it be skin related maybe? Andre
  18. Just curious about the Preamp gain values in the new EQ display. All of the individual bands have a gain range of +/-15 dB, but the Preamp gain has a different scale of +6/-12 dB. Just seems a bit counter-intuitive. Andre
  19. Individual EQ slider +/- dB values now implemented in build 839, give it a try. Andre
  20. Well if you turn Poweramp's EQ/Tone/etc features off, and disable DVC for your chosen audio output method (turn off hi-res output if you are using that), the device manufacturer's own audio processing controls should be available to you. However you'll lose a lot of the quality for which you presumably chose PA in the first place. Andre
  21. You won't encounter a limit in normal usage, but you might if you install nightly test ROMs for example. Andre
  22. First, try a FULL rescan (or even delete data for the app and let it rebuild everything). If you are still having problems with specific files, please could you upload a sample for Max to take a look at as it's most likely something odd in the embedded tags. Oh, and please check that there aren't any unnecessary .CUE files which are in the same locations as the FLAC files. Andre
  23. Because that would result in shuffling the current list, then playback moving on to the next list IN ORDER (not a new random list) and then shuffling the songs in that list. It's just an operational decision, to make the ongoing shuffle process more random. Max has said in another thread that he may revisit the Shuffle feature in lists and add some optional choices to it at some point in the future. Andre
  24. Somewhat easier than hunting for the little three-dots icon, by the way, is to simply long-press anywhere on the cover artwork, then tap Delete (which is easily found at the top of the pop-up list) and then tap Confirm (which is deliberately a bit further away). That's about as easy as any non-recoverable/destructive action should be IMHO, other than perhaps allowing the more impetuous users to opt out of having that final Yes/No confirmation prompt. Andre
  25. Any plans to improve headset button handling too? Like a lot of people, I use a three-button wired headset, but as my newer Galaxy A70 phone isn't rooted I can't properly tweak the responses for the +/- buttons to operate playback control like I did on my old Note 3 (so that single presses do next/prev track, double-click does next/prev category, and press-and-hold provides fast-forward and rewind functionality). It is really frustrating that I can no longer do this. [Samsung - why create a duplication of the already-existing on-device volume keys when there are better uses for those headset buttons?] I used a little test app called KeyTest (https://github.com/chrisboyle/keytest/downloads) which shows that it's perfectly possible for a non-rooted app to both intercept and differentiate between on-device volume buttons and the +/- keys on a headset cable, so I assume it shouldn't be hard for PA to use the same code to provide better button functionality (as an option of course, I'm sure that not everyone wants the same functionality that I do). Andre
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