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  1. Why would you want random unlisted stuff at the start of the list, before the genuine items? I'd have thought tucking it away at the end of the list, like an appendix, would be better. Whichever though, sorting it under 'U' seems strange as it's really a group of items that are not part of the list. Andre
  2. Technically Max is the best, I just procrastinate in the forums while he does the hard work. Andre
  3. Today's new build 869 fixes the issue of files not playing when launched from external apps. Andre
  4. Today's new build 869 fixes the issue of files not playing when launched from external apps, such as tapping on a music file in a File Explorer app or launching a Playlist from one of the 1x1 homescreen widgets. Andre
  5. Build 869 also fixes the issue of files not playing when launched from external apps (such as tapping on a music file in a File Explorer app or launching a Playlist from one of the 1x1 homescreen widgets). Andre
  6. Not sure how common it is, the TSST tag was only introduced in ID3v2.4. And the Vorbis spec (FLACs, etc) doesn't support it at all - although you could create something similar of your own within the COMMENT field. I did a quick check on my main music collection on my PC, and out of more than 5,000 song files, just one album of 13 songs used the TIT3 tag to subtitle a track title (incorrectly in fact; they each just duplicated the normal TIT2 song title tag) and none at all used TSST in order to subtitle within an overall album title. Perhaps you could upload a sample MP3 file that does this, to see how your provider is actually saving the data? There are of course hundreds of tagging options and sub-options, and I guess any audio player is probably only going to routinely deal with maybe 10% of the possible ones? You could fill the screen with Publisher, Copyright, Remixed-By, ISRC, Conductor, URL, Encoded-By, Involved-People, Lyricist, 21 different artwork options (including 0x11, "A bright coloured fish"!), etc, etc ad infinitum). It would obviously be up to Max whether he wanted to implement this particular field, but I guess if he did decide to then it might be possible to append the text to the end of the regular Album Title in the player screen. Or if Disc# separation/grouping lines within list views is ever implemented, maybe the subtitle field could be append to the header/separator line alongside the Disc Number? Andre
  7. Agreed, the metadata line already can already display Frequency / Bitrate / File-format. Maybe adding bit-depth (16-bit, 24-bit, 32-bit) to that line might be an idea, for those that worry about that sort of thing? [Edit: 24/32-bit info is in fact already displayed in that area, just not regular 16-bit for MP3s etc] Andre
  8. If a single disc has its own individual title within a boxed set, that would be considered as a subtitle to the album (box) title and would need its own tag. There is a little-used tag TSST in the most recent ID3 v2.4 spec which defines a Set Subtitle, but support for generating it is patchy at best (see https://www.blisshq.com/music-library-management-blog/2018/03/27/lamentable-state-disc-title-support/ ). AFAIK, Vorbis tagging doesn't officially support that sort of thing at all. Probably the simpler way to do it at the moment for maximum compatibility would be to give the disc its own appendix wording within the normal Title tag - e.g. the main album might be called something like "The Ultimate Collection" and a extra disc might be named "The Ultimate Collection: Bonus Unreleased Tracks". Andre
  9. While we're discussing how untagged artists and albums are displayed in lists, would anyone else prefer these to be shown at the very end of the normal list of names, rather than hidden away sorted under 'U'? Perhaps simply define the generated display name to start with a square bracket, and the sort process will do it automatically? Such as "[Unknown Artist]" and "[Unknown Album]" at the end of the list of real names. Andre
  10. Genre should work the same way as other categories in that respect. At the albums level, a single 'album' grouping is generated when the Album Title and Album Artist tags match between different tracks. If there are no Album Artist tags present, then the Album Title and Track Artist tags must match for tracks to be considered part of the same album (adjustable via Settings > Library > Lists > Join Albums). Andre
  11. LOL, do I get a smart-alec badge for suggesting this in the first place? Andre
  12. It looks like the full interface, but certain features that should not operate without the device being unlocked do not function until you properly unlock. Try deleting an audio file or edit tags for example, you'll have to do your device's security unlock first. Andre
  13. That's what I said earlier, with that extra option turned on ("Poweramp Lockscreen: Show on Lock Screen") that is the intended functionality. It's not quite the full PA interface by the way, you can't do things like deleting or editing files etc from there. As is mentioned at the top of the Lock Screen settings menu, the regular Android Lock Screen mini-controls are always enabled, as that is needed for some other functionality. Andre
  14. Then your phone is misbehaving, that should not happen. Could you try duplicating the problem and then go straight to Settings > Get Support > Send Log and forward a logfile? Please also PM @maxmp when you have done that, mentioning the email address that you sent it from and that it relates to this thread. Andre
  15. Are you using build 868 by the way? There is a bug in that release (due to be fixed in 869) which is preventing externally-launched audio files from playing - such as by tapping in a file explorer. On my device, using Nova Launcher, I am seeing the same effect when trying to launch Poweramp Playlists using the 1x1 widgets; PA launches, but nothing plays. Andre
  16. That is not intended behaviour, when PA is in the background it should not jump to the front when you re-open the device. Just a thought, but you aren't talking about the lock-screen controls for the app are you? (Settings > Lock Screen > Show on Lock Screen). Andre
  17. I think the OP was asking for Album Artist views to fall back to using the regular Artist tag whenever an Album Artist tag is not present, rather than sorting all such tracks as Unknown Album Artist. Andre
  18. Actually you do seem to be coming over as somewhat aggressive again, never mind passive-aggressive. People here are only trying to help, and Feature Requests can take a while to happen, as you yourself acknowledged a month ago: So please can we calm this down, or I will have to shut this thread down or start issuing warnings. Andre
  19. I assume your music is on an SD Card? Have you tried reformattng the card and putting the music back clean? 90GB is a quite a large amount (especially if each individual file is huge too). Does the scan counter at the top of Settings > Library show progress is continuing, or does it get stuck? I wonder why this seems to have started happening now, as you have been a user and member here for around two years - has anything significant changed on your phone? Worth trying with the latest build of PA too (currently 868) just in case that makes a difference. I suggest you try to start a Full Rescan, and while it is scanning try to go into Settings > Get Support > Send Log. Once done, please PM @maxmp to say you've sent it, and what email address you sent it from, so he can identify your particular log from the in inbox. For comparison by the way, my own music collection on a high-speed 200GB Sandisk SD Card is around 60GB with nearly 7,000 files, and a Full Rescan takes 101 seconds and the phone is fully responsive the whole time (with PA in the foreground or background). And this is using a 12-month-old mid-range Samsung phone (Galaxy A70, Android 10). Andre
  20. No, you can't queue just one disc by number directly. However once they are all sorted properly, it wouldn't take much work to long-press on the first track and tick-select the rest of the wanted tracks and then tap Add to Queue (or Add to Playlist if you might want that selection again). Andre
  21. As long as your files are tagged correctly, in Albums view you should be able to set List Options (via the three-dots icon at the top of the songs list) to sort either "By Track#" or "By Disc and Track#" jointly. You can view the track and disc details for each song by adjusting the appropriate options in Settings > Library > Lists, to see both the Track# and Disc# in the songs lists: You can also long-press on any song, and select Info/Tags, to see this on a file-by-file basis. Andre
  22. My guess (and I can't confirm this for sure) would be that using Folders Hierarchy mode means that when you press the Play button for a folder, there could be any number of further subfolders which would be expected to be played too, which would not happen without Advance List being enabled. As I said, that is the default playback mode anyway, as otherwise playback would keep stopping at the end of each album, artist, folder, etc. Andre
  23. Because the Repeat mode could have been set to Single Song, Repeat-One-Song, etc and Shuffle could be in All-Songs-Shuffle mode. When you press the Play icon (or the Shuffle one) those modes set set back to the appropriate defaults so playback will do what is expected. And the default mode of operation is Advance List (Category), so playback doesn't just stop at the end of the current folder/album/etc. There are some future plans to provide a few extra option for both the Shuffle and Play buttons, but for now it works like it always has done. Andre
  24. The Repeat and Shuffle settings only get reset as needed when you use the Play or Shuffle icons at the top of the list views. To simply start a track playing without changing those modes, just tap on any track title and playback will commence in the current category with the Repeat and Shuffle settings unchanged. Andre
  25. PA Settings > Audio > Replay Gain > (set to 'Apply Gain') This assumes your audio files are already correctly tagged. To check this, while playing a song, tap the three-dots menu icon and choose 'Info/Tags'. The third item down in the list, if present, should show you any Track Gain data. If your files don't contain the necessary information, programs like foobar2000 can add it for you. Andre
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