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  1. The only thing that should cause PA to write M3U playlists back to storage is making any changes to it - such as adding or removing any songs, or changing the sequence order, for example. Any such alteration will cause the whole file to be re-written, there is no facility to append to an existing file if (for example) you happen to just add one new song at the end. PA has only one format for saving playlists - which uses the filename and its full Android path, plus any ratings information. It doesn't have a relative path feature. If you need to keep the original file, with no changes and
  2. @arinzz7 It is on the middle-term radar I believe, but the emphasis of Poweramp's development has always been audio excellence and operational features. So what is effectively more of a karaoke addition is perhaps a bit of a lower priority. Andre
  3. @Big Ndets And this is with Advanced Player Tracking (ADB DUMP permission) enabled? While it's not exactly ideal to have both EQs running together, it ought to be possible to force it. Andre
  4. Thanks for the info. You forgot to mention your device & Android version details in your post, which might help. Andre
  5. If you enable MusicFX in the normal Poweramp equaliser screen, the external EQ app should be able to detect and use it. Make sure you only have DVC enabled in one app or the other though, if you try to enable it on both you'll have problems. Andre
  6. You can hide the Album/Artist line in category song lists via the List Options menu for any song list (choose "Show Titles Only"). You choose to any hide any elements in the player screen, including the Album/Artist line, in some third-party skins (e.g. $YAPS$). Currently you cannot handle the Album and Artist names separately though, Poweramp generates them as a single string. There has been some discussion about adding a formatting option for these items though: Andre
  7. @PrinceMojo Yes, there is a known PA bug with null characters within ID3 tags at the moment. They aren't recognised correctly by the file scanner and are instead interpreted as spaces. Encoding-wise, a null character should consist of one or two zero-bytes, depending on whether the file uses 8-bit ASCII or Unicode. Spec-wise, a slash ( "/" ) was the recommended simple separator for multiple entries within tags up to ID3 v2.3. Hence the addition of the whitelist option for the very few cases where using a slash causes issues - "AC/DC" being the most obvious, but also things like "+/-" and
  8. You haven't turned a Visualization on have you? Some have a bit of a delay before showing anything. Check in Settings > Visualization, or tap the Visualization icon on the left of main player screen. Andre
  9. Have you tried Googling for "Random file copier" ? Andre
  10. Sounds like you have changed the Repeat icon setting, in the main player screen. Tap the icon to cycle it round to 'Advance Category'. Andre.
  11. Usually this control is a DISABLE option. Try turning the slider highlighted below ON, to see if it's mis-labelled? @maxmp do Huawei do this differently to other Android setups? Andre
  12. Breaking that stream of consciousness :) down into manageable topics... 1) Skins are developed by third-party authors. Over the years quite a lot were written for Poweramp v2 (the last version of which was April 2016). However when PA v3 (the current version) was formally released, the new 'Material Design' style interface had been completely re-written from the ground up, so skin developers would have also needed to start again from scratch and most have not bothered. There are some skins around for v3 (see the Skins subforum here), but not as many as there used to be for v2. Maybe the o
  13. First, remember that to "enhance" audio does not necessarily mean "make louder" (although it may have that effect too). If you are going to use DVC with Bluetooth, then you need to go into your phone's Android Settings > Developer Options and enable (activate/tick) the Bluetooth option entitled "Disable Absolute Volume". You can also get to that screen by using the prompts in the PA EQ Settings screen which you have shown above. Andre
  14. Yes, it's on the second page of the EQ screens. Andre
  15. You can choose what style of seekbar to display behind the control buttons in Settings > Look and Feel > Skin. Or as a shortcut, just long-press on the three-lines icon in the lower-right of the screen. The exact options available vary from skin to skin, such as Waveseek, Static, etc. Andre
  16. That basically force-closes an app. If it sends a shutdown intent first, to ask the app to close nicely, then it's obviously not sending anything that PA understands. Can you contact the tech support for the manufacturer and ask them? It won't be something that first-line can help with though. @maxmp is there any way to create a quick-and-dirty test app to watch for this sort of intent and somehow let the user know the details? Andre
  17. Creating a 'whole library' is pretty easy - go into the All Songs category > long-press any song > Select 'All' > Add to Playlist. But yes, it's a hassle to have to keep remembering to do that regularly just to backup your ratings. 'On the fly' saving of ratings changes back to music files has been a request for as long as I can remember, and yes there are a lot of Feature Request threads about it. I do agree that there needs to be some kind of fully-automated option for saving ratings directly back into capable files after any change is made though, as having to remember to
  18. PA still does not read or write ratings to tags. You can export them as part of a Playlist though (create one with all your songs) and then re-import them the same way. The New Playlist Manager app can import/export ratings to files too. Andre
  19. When you mention that If you "close PA manually" it doesn't later resume, what do you mean? If you press Home or Back to exit, I would expect PA to continue playing in the background, not shutdown, so position saving is not needed anyway. It's possible that N7 saves its playback position multiple times during playback. @maxmp might doing this be a possibility (even if it creates a performance overhead) to counter this sort of issue for devices which don't issue standard shutdown intents? Andre
  20. If you push the bass and treble all the way up, you may need to reduce the pre-amp gain to compensate so the audio path is not over-saturated and peaks are clipped. The Limiter can help with this too, as can enabling DVC, but better to get the levels right in the first place. I don't know why this would only affect build 905 though - what build where you on before? Andre
  21. You don't say which skin, but in the skin settings you need to find the settings section for Waveseek/Seekbar and choose one of the static rather than dynamic modes. Andre
  22. There are lots of ways to do it, but I would certainly suggest using a PC rather than a phone for the ease of seeing everything and quicker multiple copy/paste operations. Good programs are TagScanner and MP3Tag. Personally I like TagScanner for large batch work. Make a backup work copy of your music collection on your PC first, in case you accidentally mess anything up. I would start by dragging the entire music folder into the program (might take a while to import) and then on files with no tag data use the Generate tab to build initial tags from the filenames. Block-select the files yo
  23. Of course a better long-term solution would be to properly tag all your audio files with embedded metadata rather than relying on displaying filenames, but that's a much longer process. Andre
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