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  1. Glad you got your files sorted. There is a short learning curve with TagScanner but once you are used to it, it's a doddle to batch edit whole albums at a time. You may find other things you want to tidy up while you're at it. PA v2 did not support Album Artist tags, which are used in music files to correctly group albums. Instead it used the Album Title and Artist tags, which was never an ideal solution as it either did not allow for albums where the artist details vary track-by-track (e.g. compilations, various artist albums, etc) or it caused problems when different artists released their own albums with the same titles - e.g. the album title "Up" could refer to the Pixar film soundtrack, a Shania Twain album, an R.E.M. album etc. Correctly tagging your music with Album Artist tags solves all of this in v3. Andre
  2. Yes, that would be up to the Avee app developer to introduce a feature to visualise audio from other apps (if indeed Android allows that). There's nothing that Poweramp can do about it. Andre
  3. A reshuffle should not occur on a device reboot, as long as you don't then change the playback shuffle/repeat modes, or manually start playing a new song from a new category. If you just pause it before shutdown and un-pause after reboot, it should continue where it left off. If you start a Playlist in Shuffle mode, each song in the list should be played exactly once during that shuffle session. You can check this by looking at the item counter on the player screen (middle of the row of control icons) which for a 50 item list will show 1/50 when you first start, then 2/50, 3/50, etc. You can move forward and backward through that shuffle order using the >> and << track controls. If it ever goes back to 1/50 you know the shuffle order has been re-sequenced, and then you could hear a song again. If you want to be able to manually select a new track from the same list without disturbing the current shuffle sequence, enable Settings > Library > Lists > No Reshuffle. Andre
  4. A couple of things which might get closer to what to you want: Settings > Library > Queue > On Queue End --> Stay in Queue/Repeat Queue Settings > Library > Queue > Ignore Shuffle --> Disable Settings > Library > Queue > Play Next: Start Queue --> Enable Settings > Library > Lists > List Item Click Action --> Enqueue and stay in list. For any item (either a song, or a category such as an album/artist/genre/etc) that you want to add to the queue, or to Play Next, just long-press on the item and select either '>> Queue' or 'Play Next'. Note: the Queue can only contain individual songs, not category group items - so for example if you add an Album then all of the songs within that album will be added to the queue individually (in the album sorting order). Andre
  5. Personally, I would suggest a purer tag editor such as TagScanner or MP3Tag on a PC. MusicBrainz does have a habit of trying to do things its own way. To group multiple tracks into one album, the important tags which need to be the same between each of the songs are Album (i.e. the album title, tag TALB or ALBUM) and Album Artist (tag TPE2 or ALBUMARTIST). The other artist-related tags can vary track by track as you wish, and 'Contributing Artist' is not an official MP3 ID3 tag anyway so won't matter. Andre
  6. VLC's M3U8 output is pretty messed up, have a look at the file, it seems to %hex stuff back to plain ASCII, even spaces in filenames. e.g. a simple Windows playlist entry such as: \\DiskStation\music\Moods Collections\New Pure Moods\1-02 Return to Innocence - Enigma.mp3 becomes: #EXTINF:243,Enigma - Return to Innocence file://DiskStation/music/Moods%20Collections/New%20Pure%20Moods/1-02%20Return%20to%20Innocence%20-%20Enigma.mp3 The #EXTINF line will be ignored by PA (it uses embedded tag data) but the path line can't be resolved. In fact, all PA will actually use is the first folder level and the filename: New Pure Moods\1-02 Return to Innocence - Enigma.mp3 Load the original M3U into something like Notepad++ and re-save it without changing the contents, just the text encoding method in the menu. Or use foobar2000 to convert it. In some cases just renaming it to .M3U8 will work. Andre
  7. What does the .m3u8 file contain? All that PA really needs to match is the filename and the folder that contains it, the rest of the path and all the #EXTxxxx syntax should be ignored. Check what BOM (Byte Order Mark) identifier is being used; normally it's ignorable, but if it's wrong it could prevent the file from being read. Load it into something decent like Notepad++ on a PC to check the accurate contents. Oh. and the songs must already exist in PA's scanned music library for a playlist to be able to access them. Andre
  8. I've just tested your method (i.e. entering and leaving the queue with Repeat mode set to 'Off') and you are right, the audio does not crossfade properly when exiting from the Queue - although it's fine when starting the queue. Other options (Repeat Category and Advance Category) work as expected and they crossfade on queue exit. Glad you found that, I couldn't work out what was causing it! @maxmp Could you take a look at this when you get a chance? The bug only occurs when exiting from the Queue while Repeat mode is set to 'Off'. Thanks. Andre
  9. Ideally you should be saving any playlist files that contain extended character set symbols as Unicode (UTF-8), not 8-bit ASCII text which can be ambiguous. The extender for such filenames to be scanned is just .M3U8, not .M3U8-FILE . Andre
  10. @John Gunner If you start playback from the All Songs category, there is no 'album' grouping level, it's just one huge category. Instead, go to the Albums category and start something playing - just use the Play button at the top of the list to start playback at the beginning, or drill down and select something manually. Then tap the Shuffle icon on the player screen to select the mode 'Shuffle Just Categories'. That will cause Poweramp to pick albums at random, but play the songs within each album in your chosen song sorting order for Albums (usually that would be by Track#, but it's up to you how you've set it). Assuming you have Pro Buttons enabled in your skins settings, use the << and >> buttons to manually change tracks, or the <<< and >>> buttons to change albums - or just let it play through your whole music collection on its own (make sure Repeat icon is still set to the default 'Advance Category'). @Fitzian Yes, the Shuffle icon at the top of category lists is designed to do a full shuffle of both the categories and the songs - i.e. it picks a category (in your case album) at random, then plays all of its contained songs in shuffled sequence. Then it picks another random album and shuffles all of its songs, and so on. Max has future plans to make the category header icons more configurable, but for now that's the way it's meant to work. For finer control, follow the advice above and start playback using the Play icon in the category header (or even choose a specific song) and then adjust the shuffle mode when you are in the player screen. @mite_jan The Poweramp Shuffle and Repeat features are very powerful, but consequently there can be a bit of a learning curve if you want to get the best out of them. The most misunderstood one is 'Advance Category', which really just means 'Play All Categories' - so that when one category (such as an album) finishes, PA will automatically continue playing the next one rather than stopping or repeating, and so on through your whole music collection. For more info, please see: Andre
  11. 1. You may need to do a FULL Rescan (in PA Settings > Library) to force Poweramp to fully clear the database and re-read tag data which it assumes has already been scanned. 2. The 'Recently Added' category can be sorted in multiple ways, including by 'Date Added to Library' (which is the mode you want) or 'By Date Added/Modified (filesystem date/time)' which sorts using the files' last-modified date. I suspect you may have the latter selected for that category. Open the 'Recently Added' category view, tap the three-dots menu icon, and select List Options to change it. Andre
  12. Sorry, I can't replicate that, it just works for me. These are all regular MP3 files, nothing esoteric? Andre
  13. You can with a suitable File Explorer app (e.g. Solid Explorer). You can't get into the version of that folder on the SD Card though. Google makes no sense (again). Andre
  14. The folder you need to save your milkdrop preset files into on fresh Android 11 Poweramp installs is Android/data/com.maxmpz.audioplayer/milk_presets Andre
  15. Sounds like you may have some mis-tagged songs, where the embedded metadata within the audio files is not correct. For one of the albums which is not showing correctly for you, long-press on a song title and select 'Info/Tags'. Check that the Title, Artist, Album and Album Artist tags are all entered correctly and match between the different songs in one album. The Album Artist tag is used to collect tracks together into one album entity, especially when the track artist names may vary. A few errors can be corrected within that screen (tap the 'Edit Tags' link) but if there are a lot then a batch tag editor on a PC would make the job a lot easier and quicker. If your music is already arranged neatly by folder, I would suggest in the meantime using the Folders or Folders Hierarchy categories, instead of Artists or Albums. Andre
  16. @Wolksby So in the 'Artists' category view, you have an item showing as 'Unknown Artist'. Does it show how many albums it believes to be in that category, like this: And what do you see if you drill-down into it, any 'Albums' at all - even blank ones? Although in my case it's just assorted old TV Themes where I don't actually know the performing artists - I really ought to Google some of them! You could try a FULL Rescan (in PA Settings > Library) in case there's an issue with something that mis-scanned. Andre
  17. @John Titor To be fair, the same applies to sounds much above 20kHz (unless you are a dog) but people still want high-res sampling rates above 44kHz. I think the question was perhaps more theoretical though - if you can equalize frequencies at multiple points below 20Hz in Graphic mode, why not in Parametric mode too? Maybe it has to do with the Q width? Andre
  18. No idea then, I just checked in case Shuffle or the 'Ignore Shuffle for Queue' modes make a difference, but they don't. It works fine for me whatever category I start in, and with shuffle on or off. Even if I choose the Auto-Advance Fading > 'Shuffled Songs' mode, it still crossfades correctly when going in and out of the queue. Are you saying that the function does not trigger at all - i.e. the counter goes all the way to the very end of the last track before the next track commences? Or that the next track does commence shortly before the end of the last track as expected, but the sound doesn't seem to do what you want? Andre
  19. @Chris Tmas Sideloading Google apps onto a non-Google (e.g. Huawei) device is not always a simple user-friendly solution, but in most cases it is possible with a little bit of work - you can try a search online for how to do it for your device. Andre
  20. That works fine for me. I starting playing music in 'All Songs' category, then I added one song to the Queue and then another song using 'Play Next'. PA correctly crossfaded at the end of the currently playing track into the first (Play Next) track, then it crossfaded into the earlier queued song, then it crossfaded back to the original 'All Songs' playback. Obviously if one of the files has a long silent section at the start or end, that will affect the overlap of actual music. My test settings (PA 909): Andre
  21. As a test, try setting the Crossfade Length to max (15 seconds). Near the end of the last queued song it should commence the auto-advance about 8 seconds before the end of the song and fade into the original playback category. Obviously 'Silence Between Tracks' should be turned off. Manual advancing would need to be set to 'Crossfade' to get the same effect (I have mine on Short). Andre
  22. Entering and exiting Queued playback both obey the normal 'All Songs' auto track advance crossfade setting. Andre
  23. @heidl Glad you've got it sorted. A couple of characters can be used verbatim (dollar sign springs to mind) but most need to be changed to underscore. Hopefully at some point Max will be able to add a tickbox to the Album Art download screen to indicate whether you want the newly-found image to be used for the Album view only, or also applied individually for every song in the album. Andre
  24. @Ali Rahal You can turn off EQ functions in the main Poweramp app and use the external Poweramp Equalizer app to control PA's sound just like it can for any other audio player, is that what you mean? If Poweramp does not appear in the list of Known Players in the Equalizer settings, you need to enable MusicFX in the main Poweramp app settings and EQ screen. You should only have DVC enabled in one app or the other though, not both. Andre
  25. @heidl AFAIK, PA doesn't make any particular decisions as to which embedded artwork to use as an overall cover. It's probably related to the sequence in which the files get read in from the underlying storage, and each new image one overwrites the previous so the final one gets used? If you are on Android 10 or 11 (and PA was installed on that version fairly recently, rather than gradually updated) the cache folder structure may be in the newer required folder format which does not use the underscored subfolder name, thus it might be Android/data/com.maxmpz.audioplayer/files/ . The older system would have been: Android/data/_com.maxmpz.audioplayer/ . The album_art subfolder is used for auto-downloaded images (which won't override all of the individual track covers, so this is the one you want to use) while and selected_aa is for manually downloaded files (which also overwrite individual embedded covers inside the album). Most special characters (brackets, exclamation marks, etc) need to be replaced with underscores in the image filenames - the naming system is designed for app use, not really for people. A FULL Rescan is a good idea after making manual changes to folder contents. Andre
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