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  1. 26 minutes ago, सम्यक् बरड़िया said:

    they really should make the rating imbeded with the music file. 

    The POPM ID3 tag does support storage of both a rating and the playback count, see http://id3.org/id3v2.3.0#Popularimeter . The spec also suggests saving the email address of the person creating the rating, thus allowing multiple tags for different users in the same file which always struck me as a bit overkill and a potential privacy issue with shared files.

    This tag is neither read nor written by Poweramp at present though, as Max had concerns that not all file formats support it, and writing to audio files automatically 'on the fly' could be potentially dangerous and also cause playback glitching should the whole file need re-writing.

    There is a great third-party app called New Playlist Manager by the way. It can read tag ratings from files into Poweramp, and also write Poweramp's ratings database back into the individual files. See https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.flyingdutchman.newplaylistmanager


  2. You have tried removing the SD Card and re-inserting it I assume? There have been a few reports of this sort of issue with Android Q (10) beta versions due to changes Google have made to file access methods, but not with Android 9 as far as I'm aware.


  3. What skins are you trying to use? As long as you are using v3 skins with the v3 app (or v2 skins with the v2 app) then I've not come across any major issues. You obviously can't use old v2 skins with v3 of the app though, as the interface layout, icons, controls, textual content, etc were all completely updated for modern devices - that would be a bit like expecting an old VHS tape to fit into your new DVD player. :)

    Certain Huawei ROMs had problems with loading some specific v3 skins a while back (thread) but I think that has been resolved now, could that be your issue? You don't give much info to go on...


  4. 5 hours ago, gav2403 said:

    Run PA at meyzu pro7 plus  (Flyme After closing PA playback doesn't stop. Any ideas what can be done to fix this?

    Press the play/pause button in the app or the Status Bar Notification. If you just exit from the user interface by pressing Back or Home, playback is meant to continue in the meantime while you do other stuff (there is a service which runs in the background to ensure this). 


  5. I think this is going round in circles, and it was a five month old question anyway. I'm going close to close comments now, before this turns into a flame war over whether to reverb or not. As I said, quite honestly it's down to personal choice.


  6. As I keep saying, it's personal choice how (or if) you set your reverb settings, everyone has their own opinions varying between wanting to hear the music as the band and studio engineers intended it, to making it sound like you are listening to music in an echoey cathedral or stadium. Your earlier post and link were helpful in outlining what reverb does to your music, and thank you for sharing it.


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