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  1. PA can cope with track number (of total tracks) as lots of my files are encoded that way. And also disc number (of total-discs). I can't swear how FLACs handle it though, as all of mine are MP3 (so ID3, mostly v2.3, tags) whereas FLAC uses Vorbis tags.

    [Edit] Just tested it by adding a 'total number of tracks' value to some FLAC files in TagScanner, and the revised files work fine with PA set to sort albums by track#.


  2. Ah, so it's nothing to do with technical specs, features or functionality, but you prefer the paint job. :)

    You should completely uninstall PA v3 and any unlocker app that you've installed from Google. Might even be worth deleting the /Android/data/_com.maxmpz.audioplayer/ folder. Then install PA v2 from the downloaded .APK file for build 588 and go through the website-purchase validation process (make sure you have the correct email address set up as an account on the phone, and use the ID supplied in the confirmation email, etc). See the FAQs for restoring purchase status, e.g. http://support.powerampapp.com/knowledgebase/articles/324284-restore-poweramp-purchase


  3. In a situation like that, the Play button should cause playback to commence with the first song in the first folder in the list (with Shuffle mode Off, and Repeat set to Advance List). Then when that is complete, the second folder in that list will be played, and so on.

    In the above case, all of the contents of "2014. Substances EP" should be played, then all of the contents of "2014. Vacuum EP", etc.


  4. 58 minutes ago, Squeller said:

     "Play next" to insert into the queue at next position. 

    The 'Play Next' suggestion was not relating to the queue, but instead would cause normal playback - i.e. non-queue - to start playing a new track (just as if you simply tapped on the song title in the list) but only after the currently playing song had finished. Once started, the new song would then become the current playback position and category.


  5. Although v2 is obsolete as far as newer Anrdroid platforms are concerned (and not guaranteed to work forever), for the time being you ought to be able to install and verify the licence on v3, then uninstall v3 and reinstall v2. The licence should just pick up again (you'll need to turn Updates for PA off on your device though, otherwise the store will continue to try to update for you).

    As you have been issued a refund by Google though, I suggest you might want to buy the version direct from the website instead, which will avoid further auto-updates and should be simpler to validate. See https://powerampapp.com/buy-poweramp/

    Out of curiosity, what is the reason you need to use v2 ? The newer V3 should do everything that v2 does, and a whole lot more besides, with a more versatile and easier interface.


  6. The only way to install a skin is from the Play Store or from an APK file (if the developer will provide you with one). If Fiio restrict you from doing that though (they sound like Apple!) then you need to take that up with them - or root your device and regain your own control of it if they refuse.


  7. 5 hours ago, TedSamol said:

    Max must have already thought of that because when you select an album and add it to a playlist the tracks are added in number sort rather than title sort. I don't mind a separate option (e.g. album/track# and artist/album/track#),

    Inserting an album into a playlist is performed using whatever specific List Options setting is in place when you carry out the action. So if you have the songs level set to be sorted by Track#, that's the way the songs will get added to a playlist too.

    Yes, a separate new option in the Re-Sort Playlist menu is what I was suggesting too.


  8. @maxmp has mentioned in the past that the Album Art area in lists is also used for multi-selection of items (via long press), so removing the artwork would cause other interface issues.

    Perhaps sometime in the future, it might be possible for the main app to highlight the whole line of each selected entry when choosing multiple items, rather than using a tickbox at all? My file explorer app does it that way, and it works very well without using up any space from the filename or obscuring any content. 


  9. 3 hours ago, w3wilkes said:

    Settings -> Library -> Scanner - Other - Symbols to split multiple Genres. This will hopefully change to split the multi-entry fields of Artist, Album Artist and Genre.

    That would make a lot of sense to me. Plus Composer, for those who use it. Some tagging formats (such as Vorbis) allow multiple instances of the same tag too of course, which makes the task easier still.


  10. Poweramp has never generated PLA files during export, only M3U(8) ones. Poweramp's M3U8 files are very simple, they just consist of a series of individual lines containing the path and filename for each song in the list. That's what you get if you Export any internally created playlists to files.

    When you talk about "pasting PLA files," do you mean copying such a file over to a new location so Poweramp can see it, or using a text editor to cut'n'paste the actual lines of text from one file to another?


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