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  1. Sounds like you have the Category version of this feature turned on too. In addition to the overarching Long Track position memory, for can also enable this feature for any given Library Category. Go into the category then drill down to its song list, and tap on the three-dots icon an in List Options you can enable or disable the feature for that category only.


  2. First, did know that for longer tracks, PA can permanently remember your last played position, even if you return to the track after listening to lots of other stuff in the meantime? Settings > Library > "Store/Restore Per-Track Progress", and you can also adjust how long any track needs to be before that feature triggers.

    For the Bluetooth issue, after this incident happens please could you check Settings > Headset/Bluetooth > Last Processed Commands to see a list of what actions have been requested by the BT device.


  3. I would have expected it to have been the app that is being shared  TO that would have the default action set (it's more of an Android stored setting, not Poweramp doing it) but perhaps @maxmp can throw some light on this one? I've just tried it on my phone, and I get the expected 'Just Once' or 'Always' choices at the bottom of the list of sharing options.


  4. 30 minutes ago, jtx2 said:

    Is it possible or not possible to authenticate against your existing purchase through Google Play using the methods described above? 

    The above tweaks enable wifi, so you can connect to the internet via your home network and authenticate a purchased licence. However unless you have also managed to install the Google Play Store on your device, you won't be able to authenticate anything that you purchased via that store.


  5. Of course a much better solution to avoid this sort of issue in the first place is to simply make sure your files are tagged properly in the first place. I use TagScanner, which makes it a doddle to batch edit music tags. It can even interpret title/album/artist/etc from your filenames (using user-definable pattern matching) and then you can just tweak any by hand which don't look right.


  6. Video does not work, has you set it to public visibility?

    What version of Android does your head-unit run? Do you see the SD Card folders listed in the Settings > Library > Music Folders screen, and can you tick/untick folders there? What about if you put a few songs in a folder on the device's internal memory as a test, can they be made to scan correctly?


  7. I'm not sure when this behaviour changed, but logically I would have expected a filename to be shown including its extender. Otherwise it is not the correct filename, and it would not be possible to distinguish between different files like Africa.mp3, Africa.flac, Africa.m4a, etc.

    When PA is trying to interpret the filename where the Title tag is missing (rather than being directly asked to show the full filename) then I seem to recall it might be possible for the extender to be omitted, and also for any leading digits (usually representing track numbers) to be dropped too. This could of course cause unexpected results with names such as "99 Red Balloons", "7 Years", etc.

    @maxmp would be able to tell us if this behaviour has changed though.


  8. 31 minutes ago, Wgesh said:

    I'm sure I didn't have the "filename as title" option turned on at the time and Poweramp would show titles from my filenames without the extension.

    If you have music files without any Title tags, then PA will show the filename instead. Including the extension as that is considered to be part of the filename. 


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