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  1. On 8/2/2020 at 5:08 PM, flyingdutchman said:

    The whole writing to mp3 tags is probably up the spout with all the security restrictions under android 10. 

    From a user point of view, I'm getting sick and tired of Google messing with SD Card (and other storage) access permissions. It's my flaming phone and card, programs on my own phone should be able to access my own data folders in full. Google is starting to go down the nanny supervision route of iPhones, which was one of the main reasons I went down the Android route in the first place. Think of the outcry if Windows suddenly decided you could no longer access the data on your second D: hard drive.


  2. High res has always been an experimental feature, and quite often manufacturers do things in major Android updates that either break it completely, or require DVC to be enabled (or disabled). Audio levels are no always consistent between different output methods, and definitely when using DVC.

    Try doing a Restore Defaults in Settings > Audio > Output and see if that picks up any new modes needed for your new ROM


  3. 28 minutes ago, Saturnalia said:

    I've read elsewhere (many elsewheres, really) that any music on SD cards will have tags missing.

    Not sure who told you that, but it's completely untrue. SD Cards are just storage areas, they can contain whatever you want them to. If you copy your files properly, using any decent file explorer app or a computer for example, they should be exactly the same as the source files - so if the original files are correctly tagged, the copies should be too. There could be 'content aware' copying/syncing programs around which manipulate the data they are copying, so it might be wise to avoid using them if they are messing up your files.


  4. Nope, sorry. PA maintains an internal database playback count, but that does not sync with anything else at all - not even the POPM or PCNT tags in the MP3 file. 

    There is a third-party app called New Playlist Manager that allows Poweramp's star ratings and playback-counts to be saved into the POPM tag within audio files, and to later read those tags back into PA's database (effectively offering a ratings & counts backup feature). If your iTunes files use the POPM tag for saving their play counts, you could re-import into PA that way.

    @flyingdutchman does NPM read/write the older PCNT tag too, as that's another way to specify overall playback counts for a file, rather than the technically (if implemented) user-specific count in POPM.


  5. Yes, sorting the All Songs category 'by Artist' does the same as the main Artist category, which sorts by Artist name first, then by their Albums, then by the Song Titles. I seem to recall this was by user request a while back.

    There isn't any way to change that behaviour in the current app, but maybe Max could add a new sorting option for the 'All Songs' category so there are choices for sorting by 'Artist/Song Title' as well as the current 'Artist/Album/Song Title'. Thinking about it, in the current mode it might make more sense if songs within albums were sorted by Track# rather than alpha - so 'Artist/Album/Track#' ).


  6. Sorry, I thought you were trying to pull Artist images from your files (you did keep referencing artist images) not just an ordinary album cover from a different file.

    That's should be very simple then.

    Quite simple.

    Drill down through the Artist category until you see the specific track from which you want to use its existing embedded album cover image. Long press on the track title and select 'Album Art'. Tick the 'Also use for Artist' box and tap on the existing 'embedded album art' image. 


  7. 52 minutes ago, Fitzian said:

    I am not interested in seeking artist images. This is about the artist images found from existing album artwork.

    Artist images are not read from embedded tag data within audio files. Although technically the ID3 spec allows for about 20 possible embedded image types (including $07 Lead Artist, $08 Artist/Performer and $0A Band/Orchestra) PA only interprets Cover Artwork from files.

    Unless you specifically turn the feature off by disabling Settings > Album Art > Download Artist Images (which forces Album Art to be used instead) any artist images you see in PA should be either be auto-downloaded or manually assigned.


  8. Max has said several times that there would be lots of complications with that process. Not all bitrates and resolutions are supported by all output methods on all devices for example. Also this would cause audio glitches between tracks, and could break things like gapless playback and crossfading.

    There have been a number of threads on this subject, but recently please see: 


  9. Artist images (i.e. the images shown in the Artists category list, and subsequent Artist headers) are not taken from album art, they are sourced online based on the Artist's name, not the Album name. If you scroll down the Artists list, there will initially be empty placeholders which will gradually get populated as you move through the list. Sometimes you may see an album cover, but usually it's a band or individual artist shot.

    You can also long-press on a name in the Artists list and choose 'Image' to choose your own image. Note: the wording 'No album art' in that screen is generic for any time the image downloading page is used, it might be better worded as "no artwork" as it doesn't always mean 'Album' art.


  10. Are you asking about DOWNloading cover artwork from the internet (which PA already supports) and then embedding the image directly into your actual music files?

    There are other apps that can do that in the meantime, but PA could not do it on-the-fly as it would disrupt playback and potentially corrupt any files which were not properly encoded in the first place.


  11. Most likely your file does not contain any audio seek-point metadata - basically a lookup table which provides a quick way to seek within longer (and especially variable bit rate) files. I've had this problem with some longer podcasts where seek accuracy could drift by several minutes when you try to restore the playback position.

    You could try running a backup copy of the file through a program like MP3 Diags to see if that helps? Not tried it myself, might be worth some further Googling though.


  12. Playlists can only contain songs that are already included in Poweramp's music Library. So you can build a playlist of classical music, but only if that music is in the main Library.

    What's needed is a way to restrict certain folders or genres from being included in Shuffled playback, which is a quite longstanding request.


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