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  1. DVC allows PA to talk more directly to the audio hardware without Android and/or manufacturer-added features getting in the way. If your system allows it, please leave this switched on.

    Nothing causes any changes to frequencies and timings other than EQ controls etc, so if you want the purest sound leave them turned off. Also probably best to leave high-res modes turned off too (unless your audio files are higher than CD quality in the first place).

    Is there some specific problem you are experiencing? Otherwise you are going to end up going down a rabbit-hole of technicalities for no real gain. Here are a few articles you may want to explore if you are interested though:



  2. 3 hours ago, Marp68 said:

    There is no Restore defaults under Audio,

    It's in Settings > Audio > Outputs.

    It does sound like you are dealing with music files encoded at 100% digital levels, and then possibly boosting them further with EQ/etc. Have you tried using ReplayGain (assuming your music is properly tagged) which should default to about -14dB from digital maximum to allow headroom for further processing.


  3. I think Max is basically asking for someone to provide a convincing / overwhelming usage reason why this feature is needed in Poweramp - especially if it is going to take time away from other things he is working on.

    Personally, I would suggest that if it is simple to implement (and I'm guessing it's possibly just internal parameters rather than writing a lot of complex new code, but I could be wrong) then maybe it should be added to complement the tempo feature and possible even provide what has been described as "432Hz woo-woo" into the bargain. But at the end of the day, it's his app and he decides the roadmap, all we can do is make requests and try to persuade him that ours should take priority.


  4. 3 hours ago, maxmp said:

    We can't have one particular adaptive color for labels, as we have same title/2nd line in the lists and we don't want those adaptive colors in the list (as list will look like a rainbow).

    Yes, it wouldn't be much use in lists if each line and background was based on the associated different cover thumbnails! :)

    It still might look nice in the player screen though, but not worth putting a lot of work into.


  5. 3 hours ago, AVCPL said:

    Do you think the swipe function will be changed in the future so that it just continuously cycles through the category when on repeat?

    A lot of people have requested that the vertical swipe feature for changing Categories (which was standard in Poweramp v2) be returned, which would allow left and right swipes to always mirror the action of the << and >> buttons (including during Repeat modes).

    Currently swiping up does nothing, and swiping down just duplicates the functionality of tapping on the cover artwork, so I'm not completely sure why up/down swipes for category changes went away in the first place.

    You can do what you are asking by using the << and >> Pro Buttons of course, but I completely understand why that's not ideal for you while driving. Perhaps @maxmp might take pity on your dilemma and reinstate the vertical swipe feature?


  6. Your three points are correct, and are all as intended.

    The Play and Shuffle icons at the top of lists have to adjust both the Shuffle and Repeat mode, to ensure that playback occurs as per that chosen method - e.g. Play needs to turn Shuffle off (so tracks play in the correct order) and Repeat needs to be set to Advance List (so playback doesn't suddenly stop at the end of current album). If you don't want the behaviour to be preset in that way, don't use the shortcut icons. Instead, simply tap on any song title to start playback, and neither the Shuffle nor Repeat modes will get changed from your existing settings.

    I do know what you mean about the swipe function at the end of (for example) Repeat albums though. Because the old functionality of using left/right swipes to change tracks and up/down swipes for changing categories got lost in the Poweramp v2 to v3 changes, the extra-long swipe available for the last track of a category was added to recreate a 'Next Category' operation. The Pro Buttons feature provides slight more transparent logic with << / >> for changing tracks (which does obey the Repeat setting) and <<< / >>> for changing categories (in which case the category is changed regardless of the Repeat mode, as you would expect it to be). 


  7. 49 minutes ago, flyingdutchman said:

     what is meant by "adaptive",

    In the same way that the background blur effect is based on the colour palette of the current song's cover artwork, two colours (one for foreground text and one for background) could be picked to complement the current image. Very different from having every element defined in a different colour of course, it would be a very clean and minimalist approach.


  8. 13 hours ago, Ae1 said:

    I either get no shuffle or the shuffle includes songs outside the playlist.

    If you are listening to a playlist, just tap the Shuffle icon (lower-right of the cover artwork in the player screen) so it shows either 'Shuffle Just Songs' or 'Shuffle Songs and Categories'. Both options will play all of the songs from the current playlist in random order. The difference between the two modes is what happens after all of those songs are done. The 'Just Songs' version moves on to the next playlist in order, while the 'Songs/Categories' option will choose the next playlist at random.

    The above assumes you have Repeat set to the default 'Advance Category' by the way. If turn turn Repeat Off then playback will simply stop after all of the songs in the current playlist have been shuffle-played. If you set it to Repeat Category then PA will just carry on shuffling the current Playlist forever.


  9. Make sure you are using the same Google account. If you try to download the unlocker and it asks for payment again, if you allow it to continue as a 'new' purchase the store should realise it has actually already been paid and should not charge you again - and if for some reason it does, you can always get a immediate refund. You could also try clearing app data for the Play Store app and logging back in again.


  10. Poweramp's EQ only works for Poweramp playback, it is not a system-wide facility - although Max is working on a stand-alone app that will do that.

    If you run two EQs at the same time, they will simply add (or subtract) from each other. So if you boost the bass in one app and reduce it in another, the net result will be close to zero, depending on how well the frequency curves on each app work.


  11. 14 minutes ago, Kundun said:

    I noticed that in the list options for tracks in an album there is the "by time last played" option, so isn't the information about the last time played for each track already there?

    Sorting songs by time-last-played is easy, but the question was about sorting albums by last-played status.


  12. It would make sense to me too. To be fair, changing either pitch OR tempo is completely against Poweramp's general design ethos of trying to make the audio reproduction as clean and accurate as possible, but given that there are already options for Tempo, Stereo Expand, and Reverb, I can't see why adding Pitch into the options would be a bad thing - after all, you don't have to turn any of them on if you don't want to.


  13. 7 minutes ago, maxmp said:

    I guess this option could be changed to Keep, Keep landscape, and Crop selection. 

    Or maybe if you are going to have a couple of options in there: Original ; Crop ; Stretch/Fill  (meaning (1) keep all images in correct ratio ; (2) crop the mid-portions to make a square box ; (3) stretch/squash whole image to fill the square shape). I don't think it's now worth differentiating between how landscape and portrait images are handled.


  14. 3 hours ago, megatavi said:

    The vertical ones do get affected by that setting, but there are horizontally lengthy ones (1280x720 for example) that don't get cropped whether the setting is on or off. 

    @maxmp could you maybe adjust that the 'Keep Aspect Ratio' setting (i.e. crop cover artwork to square) so that it works with landscape images too? I must admit, I'd forgotten it was only used for portrait artwork. It would make more logical sense now if it did both.


  15. 2 hours ago, megatavi said:

    Is a manual/automatic crop function for album art not possible for the app?

    Yes, the option I mentioned was meant to revert back to the old display mode, in which non-square images were cropped to fit into neat squares.

    This is one of the old threads that discusses the issue, it this what you are asking for?

    I too have lots of tracks which have non-square covers (anything that was released in a DVD-style sleeve for example), but the problem with cropping those was that often the important bits (title text for example) were either at the top or the bottom, so they got cut off.

    What sort of images are present in your files, vertical page images for example?


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