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Status Replies posted by andrewilley

  1. Hi Andrew,  Thanks in advance for all the help you provide for Poweramp.

    Can you please let me know how I might look at a gallary of screen shots

    for the V3 Beta product.  I'd like to see what the new interface looks like

    if possible.  Thanks again,  Sincerely,  Paul R.

    1. andrewilley


      Not sure why there are being sent as Status Update responses?

      @prubinstein please see the testing forum, there are many posts containing screenshots of the new v3 user interface (e.g. http://forum.powerampapp.com/topic/11296-poweramp-v3-beta-preview-build-790-not-yet-feature-complete-read-first-post-before-commenting/

      And @Sue, please can you post the details of your problem in the main forums where people can see and respond (it would help to mention which version you are trying to use, and whether it installs but does not work or just does not install at all)


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  2. Sorry to disturb you Andre   
    As I want to purchase the license I have some questions for you:
    as the payment is confirmed how are you going to send me the unlocker  ?  
    is the unlocker suitable for future versions of Poweramp ?    soon I will change my smartphone , will the unlocker be suitable for the new phone ?
    after confirming payment of my order , how long does it take to send me the file ?  
     I don´t have a credit card so it will be paid by means a PayPro bank slip.

    1. andrewilley


      Yes you can pay via PayPro, and your licence information will be sent to your email address. That same address must be registered as an account on your phone for the licence to work. It is portable to multiple new devices and installations as long as they use the same email address, but please keep the registration information in case you need it again. For more information, please see the FAQs: http://support.powerampapp.com/knowledgebase/topics/50053-Poweramp-unlocker

      Currently this will work on all versions of Poweramp that you download from the website (both v2 and v3) but obviously I cannot guarantee that sometime much further down the line Max may decide an extra fee may be applicable for a subsequent major release. However even if that did happen, your existing version would still continue to function normally.


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