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  1. If you formatted the card, PA would have had to rescan everything anyway as Android would have presented it as new storage. Does this problem occur with every track, or just some (specific ones, or randomly?). The sample you uploaded was regular ASCII in both the filename and tag contents, were the folder names too?


  2. The problem in your case (as with that other thread) seems to be that button ACTION_DOWN events are being created by the Bluetooth device with no corresponding ACTION_UP afterwards to say that the button has been released again. PA thus assumes that the button is being kept held down by the user (as it hasn't been informed otherwise) which means continue to Fast-Forward. Have you been able to find out why the BT device is doing this?


  3. Just noticed this from another thread link. The problem in the above case seems to be that button ACTION_DOWN events are being created by the BT device with no corresponding ACTION_UP to say that the button has been released again, so PA must be assuming that the button is being kept held down by the user as it hasn't been informed otherwise, which means Fast-Forward.


  4. Ah, I see. No, I'd definitely suggest making the album names reflect the real tiles (e.g. "Lost Season 1", "Game of Thrones Season 1", etc). That's what I do anyway; duplicating Album Titles unnecessarily is asking for trouble at some point.


  5. 6 hours ago, beek said:

    Its not usable though because I cant get to the hamburger icon, so cant re-scan. 

    There is an option to permanently enable the hamburger icon in v2, needed as some devices report that they have a physical Menu button when they don't. Usually there's a workaround trick on most devices that lets you get into the menu just one time in order to set the mode (such as long-pressing on the Home or Back buttons, may need a bit of trial and error to find how on your device). 

    I'll move this thread over to the v2 topic as it's not related to the current product.


  6. Then yes, it's probably that at some point the album name was picked up from the Game of Thrones match (not sure why a Lost OST and a GoT OST would ever have the same album title wording though?). The best way to differentiate different albums which happen to have the same title is to use the Album Artist tag (just using the Artist tag alone may not help, because collection / Various Artists albums need to have their tracks grouped together).

    I do agree that the running time metadata being missing from the Albums level when you've drilled down from the Artist  or Albums by Artist categories is probably an oversight that needs to be fixed though (as it works in all levels of other drill-down categories, such as Folders Hierarchy).One for @maxmp to look at I think.


  7. 17 minutes ago, XanaduBananadu said:

    It's showing as 2011

    That's an album (of other category) header, not an individual track's results. Albums do not have metadata per se, it's interpreted from all the tracks which are tagged to say they are part of that album. Think of a compilation album where each track was released in a different year, it has to pick one. Do any of the other tracks in that same album have a date of 2011?

    For your other question, Settings > Library > Lists > Headers with Meta. However you do seem to have that enabled anyway (otherwise the line with the year would not be shown). What Library Category are you using, I see the total running time in that line in Folders, Albums, Artists, and some other views - but oddly not when you drill down from Artist's name to one of their Albums, which I agree it probably should.


  8. You could adjust the ticked folder names in Settings > Library > Music Folders, so that certain locations are omitted from Poweramp's scanning process and thus won't appear in the library database or any category views even if the physical files are still retained on the device. Note: for any song to appear within a Playlist though, it must necessarily exist in the library database first, so any songs you remove from PA in this way will also vanish from playlists.


  9. 3 hours ago, loop said:

    copying the folder from internal to external storage does the same thing - the tags aren't read properly, but the files show up in "recently added"

    It all sounds like either problems with the embedded tags (can you upload some samples?) or PA is still being allowed to scan while the files are only half-copied (which will find the name, but not the tag data). A Full Rescan should solve the latter problem, but obviously not if it's something odd in the tags.


  10. 1 hour ago, Raimo31 said:

    After having check the V3 it's still not possible to browse  by Genre/Artist/Album .

    Correct. When viewing by Genre you will see a long list of albums which contain tracks that are tagged under that genre (it's actually the tracks that contain tags by the way, not the album as a whole). This list can easily be viewed sorted by Artist, which gives you partially what you want, but there is no 'three-layer drill down' feature that provides a list of Artists which you then need to open in order to see their albums. That type of sorting would currently be best achieved using the Folders Hierarchy category - as long as your music is organised tidily on your storage of course. 

    I've been suggesting for a long time that a user-customisable category system (where you can create your own multi-layer sorting and grouping modes) would be a really useful feature for Poweramp, and Max (@maxmp, the PA dev) has said that it is on his long-term radar, but I'm afraid I don't know when it might happen.


  11. I use a program called TagScanner on my PC for editing tags and artwork in music files, and one of its side functions is that is has a very configurable (script-based) system for creating playlists. So if you scan your music collection - or part of it - into TagScanner, not only can you check all the embedded tags in a nice line-by-line layout, you can also multi-select songs and get it to create a playlist file for them (with relative paths based from wherever you create the playlist file if you want). There is a learning curve of course, but once you get the hang of it (and maybe tweak your own scripts) it's pretty simple.


    The above created a playlist file in the 'Playlists' subfolder of my main music artists folder as follows (the "..\" at the start of each line means to move up one folder layer before looking for the next part of the path):

    ..\Barclay James Harvest\1981 - Turn Of The Tide\05 - Echoes And Shadows - Barclay James Harvest.mp3
    ..\Barclay James Harvest\1981 - Turn Of The Tide\09 - Life Is For Living - Barclay James Harvest.mp3
    ..\Barclay James Harvest\1981 - Turn Of The Tide\10 - In Memory Of The Martyrs - Barclay James Harvest.mp3
    ..\Barclay James Harvest\1982 - Berlin - A Concert for the People\01 - Berlin - Barclay James Harvest.mp3
    ..\Barclay James Harvest\1982 - Berlin - A Concert for the People\08 - Child Of The Universe - Barclay James Harvest.mp3
    ..\Barclay James Harvest\1982 - Berlin - A Concert for the People\09 - Hymn - Barclay James Harvest.mp3
    ..\Barclay James Harvest\1983 - Ring Of Changes\08 - Paraiso dos Cavalos - Barclay James Harvest.mp3
    ..\Barclay James Harvest\1983 - Ring Of Changes\09 - Ring of Changes - Barclay James Harvest.mp3
    ..\Barclay James Harvest\1984 - Victims Of Circumstance\06 - Victims Of Circumstance - Barclay James Harvest.mp3
    ..\Barclay James Harvest\1984 - Victims Of Circumstance\09 - I've Got A Feeling - Barclay James Harvest.mp3


  12. Filesystem sorting will show files which are time/date stamped with recent dates, which may not be the case if the Last Modified info came over correctly with an older file (which should be the case with a decent file copying app). Using 'Date Added to Library' ought to show the most recent items added to the library (which I suspect would get cleared when you do a Full Rescan by the way, as all the files will show as having been added in the same scan, in whatever order the directory-crawler found them).

    What happens if you copy some random brand new audio file that has not been on your device before (manually in a file manager, not using a sync app) and let PA scan for it?


  13. Nothing much to fix without a bit more description, what output type are you using for starters. Have you tried setting the audio output methods back to default (in Settings > Audio > Output)? Also worth clearing any EQ/preamp settings, and sound processing (reverb, etc) modes.


  14. 38 minutes ago, 6b6561 said:

    The problem isn't with the files, as full rescans will read them correctly. Problem is most likely that the first scan of the file is done while the file is still being copied and therefore the metadata isn't in place at the time of the scan.

    In which case just turn off automatic scanning, and don't run PA until the file copying has been completed.

    However my reply was to another user, @loop , who said that renaming his files (to remove the extended character set content) solved the problem, but that this wasn't an ideal long-term solution. One of the complications of having several slightly different issues discussed in a single thread. 


  15. 12 minutes ago, loop said:

    renaming files works, but doing that every time i add new music isn't ideal. guess I'll just stick to internal storage for now

    In which case, please could you upload a few sample files (ones which fail to scan properly) so Max can maybe figure out a workaround for whatever character set you are using? I assume using the Tag Encoding setting in PA did not work in this case?


  16. I tend to be fairly old-school and just copy new stuff over manually, as I don't want everything from my PC's 400GB+ music collection in my phone at one time. I use a local (LAN) wifi FTP service running on my phone, so I don't have to bother plugging a USB cable in, I just drag files/folders from the PC straight into the relevant window for the phone's matching folder structure.

    The exact folder structure is up to you. I have several top level folders for overarching categories (such Podcasts, TV Shows, Films, Radio, Music) and then subfolders inside those which are based on appropriate subjects such as podcast names, TV show names, film series or one-off titles, etc. In the Music folder there's an extra level of Artist folders, with any Album folders inside each one, plus a separate "(Songs)" folder for all the miscellaneous single tracks that don't easily fall into artist/album layering. Once created, I very rarely change a folder or filename structure  though, I merely add new subfolders or files wherever they should be placed.

    I use playlists pretty sparingly to be honest (normally my folder structure ordering is sufficient for my listening tastes) but when I do create playlists they usually do span several folders. For example, inside my "TV Shows" folder I have a subfolder for "Doctor Who" which contains further subfolders for season's soundtrack CD. I don't often want to listen to every single track in order though, so I created a playlist with a couple of dozen of my favourites which I placed in the root of that overall "Doctor Who" folder. It uses relative paths to point to the track files, as per the following extract:

    Doctor Who Series 1/02 Westminster Bridge.mp3
    Doctor Who Series 5/09 I Am the Doctor.mp3
    Doctor Who Series 3/26 The Stowaway.mp3
    Doctor Who Series 1/30 Love Don't Roam (performed By Neil Hannon).mp3
    Doctor Who Series 1/15 Song For Ten (Performed By Neil Hannon).mp3
    Doctor Who Series 3/08 My Angel put the Devil in Me.mp3
    Doctor Who Series 5 (A Christmas Carol)/28 Abigail's Song (Silence Is All You Know).mp3
    Doctor Who Series 5/33 Chances - Athelete (used in Vincent and the Doctor).mp3
    Doctor Who Series 8/12 Don't Stop Me Now (feat. Foxes).mp3
    Doctor Who Series 4/06 Songs of Captivity and Freedom.mp3
    Doctor Who Series 4/26 Song of Freedom.mp3
    Doctor Who Series 1/14 Rose's Theme.mp3
    Doctor Who Series 4/02 A Noble Girl About Town.mp3
    Doctor Who Series 5/13 Amy's Theme.mp3
    Doctor Who Series 5/11 Amy in the Tardis.mp3
    Doctor Who Series 6/01 Growing Up Fast.mp3
    Doctor Who Series 6/35 The Majestic Tale (of a Madman in a Box).mp3
    Doctor Who Series 3/01 All the Strange, Strange Creatures.mp3

    It could just as easily be songs from my artist and album folders though.


  17. Silly little bug that I noticed while looking into some playlist issues for another thread, and I couldn't work out why there was a one-song discrepancy between my PC and Poweramp: if the final entry in a playlist does not have a line-end terminator (CR/LF or LF), the line is ignored. I only spotted this while as I was cutting and pasting stuff around a test playlist file, and inadvertently omitted the final line-end. Text parsers should assume an implied end-of-line when reaching the end of a file.


  18. I keep the folder naming / nesting structure the same on my PC and my phone (from the root music level anyway) and then I create M3U playlist files with relative paths (rather than absolute ones) as needed, and just copy them over from the PC to the phone. The same files should thus work seamlessly on either platform. It's perhaps not very user-friendly to actually do though, as I paste the path/filename info directly into the M3U files using a text editor.


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