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  1. If you bought the unlocker via the Play Store, you must have the same Play Store account set up and active on any device that you wish to install it to.

    Alternatively, you can purchase a stand-alone licence from the website, which does not require Play Store access. You can then contact support to see if there's anything they can do to remove the old one after you've bought the new licence though (I assume it would be for the same email address) but I'm not sure how that works.


  2. 11 hours ago, Marco64 said:

    And where are the notes for v3?
    Personally it's a week that I try to make this player work, but I can't get it to work under license!
    I think I'll ask for the money back ... :(

    In the FAQs I referred to above (http://support.powerampapp.com/knowledgebase/topics/50053-poweramp-unlocker) both v2 and v3 instructions are included wherever there are differences. 

    If you are still having problems with your account after trying that, please contact poweramp.maxmpz@gmail.com (or use the Get Support option inside the app).

    If you search for "fiio" in these forums, there are plenty of people discussing M6, M9 etc usage (so it must work for them) so unless your device is wildly different for some reason, the problem should not be insurmountable.


  3. I'm assuming you have a direct licence, purchased from the website here, as you say there is no Google Play on your device. And then you have downloaded and installed the latest APK from https://forum.powerampapp.com/files/category/2-poweramp-v3-latest-releases/ (currently build 841).

    Once you have done that, follow the instructions in http://support.powerampapp.com/knowledgebase/articles/323565-apm-response-500-no-order-for-act to enter the details from your purchase confirmation email.

    I'm going to move this thread to one of the v3 areas for wider reach, as it is no longer a v2 discussion.


  4. I suspect that having your phone on continuously playing music would not be friendly to any ultra-powersaving mode - the point of which would be to prevent background apps from functioning when the phone is asleep. However if you set Poweramp as an exception which the phone is not allowed to block, then I think that ought to work.


  5. Adding multiple tracks will be done using the sort order that you have already specified for that category (e.g. if you are viewing an album's song list, and you have defined that ordering via List Options as being "By Track#", then that's the order which will be used). To override that you'd need to add the tracks one by one, or change the List Options order before starting to add the items.

    You can alter the current order of songs within any Playlists or the Queue by the way, just long-press on any song title in the list/queue view and then use the sliders on the right-hand side to move the songs up or down the list.


  6. There are two shuffle configuration options in Settings > Library > Lists. They do not turn the current playback shuffle on or off, nor select the current shuffling mode. They are there specify how the shuffle system (whenever the user uses it) should handles certain specific situations, such as as shuffling of subfolders - for example should the contents of all subfolders to be jumbled together, or played as one shuffled folder at a time.

    To turn shuffle on of off, and select the mode you require - e.g. all songs, shuffle by category, etc - all you need to do is tap (or long-press) the Shuffle icon on the Player screen. 


  7. For Android 7, try using PA v3 rather than the legacy v2 version. The licence limitations a bit more modern and less restrictive (see the FAQs) although you'll still need to fulfil the requirements of the email confirmation (if a direct purchase) or have a Google Play account set up on it if you bought via Google Play.


  8. If a playlist .M3U file is changed, PA should notice the modified status and rescan it. Assuming the location it is saved in is scannable anyway. It might be that a syncing program is not setting the file correctly though, try editing the new file on the device. or moving it with a file explorer app, and see if it is detected then.


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