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  1. The controls act in relation with each other, and some are more subtle than others. Also check that you have the mix control set fairly high to hear changes. Oh, and I assume you are using decent headset, you won't hear so much difference on a phone speaker. Andre
  2. It's because PA builds an internal 'shuffle-order' list when you start Shuffled playback (that's how it avoids the possibility of the same song popping up again during the same session). The only way to add newly scanned items would either be to tag them onto the end of the list, or to do a new shuffle. Andre
  3. There are several topic discussing this Feature Requests, and it is on the to-do list for implementing at some point. Andre
  4. I believe that until you trigger a re-shuffle, any newly added tracks will appear at the end of the current shuffled order. I thought that adding new tracks used to trigger a reshuffle anyway though, but perhaps not, I haven't tried it recently. Andre
  5. Do the control settings change and stay changed, or do they go back to zero when you return to the EQ screens? Andre
  6. Glad you clarified that, I was thinking "huh, I didn't know exported playlists contained ratings". If you do add an option for such exports, I would suggest adding it to the main Import/Export Settings feature, by adding an optional tickbox to the Save/Load screen to do a 'Settings-only' export, or a 'Settings+Ratings+PlayCounts' etc export. In the meantime, an app call New Playlist Manager can backup both playlists and star ratings (and I think it can even write the ratings back into the individual audio files for even better safety). Andre
  7. Ah, sorry, I thought you said earlier that both the icons and the bar could be resized, I didn't check further though. Andre
  8. But as Poweramp basically loads instantly, a splash screen would need to slow it down just to see the splash. Would definitely need to be optional. Andre
  9. All the reverb dial setting dial are zero by default. Either choose a preset value, or play around with the adjustments yourself. Andre
  10. There used to be one I seem to recall. Personally I don't see the point (other than to mask longer loading times), I want my apps to just load into the desired screen as quickly as possible. Andre
  11. I actually wasn't aware you could now assign specific images to different Genre categories in PA, how did you do that? I love the icon style too by the way. Andre
  12. Most likely not - or at least not with PA's high-res output and/.or with DVC enabled anyway. Maybe someone has tried it though? Andre
  13. View the playlist that contains the stream(s) which you want to modify. Long-press on the stream's title and tap 'Album Art' and choose from either the downloaded offerings, or Pick From Gallery to choose locally. There is also a tickbox which allows you to assign the same image to the overall playlist as well as the individual stream if you wish. Andre
  14. It already is (for Genre tags anyway, which already allow for multiple terms for each track). Settings > Library > Scanner > "Symbols to Split Multiple Genres". The defaults are ";" and "//", but you can define your own. Andre
  15. The sizes of almost everything are configurable in $YAPS$. However I don't think you can adjust the vertical size of the grey bar that the icons sit in, so there's a limit as to how big you can make them. You could always use the Android Auto app, although it's music interface is perhaps a bit too minimalist (as it is designed for diving use, so basically offers about five button controls) Andre
  16. That's the sort of thing you can do via Visualisations in Poweramp. You might need to look around a bit to find one quite so subtle though. Andre
  17. I could use Google Drive, but my phone's SD Card alone is 200GB, and my main home NAS (which is where I keep the master copies) is 20TB with single-drive-failure redundancy, and a further nightly backup of important irreplaceable stuff to another 6TB drive. Not sure how I would easily or cheaply store 20TB online. Andre
  18. Not related to the thread you first posted to, but yes if you download MP3 files to your device from YouTube using YMusic then PA should be able to play them locally. Andre
  19. I would never keep my main music collection in the device's internal memory for just that reason. I always put my music on a nice big SD Card, and would never consider buying a phone which did not support external cards. However from build 862 of PA, Max has implemented an API which would allow external software to be linked into PA's music library, but that functionality is still in its infancy. Andre
  20. Just a thought, but you don't have any of the device's own audio enhancement features enabled do you? Andre
  21. As there are just as many threads asking for less clutter in the interface, I suspect the only way to add things like a High-Res marker, Explicit marker, or other more esoteric minor items, would be to make the metadata information areas more user-configurable. However I have no idea whether Max (the app dev) sees this as something he would want to place with a high level of priority in the to-do list. However in the meantime as my suggestions of possible workarounds appear to be so unwelcome to some users, we'll just have to wait and see. Andre
  22. Sorry, we're not discussing PC music software here. My suggestion was relating solely to Poweramp. Some PC music software (e.g foobar2000) supports multiple genres and some doesn't (it's fairly new even for Poweramp). Andre
  23. It won't. The "//" is a SEPARATOR which creates two different genre categories for one track, you shouldn't see that long string in any lists. In your example, you would see three Genres - "Rap", "Rock", and "Hi-Res", with some songs appearing in more than one of those lists. Andre
  24. Love the icons. But if you wanted to edit your tags so you had regular files tagged as being in (for example) Genre "Industrial", and high-res ones tagged as "Industrial // High-Res", then you'd get the both of both worlds and see the high-res music listed in both places. Andre
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