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  1. You may find some third-party skins offer what you want. Andre
  2. No idea, what Poweramp version, where did you buy the licnece, what phone/Android version, etc. Andre
  3. Most device's internal manufacturer-installed processing tools (such as equaliser) will not be used for high-res output methods. DVC will normally be enabled by default if the device/OS support it. You could try setting all output modes to default settings in Settings > Audio > Output. Andre
  4. Yes, that was what I understood your question to mean, however this is not currently available in Poweramp, and as I said in my first reply the developer is rather reluctant to implement it for the reasons given above. I think there are other programs that can do this sort of thing though (my main CD ripping program searches the net for suitable images and offers to embed them as part of the MP3 creation process). Andre
  5. Poweramp does not work like that. It is a Library-based player and thus needs to scan all of your music (including embedded title/artist/album/genre tag data, cover art, etc) into its database in advance to allow the whole collection to be handled and displayed in a variety of ways, with different sorting and playback orders, repeat modes, etc. It is not designed or intended to handle regularly changing music sources, large networked or remote data sources, streaming audio, etc. If you just want to play one individual single track, as long as it can be read in your Android device's file system then you can do so by launching that file into PA using a file explorer app. However PA won't associate it with anything else, and won't know what to do after it finishes (it will revert back to the All Songs music list from its database). Andre
  6. If you have Repeat enabled, a reshuffle will occur when all of the songs in the current sequence have been played. i.e. each repeat session will have a newly randomised order. To avoid the possibility you might hear that final song again immediately (I assume, anyway) the final song of the old order will be treated as track '1' of the new shuffle order, and playback will continue at position '2' in the shuffle sequence. Andre
  7. What do you mean by "When I input the Google purchase receipt it takes me to download page for v3."? Have you read this post, which might be the same issue you face? Andre
  8. Out of curiosity, and in case it helps anyone else in the future, what was the problem? Andre
  9. Great, checking the Settings > Library > Music Folders list and ensuring only the folders that you need are ticked would have been my next suggestion, but you've already sorted it. Andre
  10. Please head over to the Skins and Themes forum, which is how you make the sort of changes you are asking about. You can also change your system font if you want (but that would affect your whole device, not just Poweramp). Andre
  11. Making any changes to shuffle mode, or manually starting a new track from one of the Library screens will reset the shuffle order. Changing Repeat mode will not trigger a re-shuffle, nor will using the >>, <<, etc next/prev track buttons (nor will swiping left/right on cover artwork, which does the same thing). Andre
  12. Just change the Shuffle mode and a new shuffle order will be created. Or select a new song from one of the Library views. Andre
  13. Make sure you don't have any unnecessary .CUE files in your folders, and then do a FULL Rescan (in Settings > Library) Andre
  14. One thing to check is that you don't have any CUE files pointing to individual audio files. Do the 'missing' files show up in Folders view in Poweramp? Andre
  15. Volume != Quality. Try resetting the Output methods back to default in case anything carried over from 709 (in Settings > Audio > Output) and then experiment with turning DVC on or off or other tweaks for your chosen output method. There are other gain settings too, but I would caution against any settings which overly reduce the processing headroom that PA normally allows to provide space for EQ gain, etc. But as I said, volume is not the same as quality, and just because a setting goes up to '11' doesn't mean it should be set that way. Andre
  16. Definitely update from the very early beta 709 to current 840 then. Andre
  17. As Max and I said, just install the current version - either from the Play Store if you bought your licence from there, or download the latest version from the Downloads tab on the website here. Requires Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or later. Andre
  18. Glad I could help. Sometimes the warning messages sound more ominous than they actually are. Andre
  19. It won't delete FILES from storage, but it will remove any entries in Poweramp's internal database for files which it can no longer find (i.e. clean up the database of any now-incorrect entries, which is what you want it to do). It will also remove any internal Playlist references to songs that are no longer present in the database. Andre
  20. Build 709 is an early beta build (the last one that was still compatible with Android versions lower than 5.0, but which did offer some early high-res features). If it works for you, that's great, but it is not supported. The supported versions of PA v3 are only for Android 5.0 and above, with build 840 being the latest. Andre
  21. Go to Settings > Library > Music Folders and ensure that your new SD Card storage folder is ticked. It's generally best to untick everything initially, and then tick only the folder (or folders) than contains all of your audio subfolders (all subfolders will be selected unless you manually untick any). Then try a FULL Rescan in Settings > Library. Andre
  22. As so many people seemed to like this 'undocumented feature' (aka bug ) Max has now made it an official selectable option in Settings > Visualisation from build 840 onwards. If you want to keep it, please turn this option on. Andre
  23. As so many people seemed to like this 'undocumented feature' (aka bug ) Max has now made it an official selectable option in Settings > Visualisation from build 840 onwards. If you want to keep it, please turn this option on. Andre
  24. If you do hear a group of tracks that seem to be in their original (unshuffled) order, as you say you can always scroll back track by track to see what the actual listening order was. There could be an odd instance where you get some tracks appear side-by-side (that's the nature of random) but statistically it should not happen often. If you get a lot of instances of more than two tracks played in non-random order, could get a screen recording of skipping through them one-by-one, and a view of the original unshuffled order in the library view too? First do make sure that the metadata track counter line hasn't jumped back to '1' (indicating that a reshuffle has taken place, which means you won't be able to skip back past that point either) Andre
  25. Yes. Worth a try anyway. Andre
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