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  1. Yes, both the main app and the unlocker should be whitelisted so they don't get restricted/killed. Andre
  2. As you say, it does look like that dev no longer supports or provides that app any more, as it was only ever designed for PA v2 and he removed it along with his old skins. If Max has the time and inclination - you'd need to ask him - he might be able to take a quick look at it from your backup file. Since you mentioned it still worked with build 874, it might be something simple, but to be honest it might be easier to just file in the 'obsolete' pile - which even its own dev has apparently done. As no-one else can download it now, and it was designed for PA v2, I rather doubt it's worth spending much time on now. Andre
  3. Interesting, you could provide a link, as I didn't know you could request that (I'm assuming you were already using 'Filename as Title' mode?). I can't see the problem with my songs, as although I do have a few completely untagged files lurking somewhere in the library, they don't have digits at the start of their filenames either so I can't see how they would display for you. I guess I should make a few test files. I was originally going to suggest using PA's recent feature to show the track number at the beginning of the Song Title line, so even though the the few digits of your filenames may still not be displayed, PA would replace them with its own interpreted value which would look very similar. If you want to try it, it's Settings > Library > Lists > Show Track Number > set to "In the title (everywhere)" Andre
  4. That'd be kinda fun to have. No particular need or major point to it of course, but interesting to look at. I guess it might also have average rating, number of top rated songs, and as you say some of the items could act as links to relevant Library categories. Andre
  5. You need to be on at least build 878, which you can download from the tab at the top of this page, or you can enable early/beta releases in Google Play. Simplest to just download it from here though. Andre
  6. It's in the options screen for the Library catgeory view, not the overall app Settings. Go to the Library and choose the Folders or Folders Hierarchy view, then tap the three-dots menu icon at the top, then choose List Options. Make sure you are on the latest version of PA (build 878). Andre
  7. In the List Options menu for the Folders Hierarchy view, select 'Show Titles Only'. You can also reduce the amount of space used for the header block in that menu if you wish. Andre
  8. I think I prefer going straight to the music screen. Welcome messages, flashy splash screens and the like are perhaps more for online services. What purpose do you envisage this sort of screen fulfilling? Andre
  9. If you put your CD into a computer's CD drive, you can copy the music tracks to 'MP3' files, either with built in software or download something better if you prefer. Then copy the files you've created over to your phone via a USB cable. Install Poweramp and it will scan any music files it finds into its Library for you to listen to. Andre
  10. This is the same issue that I recently noticed with one-song playback, but it does seem to affect any situation where PA stops playback at the end of its list and then you press Play again. I'm not sure whether expected behaviour should be to go back to the start of the current song (for one song mode) or for 'Repeat Off' mode the first song in the just-finished category, or to start playing the next song in playback order - I think ideally that should be a Settings option - but it currently fails to do either. Andre
  11. @maxmp What I was suggesting was rather more of a system to would allow for users to create multiple-depth levels of tags/categories and sort orders. It wasn't so much intended for complex filtering tasks or count limiting though, just for arranging the whole Library collection (excluding streams) in more configurable ways than the current Category / List Options choices - as flexible as those are already. By the way, the bit about using a separator line to break up multiple-sorted orders in longer lists (such as entries for Years, Disc numbers, A-Z items in alpha lists, 1-5 Ratings, etc) might be something to add fairly simply into List Options anyway. For now, just a simple tickbox for "Show Group Separators (where applicable)" would be nice, no need for anything very much further than that, and you could decide in which lists it makes sense to apply it. Maybe 'Recently Added'/'Recently Played' could have separator lines for Today | Yesterday | This Week | Last Week | One Month | Older. Just a thought, I do recall a few people asking about it in the past (Disc Numbers in album song lists comes to mind). Andre
  12. Yes, I did know the labels are all interlinked, and I did mention that in my reply. I think they can still vary by current category though can't they, so what about making any such feature a part of the List Options settings, rather than a global setting? You could even do the same with the Title string, in case someone wants to adjust that too - e.g. I recall someone asking for "%disc%-%track% %Title%". Yes it would affect the Player UI, the current list, and mini-player, but if that's what the user wants...? Andre
  13. In my case at least, PA is not killed (no error messages, interface still running) and the music just pauses in place. Tapping the play icon restarts it. It happens so infrequently that I've tended to just put it down to 'one of those bizarre things' but if it's happening to someone else too, next time it occurs I'll try to do some troubleshooting. I'll also check commands log, didn't think to check that in case a spurious button press had been detected from my headset cable. Andre
  14. Sorry, I misunderstood and thought you were talking about the List Options for the Folder/Album/songs/etc view (the one in the menu at the top of the category or song lists). In the Search screen, List Options defines what type of results are to be returned - which as you say is much more relevant for the global Search feature where you can search for Album titles, song titles, Genres, Folder names, etc. When using the more limited search icon in the top header area, it is already filtered to just one category so you are right that the list is not especially useful until you remove that category filter. Andre
  15. 'List Options' has nothing to do with filtering or searching, it is there to set the sort order and visual layout style. It does not change the content at all. I was suggesting the idea of adding more criteria beyond simple text strings into the existing category search feature (i.e. the magnifying glass icon in the header area), then you can play the results by pressing the Play icon in the search screen. This works by added all the matched songs to the Queue, so you can further control playback from there afterwards. Andre
  16. Visualisation appearance is down to the milkdrop preset rather than Poweramp, so while Poweramp elements can be overlaid on top of visualisations, I'm not sure if the reverse is possible without changing the code in the preset itself to allow transparency. Max might be able to elaborate on that though. PA doesn't offer much by way of colour changing in the main app as that is more of a Skin function. There are some great skins out there that let you customise the interface in all sorts of funky ways, both in terms of individual item colours, fonts, sizes, and to show/hide elements. See the Skins subforum. Andre
  17. There was some talk a while back of allowing user-configuration for that second line in the Player screen - and also in lists. Not sure if it was suggested as a per-category option, or globally? Currently that line uses the locked format "%artist% - %album%", but if Max decided to offer an editing option then I'm such %folder% or %path% could be choices, along with various esoteric things that people ask for periodically such as BPM, Composer, etc. Andre
  18. Interesting idea, if a shake feature were to be implemented maybe it could have a couple of optional actions - Play/Pause or Next Track. I think multi-smacks is just getting into phone abuse though, By the way, why don't you have cable controls (or bluetooth controls) on your headset? That's what I use. Andre
  19. The Lyrics feature always tries to display lyrics though - if there aren't any embedded in the file then PA with search online for them. I know Max plans to make some of the icons under the artwork area configurable (Visualisation, Sleep, etc) so maybe Lyrics could be one of the icon choices in that system? Andre
  20. Would this be something that should stay enabled with any given category (Folders, Albums, etc) or just be a one-off choice? If more of a one-off choice, might it make more sense to put any extra options into the already-existing Search feature at the top of each list? Andre
  21. Since this subject came back up again elsewhere, and @maxmp was saying he was having trouble with the user interface becoming too complex, I've given it some further thought - far too much time on my hands during lockdown, sorry! - and I would suggest something like this: The user would choose items from the lower selection area (which would be scrollable, so could have as many elements as anyone can reasonably suggest) and when tapped it would populate to the main list at the top. I've greyed out already-selected options, but some fancy dragging animation to move the chosen item from the bottom list to the top would work nicely too. Possibly make the main upper list draggable, to allow easy adjustment of the order and to move incorrectly-chosen items back down into the selection area? The right column in the main list is a simple sorting direction, which would cycle through when tapped. Numeric items would be flagged as 0-9, and text items A-Z. The left column in the main list is the only one that really needs explanation: it indicates where a 'drill down' action layer, as opposed to just further sorting, should occur. Without any of these selected at all, you would simply see a long flat list of all of the Song Titles in the library, sorted using all of the ordering layers above. For example, if you wanted to add a specific drill-down layer to view Disc Numbers (so you'd see "Disc 1", "Disc 2", "Disc 3", etc before clicking down to see the actual songs), you would tap to enable that for the Disc# entry. In practical use, the above example would generate a user-defined category that first showed Genres (alphabetically sorted) ; then you would drill-down into Artists (also alpha sorted) ; then drill down into Album Titles (first sorted by year in reverse order, then alphabetically by title - note the year is only there for sorting, it's not an actual drill-down layer) ; and finally you would see the actual Song Titles list (sorted by disc number first, then the songs within each disc would be shown shuffled). It might be nice if those 'sort-only' layers generated a small separator item in the final list - so for example, as you scrolled down within the Album Titles layer, as the year changes there would be a separator line showing the new value - "2020", "2019", etc. Same would happen with Disc# in the song list, a small separator line would indicate where Disc 1 ends and Disc 2 begins. If the user later selected 'List Options' while using the new category, instead of seeing any sorting-related options there would need to be a link back to the User-Defined Category editor screen. Andre
  22. Huh? Not sure what this is about, I've not changed the topic title (unless Max did?). Andre
  23. I've used BetterBatteryStats in the past, but not used it for ages I'm afraid so I don't know what it's like these days. If you are an XDA -Developers member, there is a free version provided in the second post at https://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1179809 Andre
  24. I have very occasionally seen this happen as well (Samsung A70, Android 9 and 10), always at night when I put the phone down to listen while I go to sleep. PA is still the current app when I wake the screen, but playback has just paused for no reason that I can think of. However it's so infrequent (maybe once every month or two?) that I just quickly flick the screen on and off again and it works as normal from there onward. I guess next time it happens it might be worth sending a Log (Settings > Get Support > Send Log) but as it's always late at night I haven't really wanted to start using the phone in full-on mode. Andre
  25. Ah, hence no title info as you are not exactly obtaining your music from a sanctioned source. Probably best not to discuss that further please. Andre
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