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  1. I presume you have tried doing a complete uninstall of PA and the unclocker and re-install it, and allow it a while to rebuild? I'm wondering if the combination of the use of USB OTG memory (which sometimes won't have initialised fully by the time PA tries to access it) and the way car head-units have a habit of shutting down without allowing a grace period for apps to tidy up, could be related here? What happens if you temporarily put some of the problem songs on the device's internal memory for testing, do they work from there? Andre
  2. Great. I hadn't though about the BT standard changing during the OS update, but yes that can indeed make a difference. Andre
  3. That's not a feature of Poweramp I'm afraid, cover artwork is static images only. You can have animated Visualisations though. Andre
  4. Try updating to 858 (though I don't think that will make a difference to your problem). Andre
  5. What version of Poweramp are you using? Latest version is build 858 Andre
  6. I tend to agree, having the number there on its own in the player screen without the context of being part of a list is a bit strange. It would definitely make more sense to make it optional, but Max was struggling with how that affects the animation effect when the Title field is switched between the List (with number) and the Player (without number) screens. Giving separate controls would require some more work and having separate bits of code for the Title line in each screen type, which maybe will come in time? There could also perhaps be a Disc# / Track# display option added to the metadata line choices, that would be easy enough? It could also perhaps include Genre so it doesn't look too lonely. Andre
  7. For optional static (it would need to be optional, as that could rather eat up list space on smaller screens) the exiting Library > Lists > Static Navbar toggle could easily lock both items, or leave both in auto-hide mode like the bottom ones does now. Or there could be two controls, one for the top and one for the bottom? Andre
  8. You could try Settings > Misc > Metachanged Intent. However sending data content by Bluetooth can be a bit of a black art and things can indeed change with different versions of Android, Poweramp, and even the software in the receiver. Andre
  9. I keep finding myself scrolled a fair way down into a Category or its songs list, and I want to access the row of icons at the top (Shuffle/Play/Search/Select/Menu) but I need to scroll all the way back to the top to get to them. Could just that portion of the header area reappear whenever you scroll back up a little? In the same way that the navbar and miniplayer pop themselves back up again from their hidden status when you scroll up? Andre
  10. You may need to enable Settings > Library > Lists > Headers with Meta. Andre
  11. Well you'd have to click on the Artist's name anyway, so just one extra click to see All of their Songs (rather than a list of their Albums) isn't exactly a major inconvenience. But no, there isn't a flat list format with a series of album covers and the tracks listed beneath them, the closest current method is the one I described before. Andre
  12. It just means one type of info file was not available on your device, so the system looked for an alternative name for the same content. Andre
  13. I assume that uses the full path to arrange the files, not just the filename portion. Andre
  14. You could get close to what you want if you go into Artists view, choose your desired artist, and select All Artist Songs. That will show you all of the songs by that artist in a long scrollable list. The sorting order would need to be 'By Album', so if you currently have another sort order configured for that view, tap the three-dots menu icon and in List Options choose 'By Album' for the sort order (that sort setting will stick for the next time you do this, so you only have to do that once). You will then see a long list (a very long list in my example below) which as you scroll down will contain all of the songs by that artist, broken down by album order: Andre
  15. Thanks @maxmp , something to tinker with later then. Adding a prefix of the disc number (if that tag is present in the audio file) would still be a nice idea though. I wonder if having the Track# visibility control in each category List Options might work if there wasn't also a separate control for the Player interface? Then it could be always enabled when listening to Albums for example (in both the list and the player screen) but always disabled when in Folders or All Songs modes. Just a thought. Andre
  16. Backing up ratings is not something that is provided or supported by Poweramp. I'll move this thread to the Chatter forum where maybe @flyingdutchman, the author of New Playlist Manager, might be able to help you? Andre
  17. Many thanks Max, it's lovely to see some old but relatively straight-forward feature requests and fixes getting addressed during these last few builds, creating lots of happy users I suspect. Could I suggest that if a Disc# tag is not present, it should not be interpreted as the same as Disc 1 though? It could be handled either as Disc 0, so it gets sorted before any real Disc# tags that happen to be present, or some large value so it gets sorted after any real Disc numbers? Otherwise, tracks without Disc# tags get muddled up with valid Disc 1 tracks in the list. Missing Disc# tags probably do not need to be shown at all in Info/Tags, the whole field could be simply hidden in the same way that the Track field is hidden when no Track# tag is present. Oh, and I'm not sure that a disc number needs to be appended to the track number as well as being displayed in its own field? For example, this looks rather like "Track 5 out of a total of 2 tracks" (it took me a while to work out what it was really showing in fact): Goodness, what a lot of stuff about a simple disc number! Andre
  18. It certainly used to be just by filename (including location), and the in-memory copy would get re-updated if the file modification information changes. Andre
  19. I was trying to find this in List Options as discussed, but could't see it. I did find it in Player UI settings, but that would be a fully global setting rather than per-Category - and as has been said above, that may not make much sense in views like All Songs. Could I suggest that the setting be moved to each category's songs List Options? And any option for the Player UI (if you even keep it?) would merely acts as an override, in case the user wants to see numbers in the Album songs view, but not in the player screen for example. Disc numbers would make sense if they are present, as otherwise you see tracks 1 to 15 followed by 1 to 14 again, etc. I would suggest that (only when a disc number is present) use a simple disc# prefix with a slash such as "disc#/track#" - so 1/1, 1/2, 1/3, then 2/1, 2/2, 2/3, 3/1/, 3/2, 3/3, etc. Andre
  20. I would like that too, as most of my audio collection is already arranged by folder, and that's how I usually work with my Folders category view (i.e. sorted by path first, then by filename). Andre
  21. The Milkdrop format was originally developed for the Windows-based Winamp audio player, but is open-source now, so any programmer who wants to try to develop presets is welcome to have a go. For some initial guidelines, see pages such as http://wiki.winamp.com/wiki/MilkDrop_Preset_Authoring . There is a Poweramp-related thread over in the developers forum: Andre
  22. Personally, I would have said that having the track number disappear part-way through a 0.1 second animation change doesn't really matter one way or the other; the whole screen is changing anyway, so who would worry or even notice? But you're right that in 'Shuffle All Songs' mode, track numbers would probably no longer make sense in the player screen. The Miniplayer does not really need track numbers either IMHO. Andre
  23. I would suggest only show disc/track numbers when that info is present in tags (i.e. don't try to interpret them from filenames - unless perhaps there are absolutely no tags of any type embedded in the file anyway). Disc numbers should prefix the track number only if present, otherwise just show the track number alone. By default, include track numbers for Album-style views only - but maybe put the setting control inside the List Options screen, so people can tweak each Category if they wish? For the Player screen, have a separate control in the Look and Feel > Player UI settings menu. And again, if nothing is tagged in the file, don't display a placeholder just show the Title only. Andre
  24. You would need to use the Album Artist tag. That way, as long as the Album Title and the Album Artist tags match, tracks should be treated as the same album. Otherwise you'd end up with oddities like having two albums called "Greatest Hits" but by David Bowie and ABBA, which obviously should not be merged together just because they have the same Title (which would happen in PA v2, before the Album Artist tag was supported). Andre
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