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  1. Thanks for that info, yes that makes perfect sense, that's what subfolders are for. I sort all my music by folders and then subfolders, and rarely use the ID3 tags at all, so it didn't occur to me to ask. Andre
  2. A lot of people have asked for this, but as yet it's not been implemented. Sorry. Andre
  3. Thanks for the input. I'm sure Max will be testing and modifying Poweramp to work with Android M by the time it at least gets a name [i'm hoping for "Marshmallow", although "Mint Cream" would be nice too] Andre
  4. These forums are monitored by the dev, just not quite as regularly as you'd probably like. I've passed your message on anyway, in case it's something he feels he can add into the v2 build in meantime while he's working on the v3 audio engine. I'll leave this thread here in Feature Requests for now though, as Poweramp is performing as per its current design (even if you'd prefer it worked differently, and to be fair you do have a very sensible point). Andre
  5. If you want to access a database file in the /data/ folder then no, without root you cannot normally do it. Have you tried the Playlist editor I mentioned above? (there is a free trial version I believe) Andre
  6. See my reply to the same message you posted in another topic. Andre
  7. The next version of PA (v3) will be using a totally new audio engine, so I doubt any fix will appear for the current v2.x branch. Andre
  8. Yes, of course you'll need root to access system-level data files. They are not designed for general user access. Andre
  9. Poweramp is a stereo player, so front to back fading would be meaningless. Andre
  10. If you've bought on Google Play, you should still be able to install the apk versions downloaded from this website, and the already-installed Google Play license key will still work. Andre
  11. Well for you anyway, they work fine for me as it happens. However I do tend to create my own playlists to be fair (either within Powermap or externally using a text edited) and I don't use other platform music management tools like the dreaded iTunes/etc. Is that where you are having problems? Not sure why you can't turn auto-scan off either, for me I just go into Settings > Folders and Library > Folders/Library Scanner and simply untick the main "Auto-scan" item at the top. It stays unticked even after I exit Poweramp or reboot the device. Andre
  12. Poweramp uses its own SQL database, which is independent of the main Android music library. It can be found at /data/data/com.maxmpz.audioplayer/databases/folders.db but mess with it AT YOUR OWN RISK of course. Your questions might be better asked within the Developers Area ( http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/forum/13-developers-area/ ) to be honest. Andre
  13. Dynamic playlists have been requested before, and I guess this basically falls into that category too. Have you tried Theoklink's Playlist editor in the meantime? (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.flyingdutchman.newplaylistmanager) Andre
  14. Fair enough, if you don't want my input then I'll leave it up to you to discuss this with the developer then (I assume you have emailed him, as he doesn't have a lot of spare time to peruse the forums). Good luck. Andre
  15. Assuming the MP3 ID tags contain the correct track numbers, set the song sort order to "by Track #". To do this, go into the Library's Albums view, select any album (so you can see its list of tracks) and then press Menu > List Options and choose the sort order you require. Andre
  16. Thanks, it doesn't come to me but goes to the developer. Andre
  17. Thanks for your suggestions. And I do agree that Folders mode is really just another form of Library view - personally I'd prefer to have each type of view listed in tab form. So rather than 'Library' having a sub-screen of playback modes, all of those modes would be shown as Tabs along the bottom (or top) of the screen - Folders, Artists, Albums, Playlists, etc. However at the moment I know Max's development time is all going into a new base engine for Poweramp, and any UI changes won't happen until after that is released and stable. Andre
  18. As you are obviously a tester/dev, please could email some debug trace data about the crash to poweramp.maxmpz(at)gmail.com. Thanks. Andre
  19. If you want to think of it that way please feel free to do so if it happens to work for you - but as currently designed and implemented, the Queue is a way to temporarily jump away from regular playback to play a few specific files and then return to regular playback afterwards. However I'll move this thread to Feature Requests for you. Andre
  20. Sounds odd, you could try increasing the audio priority in Settings > Audio > Advanced Tweaks ? Andre
  21. I'm not sure this is your problem, but it does sound very likely. Andre
  22. I tend to agree, but to be fair that IS the option which you have selected, and Poweramp is only doing what you asked it to. When you're ready for it to start playing rather than adding to queue, you'll need use the method I described above. Andre
  23. "Start Playing Queue Immediately" assumes that the player is currently playing something, and that the queued item should take over immediately. Otherwise there would be nothing for it to return to after the queue was completed, so you might as well just tap on the song title itself to start it playing normally, and then add any other items to the queue (deferred) once the first track is playing. Andre
  24. I think scanning occurs via a background process on a reboot, you don't have to start the app itself. If it can't find anything at that point it would presumably initiate a full rescan. Andre
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