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  1. HTC Desire-Z, stock rom, rooted. However I also had the same issue on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, so it is not isolated to a particular device. The behaviour was indeed to play all songs, as all of the icons and so on indicated, but it was most definitely in Folders mode when I went into the Folders/Lib screen. Not sure if this is related, but I now can't delete files. I selected 'Delete' during the closing credits of a podcast (as I regularly do) and PowerAmp popped up a confirmation message indicating that the file would be deleted from the SD card, can't undo. I confirmed, and a message appeared saying 1 file had been deleted, and that track vanished from the folder in PowerAmp ... however the file had not been deleted, and it was picked up again on the next rescan. Tried again with the track stopped, and also from the Folder/files view (long-press on file, select delete), and even after a full phone reboot, and nothing worked. Eventually deleted it via ES File Explorer. Andre
  2. After a lot more fiddling and jumping in and out of various Library and Folders modes, it seems to have fixed itself again. This is very odd... Andre
  3. Darn, this problem has come back today, and now I don't seem to be able to fix it by going into Album mode and then back to Folders. This screenshot is in Folders mode, showing what is enabled and what isn't: With Shuffle set to 'Off' (as above) or 'Lists' it just plays all tracks in alphabetical order of title, regardless of folders (I have the top level sorting set to 'Full Path', then files-with-folders is set to sort by 'Filename', which is being ignored in favour of all songs alphabetically). With Shuffle set to 'All', 'Songs' or 'Songs/Lists', it plays all tracks in any folders in random order (as far as I can tell). In none of these cases do the prev-folder/next-folder icons become tappable. The widget version does show the icons (see below) but they don't do anything when tapped. The total songs counter also seems to be saying it is playing All Songs rather than a folder: Are there any debug files, or other data, that I can send you to help track this down? Andre
  4. I've had a couple of app freezes in exactly the same circumstances recently: Playing music at night via headphones, screen is off. I listen to a few tracks for a bit, then simply press the 'pause' button on the headphone cable and go to sleep. No problems so far. However when I wake the phone up in the morning (standard unlock screen, not PowerAmp's) PowerAmp is still showing as paused but it immediately displays an app frozen message (choices being 'Force Close' or 'Wait'). Waiting doesn't help, so when the message pops up again I opt to Force Close. This has happened on beta2 and beta3 so far. Andre
  5. Great, perfect - many thanks! Andre
  6. Ah, I assumed it meant "by date added to SD Card" (i.e. the file creation date, or better the file modified date). The date added into PowerAmp is somewhat arbitrary, as every time you do a re-install (as I just had to do) or a full erase and rescan, all the song dates will be exactly the same again. I currently have over 2,000 songs, all of which now have the same 'date', which I guess is how most people will first experience PowerAmp. Could you add a sort 'by filesystem date' option - even with a caveat that it might not sort as expected on all devices, but that's not PowerAmp's fault? The 'modified date' shown in ES File Explorer on both my HTC Desire-Z phone and my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 all seem 100% correct, and they also all match the dates shown on the PC from which they were copied, so it should work fine on both of those devices at least. Maybe even make a global Advanced option, selecting for all date sorting between "use dates added to PowerAmp", "use filesystem creation dates" or "use filesystem last-modified dates". That would allow people to choose what works for them with little extra effort. Andre
  7. Example. Here's the first page of the contents of my 'Singles' folder as shown in file explorer, sorted by date, most recent first: And this is what folder view, sorted by most recent, shows in Power Amp (which are all pretty old files, but by no means the oldest): And selecting the 'Reverse' option in PowerAmp's list view does not change it at all: Andre
  8. I just installed beta3 to test on my Samsung tablet too, and had same problem: i.e. I started in Folders view, Shuffle mode was shown as OFF, and yet the 'prev/next folder' buttons were still greyed out, and also tracks were being played in 'all songs' alphabetical order (seemed like random at first, until I watched the song titles). I finally manged to fix it by switching into Library>Albums mode, setting a sort order and playing some tracks/switched albums/etc (which all worked fine). Then when I selected back into Folders view, everything was working again. The same trick worked on my phone. How odd! One minor bug remains from beta2 in that the date-order sorting is still not working in the Library's "Recently Added" mode, or when sorting by date in Folder/File view. The initial sorted songs list is completely wrong, and the 'Reverse' option does not change anything, the same wrong order displays. Andre
  9. I am not turning shuffle on at all, and the icon is showing as grey, i.e. that shuffle is off. Long press lets me select shuffle off again, but nothing changes and still the prev-folder and next-folder buttons are greyed out. However now I've checked further, the play order is not actually random, it seems to be playing all songs in alpahbetic order and ignoring Folder mode. Andre
  10. Have done a complete uninstall and re-install of beta 3, but still can't turn off Shuffle mode at all. HTC Desire-Z, stock rom, rooted. [Edit: actually, now although the prev/next folder buttons are still greyed out, shuffle mode does seem to be turned off - however PowerAmp is playing tracks in 'All Songs' mode (i.e. every song in alpha order) when 'Folder' mode and 'Sort by path' is selected. Folders layout is correct in the list view, but that's not how the player is playing] I've got to put all my settings back in place now too - could do with a 'backup settings' mode for times like this. Andre
  11. Just installed this, and I can't turn Shuffle mode off! I can select through all the options via the button, or I can choose from the long-press pop-up menu, but Shuffle mode stays enabled and the 'previous folder/album' and 'next folder/album' buttons always stay greyed out. Tried several skins and also folder vs. libary mode. Andre
  12. Ah, as in "stop at end of current folder". Not sure there's a way to do that. Other than by making a playlist I guess. Andre
  13. Minor Bug Report: Long-pressing on the 'Previous Folder' or 'Next Folder' buttons in the main player screen no longer skips to the first or last folder in the list. I often use the first-folder one as it takes me straight back to my podcasts directory for car journeys when I've been listening to other random music. Andre
  14. It doesn't turn off for me, just set Repeat to 'List' and it will keep going round the current folder forever. Change to a track in a different folder and it will keep going round that one instead. Andre
  15. Have you tried changing the Repeat mode to "List" rather than "Advance List"? Andre
  16. Confused me too, it's no longer a 'global' option. You now need to go into the actual list (Folders, Library>Albums, etc) and select List Options from the menu there. Once you know where it is, it's a lot better as you can configure different modes with different sort orders. Andre
  17. Also found a minor bug in beta 2: In Library mode, the 'Recently Added' category does not seem to work. When I select it, I see 200 very old tracks (although oddly not the very earliest tracks on the SD card) and using the List Options 'Reverse' mode doesn't do anything, I still see the same list of old songs in same order as before. I assume it should be sorting the list based on the most recently created (or modified? file dates first? [Edit: In fact, 'By date added' sorting does not seem to work within a folder filelist view either, and there too 'Reverse' does not change the order of what is displayed] Andre
  18. I'm using the Aluminium skin. Not because I especially like the look (I actually much prefer the black/glowing interfaces) however I LOVE the positioning of the Play/Ffwd/Rwd/etc buttons at the very bottom of the screen, below the track title & seek bar. Not only does it feel more logical to have the seekbar nearer to the track art but it makes it MUCH eaiser to press the item I wanted to press, rather than catching other system buttons by mistake. Could you maybe implement stock versions with the same layout in the other colours too, i.e with the title/seek-bar and the buttons-panel swapped round? (Or will the skin editor allow this to be done very easily, by someone who has never edited a skin in his life? ). Andre
  19. Just noticed (in 2.0beta2 anyway) in both 'Artists' and 'Albums' it already does this type of sorting for any text starting with "The" or "A", which is great! Thank you Max! Could you do the same for the 'All Songs' list for the main release please? Loving the way I can now use my preferred 'Folders' view most of the time (to sort as per how I've set the directories up) but switch over to Artists or Genre just as easily at will. Andre
  20. Seems pretty stable on my secondary device (Galaxy Tab 10.1), and the new one-level menu option is a good fix for my user-interface issue, so going to try it on my main phone. Wish me luck. Andre
  21. Do we get to add to this post directly? I'd vote for a very simple configurable set of options for the player's 'Menu' button, so you can choose the initial five/six items which pop up when you press the Menu button (as everyone's usage style is wildly different). Unless the skin editor will allow that already? (fingers crossed) Andre
  22. Multiple artist support would be great for me too. Maybe you could even auto-split the artist tag where you see the term "feat." in the working (where did that come from over recent years anyway? In the good old wax-cylinder days it was simply called a duet! ) Andre
  23. Wouldn't work for me (I tend to listen to long podcasts, so it's great to just automatically resume from where I left off each time) but fine as an optional feature. Andre
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