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  1. Development is all Max's doing, not mine. Andre
  2. I have no idea, nothing has changed in that version of PA for years, nor in your headunit I suspect. When you say "the app doesn't find art cover" do you mean it does not download artwork for new tracks from the internet, or it does not display embedded artwork from within music files. Both can be optionally disabled in PA's Settings Album Art section, so it might be worth checking there. Andre
  3. Customisable library category sorting/grouping is sometime I have been asked for for a long time now, as it would solve most of the common requests for multi-category sorting levels, etc. Andre
  4. Hide Status Bar is currently a global PA setting, it does not work solely in Visualisations but in other PA screens too. Andre
  5. Yes, Chromecast is the only option for now (apart from Bluetooth). DLNA is planned for some time in the future though. Andre
  6. No, it's not currently possible as PA also uses the same artwork space for its multi-selection tickboxes. Andre
  7. It has been on the main page (and most other pages) since v3 was first released. Bottom row of icons, third one across. Note: that line can auto-hide when you scroll down a list, but it re-appears when you move up again (or you can set it to remain permanently in Settings > Library> Lists) Andre
  8. Would also be useful in alphabetical sort modes too. Andre
  9. As I said earlier, on your device's storage in /Android/data/_com.maxmpz.audioplayer/album_art as JPEG files. Andre
  10. You no longer need to press-and-hold on an album title and select Play, it's just a simple short tap on the title and then select Play. PA was never able to play music from a library on a NAS. Well, not unless you first map the NAS directory to a symbolic link folder on your Android device and allow that folder to be scanned into PA's library anyway. Andre
  11. Poweramp should not generate notification sounds, however it does update the Notification/Status line when a new track is played, and I wonder if your device is triggering the sound for some reason? Try swiping the notification item in the pull-down menu at the top of the screen and check the Settings icon, notification sounds should be set to Silent. Andre
  12. When in the main Playlist view (or in an individual playlist view) tap the three-dots menu icon and select "Rescan / Resolve Playlists". Andre
  13. No, this is not currently an option. You may find that an external app like New Playlist Manager might help? I'll move this to Feature Requests anyway. Andre
  14. Have you tried resetting audio outputs to defaults? Are you using high-res or regular output? DVC on or off. Headroom gain? Andre
  15. Album artwork should be embedded in your music files ideally, but if you want to copy over any downloaded artwork you would need to copy over the contents of the relevant folders in /Android/data/_com.maxmpz.audioplayer/ from the old device to the new one. Andre
  16. The easiest way, if an artist insists on releasing all of their albums under the same title (must be a filing nightmare in record shops!) would be to simply append the year in brackets to the end of the Album Title tag. A batch tag editor would do that very quickly for you. Andre
  17. Moved to the legacy forum. There will be no further development of Poweramp v2, however please feel free to provide more test results in the v3 bugs forum if you are finding it there too. Andre
  18. All of those options are already available (widget-style shortcut to launch a playlist, and you choose and start a playlist from within the app too) Andre
  19. Your original post described that when exporting playlists, any newly added files were not added to the exported M3U8 file: You later said you could no longer reproduce this problem. Is this problem still happening when you create a new internal playlist and try to export it, or not? And if it's different, what is the new problem? I will be able to look into this further when I return from vacation at the end of the month so please do not expect any detailed responses from me until then, although Max may be able to help in the meantime. Andre
  20. Hello... Hello... Hello... (some forums ban users for continually bumping threads, but luckily not this one) And please see (and reply to) what I posted before - which is, if you can no longer reproduce the problem that you originally described, can we assume your issue can now be considered solved? Andre
  21. What you are asking for is a Play One Song feature, which is something that a number of people have asked to be added to the Repeat modes in the past. Andre
  22. Personally I feel that each new Android release gets closer and closer to the Apple philosophy or "we will tell you how it now works, and you will like it" (SD Card access keeps getting worse and more restrictive too). Which was precisely the reason I went with Android rather than iPhones in the first place. Andre
  23. A bit puzzled here, how are you planning to listen to 7.1 speakers on a phone? Or do you mean mixed down to stereo for listening via the headset, which I believe is already possible for AC3 encoded files, etc. Andre
  24. At least for the moment, Poweramp's chosen volume leveling method is ReplayGain, which as you say does require the tracks to be tagged correctly in the first place. RG doesn't mess around with the dynamic range of the music as much as on-the-fly normalization does. Andre
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