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  1. Sorry, I thought you had already looked into that. You need to make sure there are no battery optimising features that are allowed to prevent PA (and presumably Chromecast) from functioning while the device is in a screen-off state. This is in either the power optimisation or apps sections in the phone'e Settings. Andre
  2. Does sound like something external rather than a crash. Andre
  3. Is it being killed, or it is for some reason crashing? Andre
  4. Tidal is a subscription music provider, and rather like Spotify/etc uses its own audio processes. PA's new streaming facility is for publicly available radio and similar continuous streams (such as HLS or ShoutCast) which provide a public HTTP URL for their broadcast service. Andre
  5. Gain and Volume are effectively the same thing, basically they are a simpler and a more technical word for the same function. They both increase or decrease the overall amplitude of sound that you hear from the output device. They do not create and difference in treble/bass - although acoustically your ears will tend to register bass more easily when the sound levels are higher, so your comment about boosting bass if the final output levels are lower makes sense, although would be rather complex to implement. The difference within PA is that the 'gain' function we are discussing occurs before any other EQ processing ("pre-amp", so more like an input volume adjustment) whereas the device's main Volume control is post-processing and boosts or reduces the final mixed/processed sound. Pre-amp Gain is useful to increase any very low level input sources, or to reduce the level of any sources which are already close to digital maximum (and thus would otherwise leave no headroom for making major EQ band boosts without introducing clipping). But if you just want it loud, boosting both the Pre-amp Gain and the Output volume is like turning it up to 11. Andre
  6. Not sure if it will help in this case, but you could try enabling Settings > Album Art > Always Send Album Art ? Andre
  7. That is more the territory for a fully featured batch tag editor rather than a music player which happens to let you update a few common tags with its interface. Andre
  8. Were you able to select your USB DAC at all in the Settings > Audio > Output menu? And if so, does it let you choose higher resolution modes? Andre
  9. Could you post the tag info screens for the two tracks Mercy (Live) and Have It All (Live), as that first block of songs seem to be correctly in album order, but then it jumps and starts again. Just wondering if there is anything different in the tag encoding between the two which is causing the tracks to be treated as belonging to separate albums. Andre
  10. Odd, you should just be able to go back into that artist's list ( Library > Artists > artistname ) and use the three-dots menu icon to select Image, and just choose a new image from the list or your Gallery. This works whether or not there is any existing image selected, or if you have tapped 'no artwork' for that artist in the past. Oh, and @maxmp , could you tweak the wording within that Artist Image selection screen, as it still shows an option for "No album art" when it should say "No artist image". Thanks. Andre
  11. Erm, and what would that achieve? 'Gain' and 'Volume' are basically the same thing, they would just cancel each other out. Andre
  12. To be fair, Genre>Artist>Album sorting is already available, however the individual albums with each Genre are still laid out in a 'flat' list rather than having each Artist being available as a separate drill-down level. So yes, within any given Genre you can see all of your ABBA albums first, then ABC, Adele, After the Fire, Beatles, Bee Gees, etc. (Your artists may vary, I guess I'm not a teenager any more ) While I know there are many areas for which people still have specific wishlist requests (and that will always be the case) I do suspect that as soon as Max introduces this particular thread's requested Genre>Artist>Album drill-down layering, someone will come along and say their life won't be complete until they have (for example) Genre>Artist>Year>Album sorting. Hence my suggestion that a fully user-customisable Category system would probably be a better long-term solution, rather than adding more and more specific Library Categories to the 20 or so that are already there. And in the meantime, you can always do what I do and use folders, where the only limit to your sorting control is your own imagination in designing your naming conventions. Perhaps comments like "I'm truly amazed and disappointed" about Poweramp " lacking these basic essential features" are maybe a bit churlish given that PA already has about 20 main Library Categories, each sortable using multiple methods (most offering at least six options, and sometimes with several layers too) and then sortable again at the songs level with around 15 options. Compare that to 'market leaders' such as Sonos, where their app has 6-7 basic categories and absolutely no user-settable sorting options at all (apart from local folder viewing, which allows filename or track/title sorting). Andre
  13. Can you check this with normal audio song files, not CUE-based 'virtual' songs, and in regular Category playback rather than playlists or the Queue? [Edit] Actually, I can replicate this in normal playback. With 'Repeat' set to 'Off' and Crossfade set to 15 seconds, when the final track of a folder/album/etc is playing, it stops 15 seconds from the end of the track. It ought to continue playing right to the end of the track, with no fade as there is nothing following it to fade into. Andre
  14. There is a FAQs list at the top of the forums list here, and you can also use in-app Help on most screens (Hamburger icon > Help) but there is no manual per se - rather like most phone apps to be honest. Is there something particular you are looking for? Andre
  15. I don't think so, no. Other than to return your finger to where it started, but that won't be exact and will still have a slight jump. Andre
  16. Why, what issues with this version of PA does it resolve? Link removed as it was several months old anyway, so potential link-farming. Andre
  17. I know Sonos/etc are generally closed ecosystems so it would be hard for Poweramp to play to each of them directly, but I wonder if it might be possible for PA to generate a simple ShoutCast-server style stream as one of its Output options? Or even in parallel to existing playback, so you could listen to both if CPU resources allow? That way, any device that has a ShoutCast listener client (as a lot of kit does these days) could simply connect to the IP address of your phone on your LAN to listen to bitstreamed music from Poweramp. Andre
  18. Are you trying to buy through the Google Play Store, or directly from the website here? Andre
  19. Poweramp is certainly optimised for regular phone screen sizes, but there are phones with 4K screens (I have no idea why). Andre
  20. What resolution is the screen on the device, some landscape modes can look a little strange. Have you tried other skins? Andre
  21. CD quality files will be 44.1kHz , but many devices actually output at 48kHz (DVD spec) anyway, so the issue of re-sampling kinda becomes moot. High res output does use perhaps a fraction more battery, but nothing you'd really notice. PA has no method to adjust to new file specs on the fly though - as that would potentially introduce noise at the switch point, and break some features like gapless playback and crossfading - so you really need to decide on your preferred mode and leave it set like that. Give it a try and see if you have hear any difference anyway; using high-res (especially 24/32 bit sampling) can apparently improve headroom for EQ and effects processing. Andre
  22. Nothing that I'm aware of, but this is the Feature Requests topic so you never know. Some people have also requested animated GIF support, and I would expect both requests would fall into the same general area. Andre
  23. You will lose play count, ratings, etc as the new card will create a new directory structure and thus anything scanned from it will be treated as 'new' music files (even though the filename portions will be the same, the root location will change). External apps like New Playlist Manager can backup your Ratings and Playlists, but I'm not sure that the more trivial things like Recently Added status and Play Count are included. Andre
  24. I spend ages tweaking things that probably don't need tweaking at all - but then I guess that's what skins and themes on apps are all about, we don't actually need any of it. My wife just calls it 'extra'. Andre
  25. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy A70, with a fairly tall aspect ratio of 20:9 (2400x1080): The above image uses slightly smaller font sizes (18 and 16) versus the 22 and 18 that I was using in the previous overlap example, as below: To be honest, I think it might be better to move the Vis/Timer/Repeat/Shuffle icons down a bit for this screen height, and the two text lines up just a fraction, just to neaten it up (unless you are able to set the layout dynamically based on the currently chosen font sizes anyway). Andre
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