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  1. There are two shuffle configuration options in Settings > Library > Lists. They do not turn the current playback shuffle on or off, nor select the current shuffling mode. They are there specify how the shuffle system (whenever the user uses it) should handles certain specific situations, such as as shuffling of subfolders - for example should the contents of all subfolders to be jumbled together, or played as one shuffled folder at a time. To turn shuffle on of off, and select the mode you require - e.g. all songs, shuffle by category, etc - all you need to do is tap (or long-press) the Shuffle icon on the Player screen. Andre
  2. Great, glad you found it. Andre
  3. The license is valid for all versions, v2 or v3. Andre
  4. If you want it around a 4x4 sort of sizing, then the 4x4 widget would be a good starting place. But play around with which one and which settings work best for you. Andre
  5. For Android 7, try using PA v3 rather than the legacy v2 version. The licence limitations a bit more modern and less restrictive (see the FAQs) although you'll still need to fulfil the requirements of the email confirmation (if a direct purchase) or have a Google Play account set up on it if you bought via Google Play. Andre
  6. Looks like you are using the 2x2 widget and then enlarging it. That one does put the controls over the cover art due to size. Andre
  7. It's not something that you can do much about or advertise really. If your music is tagged with multiple genres, that's how PA will handle it. Andre
  8. If a playlist .M3U file is changed, PA should notice the modified status and rescan it. Assuming the location it is saved in is scannable anyway. It might be that a syncing program is not setting the file correctly though, try editing the new file on the device. or moving it with a file explorer app, and see if it is detected then. Andre
  9. I guess that would really be up to a skin designer to produce, the main general=purpose interface is optimised for regular devices with 5+ inch screens. Andre
  10. Currently only supported in certain categories (Album, etc) but I agree it should be in most of them. Probably not in folders/filenames though. Andre
  11. I assume your device is using a very old version of Android (pre 5.0), otherwise please use PA v3 instead of the legacy v2 app. If you purchased via Google Play, you need to be using the same Google Play account on any device that needs to use that licence. It will not work without Google Play present and logged in. If you purchased from the website, you need to have the email account that you originally registered with set up on that device, and enter the details from the confirmation email. See the FAQs, e.g: http://support.powerampapp.com/knowledgebase/articles/324284-restore-poweramp-purchase http://support.powerampapp.com/knowledgebase/articles/323571-unlocker-without-google-account http://support.powerampapp.com/knowledgebase/articles/323561-apm-response-no-valid-google-accounts Andre
  12. There is a mini-player at the bottom of the PA Library screen, is that what you mean? Otherwise, there is a mini set of controls in the notification status drop-down, or you can also put a Widget on your home screen. Andre
  13. Sounds like the device is not allowing PA to continue running properly while it is asleep. Check in PA Settings > Misc to ensure Wakelock and Keep Service are enabled, and also check in the device's power saving menu to ensure PA is excluded from any power saving features. Andre
  14. Presets can be assigned to songs, albums, genres, etc. Whatever values you set will also remain as the current listening EQ setting until you change it, or until PA finds a song/folder/genre/etc that has its own saved preset that overrides it. Could you have accidentally assigned it to a broader group than you intended to? It would be worth deleting the newly saved preset, then reset the current EQ to defaults, and if the default setting then sticks. Andre
  15. Then as I said, please can you post the command sequence that your device is generating. PA normally only does what the BT commands tell it to. Andre
  16. This is intended behaviour. When you select your desired mode, it is meant to stay in place until you decide to select a new one - or you choose a playback method which requests a new one, such as tapping on the icon to play an album in Shuffled mode for example. Andre
  17. Please upload the results of Settings > Headset/Bluetooth > Last Processed Commands to show what commands your device is sending. For the record, the similar touch controls on my Parrot Zik bluetooth headphones work fine for volume, play/pause, and next/prev track. Andre
  18. If you have it set to resume on BT connection, that's what it will do. To avoid this happening, you would need to turn this feature off and press the Play button manually when you want to listen in the car. Andre
  19. There have been a number of threads on this subject, but no universal answer. Generally, I believe many head-units have this problem as they don't allow the app to shut down properly before powering down. Steering wheel controls depend on the interface built-in by the manufacturer, and are not guaranteed to work fully with third-party apps. I know the dev ( @maxmp ) has said he plans to get a generic car head-unit at some stage for testing purposes, as though PA is an app designed for use on phones, using it in a car is becoming a common request. Andre
  20. There is no such thing, only settings which work best for your equipment and ears. If there was a universal 'best' setting, then that would be programmed in advance and there would be no user-controls at all. Andre
  21. If another app (e.g. YouTube) requests access to audio playback, then PA has to be stopped. Avoid using other apps that require that sort of access while listening to your music. However just browsing normal non-audio websites in Chrome should be fine. It might also be your device being to aggressive in power-saving background apps, it's worth checking that PA is listed as an exception to power-saving modes. Also check that Wakelock and Keep Service are enabled in the Settings > Misc page. Andre
  22. You can choose to start PA at either the Player screen or the main Library view. (Settings > Look and Feel > Start at Library) Then you can configure the default library top-level view to be a specific category - e.g. Artists - if you wish. Go to the Library top-level view and tap on the three-dots menu icon. Select List Options and then long-press on the category that you wish to become the default entry screen (Artists in your case). Andre
  23. 'Now Playing' and 'Play Next' are defined by the library category and sorting orders that you have chosen to listen to. You can however choose something outside of that 'normal' listening order by using the Queue. Simply find the extra song (or songs, or even full albums/etc) that you want to listen to, long-press on the title and tap Add to Queue (">>> Queue") and the songs will be enqueued ready to play after the currently playing track (or can optionally be set to play immediately if you prefer). Once all of the enqueued songs have been played, PA will return to your regular chosen playback category wherever you left off (again, options are available if you don't like that end behaviour). Andre
  24. Export Settings (which includes EQ presets) and copy the file over and re-import on the new device. Andre
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