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  1. You already had v3 installed from your previous screenshot. I repeat the questions I asked before: Has this ever worked, or is this a new installation or a new device? Are you storing your music on SD Card or internal memory? (if SD Card, try copying some files to internal) What device, ROM version, etc? (For example, you are not using a test release of Android 10 are you?) Does the scanner find your music and make it visible in the Poweramp Library views, or does it not find anything at all? Do any files play at all? What audio format are you using - MP3? If you've upgraded from a previous version settings could be misadjusted, try putting the audio output modes back to default using Settings > Audio > Output > Restore Defaults. Andre
  2. That screenshot is not the legacy Poweramp v2 (which is the area that you posted in, replying to an old 2017 thread), it's the current v3 product. I'll move this discussion to the correct place for you. In the meantime, please check that your device's storage location (e.g. a folder on your SD Card, you don't say where?) is ticked in the list in Settings > Library > Music Folders, and then go back up one level to Settings > Library and perform a "FULL Rescan" (bottom option in that menu). Again, is this a new install or has it been working for you previously? Have you added or replaced an SD Card? Andre
  3. Has your problem been resolved then, or are you still waiting for a reply? If so, what was the resolution? Andre
  4. This is with Powersamp v2, yes? What device and ROM version? Are you music files on SD Card or internal device memory? Did they work previously, or is this a new installation? Andre
  5. Sorry, but Poweramp is a commercial product. Andre
  6. If you bought the unlocker via the Play Store, you must have the same Play Store account set up and active on any device that you wish to install it to. Alternatively, you can purchase a stand-alone licence from the website, which does not require Play Store access. You can then contact support to see if there's anything they can do to remove the old one after you've bought the new licence though (I assume it would be for the same email address) but I'm not sure how that works. Andre
  7. In the FAQs I referred to above (http://support.powerampapp.com/knowledgebase/topics/50053-poweramp-unlocker) both v2 and v3 instructions are included wherever there are differences. If you are still having problems with your account after trying that, please contact poweramp.maxmpz@gmail.com (or use the Get Support option inside the app). If you search for "fiio" in these forums, there are plenty of people discussing M6, M9 etc usage (so it must work for them) so unless your device is wildly different for some reason, the problem should not be insurmountable. Andre
  8. Recently added can be set to use the device's filesystem time/date-modified stamp. In that case, if you edit or modify a file then its timestamp will get set to today, and thus would appear high up in the recent list. Andre
  9. No, it does not have to be a Google account. Also, please see the notes for v3, not v2. As I said, v2 was much more restrictive in the way licences worked (and it would not have worked on your setup). Andre
  10. Sounds like bad files, or memory system issues. Could you try copying them from the source to somewhere else (internal memory perhaps) and if you see see the same problem, could you upload some sample files? Andre
  11. The last alpha-test version of PA that could be installed with pre 5.0 Android ROMs is build 709. It is not supported obviously, but it was fairly stable and ought to work for you. Andre
  12. I'm assuming you have a direct licence, purchased from the website here, as you say there is no Google Play on your device. And then you have downloaded and installed the latest APK from https://forum.powerampapp.com/files/category/2-poweramp-v3-latest-releases/ (currently build 841). Once you have done that, follow the instructions in http://support.powerampapp.com/knowledgebase/articles/323565-apm-response-500-no-order-for-act to enter the details from your purchase confirmation email. I'm going to move this thread to one of the v3 areas for wider reach, as it is no longer a v2 discussion. Andre
  13. The is no difference, you have the same settings in the trial and licensed versions. The only limit in the trial version is time. Andre
  14. I suspect that having your phone on continuously playing music would not be friendly to any ultra-powersaving mode - the point of which would be to prevent background apps from functioning when the phone is asleep. However if you set Poweramp as an exception which the phone is not allowed to block, then I think that ought to work. Andre
  15. PA is solely Max's project so it's up to him what features he decides to add. The more people who ask for something in these Feature Request forums though, the more likely it would be that he'd plan to do it. It has been mentioned before, but not exactly with a high priority. Andre
  16. Probably the first thing I will switch off when I get Android 10. Nice controllable buttons for me please. Andre
  17. I've just added a note to the original post in case people see it on its own and panic. Andre
  18. Adding multiple tracks will be done using the sort order that you have already specified for that category (e.g. if you are viewing an album's song list, and you have defined that ordering via List Options as being "By Track#", then that's the order which will be used). To override that you'd need to add the tracks one by one, or change the List Options order before starting to add the items. You can alter the current order of songs within any Playlists or the Queue by the way, just long-press on any song title in the list/queue view and then use the sliders on the right-hand side to move the songs up or down the list. Andre
  19. Only seems to occur if you have the "Always Clear on Add " option enabled in Settings > Library > Queue. Please turn this mode off and see if you still experience the same issue. Andre
  20. I'm not the dev, you need to persuade @maxmp that it's worth his time doing. But it does seem a pretty obvious place for that option to Ignore Articles to be applied IMHO. Andre
  21. Off topic, but can you not install APK files directly on your device? After confirming you accept the risks of doing that in Android Settings of course. Andre
  22. There are two shuffle configuration options in Settings > Library > Lists. They do not turn the current playback shuffle on or off, nor select the current shuffling mode. They are there specify how the shuffle system (whenever the user uses it) should handles certain specific situations, such as as shuffling of subfolders - for example should the contents of all subfolders to be jumbled together, or played as one shuffled folder at a time. To turn shuffle on of off, and select the mode you require - e.g. all songs, shuffle by category, etc - all you need to do is tap (or long-press) the Shuffle icon on the Player screen. Andre
  23. Great, glad you found it. Andre
  24. The license is valid for all versions, v2 or v3. Andre
  25. If you want it around a 4x4 sort of sizing, then the 4x4 widget would be a good starting place. But play around with which one and which settings work best for you. Andre
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