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  1. Thanks for the reply! 

    • Play, next, and previous buttons: Awesome!
    • Hiding / moving artist and song titles: Thanks! 
    • Countdown timer: That is a shame! Winamp has it, and I love it, but it's not a big deal. I thought the last version of Poweramp had it too? I might be mistaken. 
    • Removing / hiding images for artists to give a pure text list: Can you tell me where the placeholder option is? I found what looks like something similar, but it's only for album art. If not, I will wait for the TODO. 
    • Queue: If I uncheck "start playing queue immediately" then the queue will start when the current song I'm playing finishes. This is not so good if I am half way through an album and queue up another, because I still want to finish listening to the first album. So V3 gives us 2 options, either immediately or after current song. Previous version gave us 3 options, immediately, after current song or after current list (folder/album/playlist/etc.). I used that 3rd option all the time and miss it. :(
    • Android Auto: Cool. I'm happy to wait. 
    • Last.fm: Ok, I will try again. 
    • Skins: Ok, understood, cool. :)

    One more thing... Can we get an option to NOT ignore songs less than 2 seconds or shorter? The shortest amount V3 will allow is 2 seconds, but previous version allowed us to choose "don't ignore - include all." I listen to some Grindcore now and then, and they have ridiculously short songs. Yes, even 1 second songs. See here for evidence: https://analtrump.bandcamp.com/album/that-makes-me-smart

  2. Hi everyone. 

    I just got V3 and I've got some questions... 

    • On the Now Playing screen...
      • Is there a way to show play, previous and next buttons? I see them on the widget and lock screen, but not the Now Playing screen. Seems inconsistent to not have them on some and not others. I see I can use gestures on the Now Playing screen, but if I want to go back 3 songs I have to swipe 3 times, and each time I hear the start of each song between where I was and where I want to be. Or, I long press play (to stop playback) then I swipe back 3 times. Or, I go back into the album, then tap on the song I want, which is more tapping too. 
      • Is there an option to hide the song, artist and album text, or maybe move it off the album artwork? I would like to see the entire album artwork if possible. The last version had buttons on the artwork that I could never remove. :( 
      • Regarding the time counter, is there an option to show the time left in a song, rather than time elapsed? I think V2 had this? 
    • In the Library, under Artists (or Album Artists)... 
      • Am I able to remove the thumbnails from the list (so it's a pure text list)? I understand showing album art thumbnails for browsing Albums, but I don't want it for Artists. Nearly every other music player for Android is like this, and this was one thing that made Poweramp stand apart in a VERY good way. Pure text lists are awesome. 
      • When queueing songs or albums, the last version had an option where newly queued music would play after what is currently playing, which could be a full album (or list). In Settings > Library > Queue there only seems to be the option to "start playing queue immediately" as enabled or disabled, and "if disabled, queue is started after the current track." So this means if I'm halfway through an album, then decide to queue up the next album, it will either start immediately or after the current song, only. This is... yeah, VERY limiting. We used to be able to tell it to play at the end of the list (which in this case would be at the end of the current ALBUM, not just song).
    • Android Auto is not available in this version, correct? 
    • I'm having an issue with Last.fm not showing in my notification bar. Sometimes it appears and then disappears nearly straight away. Other times it stays for a few minutes, then next time I look it's gone. Last version was a bit buggy with last.fm scrobbler, but there seems to be less "getting along" now. Maybe this one is better for a separate thread. 
    • Will I only be able to use paid skins from the last version IF I downgrade back to V2? No chance of backwards compatibility? One such paid skin shows up as a choice, but I am unable to select it (annoying). 

    I think that's all for now. 

  3. Happy to see this is on the planned do to list! 


    Can I ask tho, will it only be for Chromecast? Could it be general cast? I'm not sure I'm explaining myself properly, but at home we have a Chromecast on one TV, but our mostly used TV doesn't need a Chromecast. We can use YouTube and Netflix via the Sony Blu-ray player which has internet access. So in the future will I possibly be able to cast Poweramp thru that, or only thru Chromecast?

  4. I'm noticing something odd with the IDv3 tags, OR it could be just the way Poweramp is handling the Artist, Album and Song titles. 

    Everything looks fine in Poweramp, but on my Pebble smartwatch I am seeing the Artist name appearing directly after the song title. I suspect the Album name is also meant to be showing, but cannot fit on my Pebble's small screen. Please see attached photo. What you will see is my Pebble running an app called Music Boss. It is basically an enhanced version of the stock Pebble Music app. The same additional info shows when I use the stock Music app on my Pebble. I have asked the Music Boss dev about this and he has advised Music Boss is only displaying the info it is given from the player (Poweramp). 

    In the photo... "Vista Chino" is the Artist. "Mas Vino" is the song title, but as you can see it is showing "Mas Vino - Vista Chino" instead of just "Mas Vino." Beneath that is the album, "Peace (Limited Edition)". So obviously this repeating of the Artist is not meant to show in the song area. This is just one example of the things I am seeing... 

    In my last.fm account (link is: www.last.fm/user/dgriffiths), my recently scrobbled songs are showing up with additional info in the song title area too. Instead of just "Song title" I am seeing "Song title - Artist name - Album name". So it is entirely possible that the additional info I am seeing on my Pebble is actually the same as what is happening in my last.fm account, but the Pebble screen being small is only able to fit what you can see in the attached photo. 

    Is Poweramp causing this?

    I don't think the skin is causing this. I just changed it and the same info is showing on my Pebble, even when the song changed. 

    Could the last.fm app have anything to do with this? I wouldn't think so since the Pebble is getting the Artist, Song and Album info from Poweramp. 

    I've checked my IDv3 tags to ensure they are tagged correctly and without the additional info in the song title, and they are all fine. 


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