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  1. Hi. I just noticed another instance of this happening. So that's three albums I can confirm that have it now. And yes, it's on several songs in those albums. This album is also 44.1KHZ 320KBPS MP3.

    I only notice it on songs that have sudden / abrupt starts, as I notice the very start being cut. I should clarify when I say "sudden / abrupt" I mean these songs start in full swing from the very first second. I think it's safe to say most songs do not begin this way, so it's not easy to detect. 

    I use MediaMonkey to rip my music, so I am certain these three instances / albums were encoded with that, and I'm pretty sure my settings at home are LAME. Yes, the problem occurs when I play the albums in full, and also when I restart the song it still occurs. 

    I will rerip the albums that have this issue and play them again. I will also test on other sources (computer at home, wife's phone). I will also play The Dark Side of The Moon today and test that out. Though, gapless is not necessarily the issue here. 

  2. Hi again guys. 

    I've put all my settings for fade to zero or the smallest values I can within the limit of Poweramp's given options. In some cases the smallest is 10ms. This is not enough IMHO. We should have an option for zero. I am still hearing the music being "edited" by PA. Songs with sudden or abrupt starts are being "edited" or having the very start of the song cut (fade in). I really hate this. 

    Can anything be done about this at all, other than ask Max to please give us the option to NOT have the music "edited"?

    To be clear, the settings I'm looking at are all in Settings > Audio > Crossfade, Fade and Gapless. And then you've got the following options... 

    1. Auto-advance Fading (I've set it to No fading)
    2. Manual Track Change Fading (I've set to No fading)
    3. Play/pause/seek/manual track... (Both disabled)
    4. Preload Gapless Tracks (set to 0ms) <- Side note: Would this be good to increase for gapless improvement?
    5. Crossfade Length (set to 1000ms - lowest we are given)
    6. Short Manual Crossfade Length (set to 10ms - lowest we are given)
    7. Seek Fade Length (set to 10ms - lowest we are given)

    And for the record, I'm on PA v3-build-838, Full Version. 

  3. Hi again guys. I am still having this issue but mostly only on Android Auto (where my phone is plugged into the car by USB). So like the fix for 3.5 headphones, I increased the buffer to huge for USB also. But USB has still been skipping. Any other suggestions? This seems to have started out of nowhere... And yes, I'm using latest version of PA (838). 

  4. Hi guys, thanks for the replies. 

    Andre, yup, I'm on 838. 

    Thanks Blaubär. Looks like some of those settings had restored to default, and I've now fixed them. I think this should solve the issue. I'll post here again if not. :)

  5. Hi all. I cannot find the setting to remove all fade in and out. I'm not a fan of "modifying" the music in any way whatsoever and would like to hear the music as the artists intended. 

    My main issue at is when I play an album from the start I am missing out on hearing a nanosecond or something very short due to a fade in that I have already disabled in the settings. It's mostly prominent in music that has a strong or abrupt start, no natural or artistic fade in. So I am wondering if there is another setting I am missing that I also need to disable.

    Can someone please point me where all the fade in and out settings are located so I can confirm I've done all I can to avoid this fading? 

  6. 1 hour ago, blaubär said:

    What's missing is an option to start the queue neither immediately nor after the currently playing song but after the current album/category has ended.


    13 minutes ago, andrewilley said:

    I tried this in Android Auto by the way, and can confirm the queue does continue to restart until of of the queued tracks are finished.

    Actually, to be honest, I found this out purely by accident as I'd left some items in the queue while doing the earlier testing and when I later connected to my car it restarted the queue as @griff has described.

    This is actually how I would have expected PA to behave normally, I'm not sure why it is only happening in Android Auto. One result is intended behaviour, and the other is a bug... but I think it depends on your point of view as to which is which! :) We need some input from Max on this one I think.


    Yes, we need to know which is intended. Hopefully Max chimes in. :)

  7. 2 hours ago, blaubär said:

    Yes, that's a bug ... one you probably like though 😀. It should have switched back to the queue after each song that you manually started.

    Can anyone else confirm that this is indeed a bug (unplayed queued music should automatically resume playing after one manually selected song is played)? It's not that I don't believe you blaubär, it's just that this has only ever happened to me this week, and I've been using Poweramp for 9 years. Granted, the way queue works has changed significantly from v2 to v3 (we have less control over it now IMO). But also this seems very user-unfriendly to me. 

  8. Just did another test. This time NOT using Android Auto.

    1. Music is queued and playing. 
    2. I change playback to another album (Ladel O' Deth by The Flaming Intestines), it plays all the way through (first song to last). 
    3. Playback stops, and queue does not resume.
    1. Then I decide to go back and play the music that was queued.
    2. It all plays, then I get the last song from Ladel O' Deth again. I don't know why.


    My settings are as follows... 

    Settings > Library > Queue: Start Playing Queue - Immediately DISABLED
    Settings > Library > Queue: On Queue End - Return to previous category

  9. Ahhhh... That make perfect sense then. I wish there were an Android Auto voice command that would allow us drivers to clear the queue! And / or I wish Poweramp had the settings for Queue that it had in version 2, where we had greater control over the music. 

  10. I still think it's a bug because when the same scenario occurs when I'm NOT playing music in Android Auto, this does not happen. Specifically by "this", I mean the following: I will have music queued, I play some of it. Then I decide to play something else, so I select a new album, and it will play that whole album. Not just the first song. But in Android Auto it plays just the first song, then goes back to the queue. 

    Thanks for your suggestion! I don't think it's all that practical for me though. I would need to create playlists in advance for the music I want to listen to, which could be anything from my very large library. To save time I could create just 10 or so playlists, let's say one for each of my favourite albums. But then that limits my listening choices to just those 10 or so playlists. 

  11. Thanks guys! Ok, I am clear on what is exactly what now. 

    So now to my main reason for asking about this... I think I've found a bug, but it might only occur when using Poweramp in Android Auto. Here's what has happened (a couple of times now). 

    I have been playing some albums that are queued, and playback is NOT in Android Auto (I'm using headphones plugged into my phone). Then I jump in my car and I continue playing the same queued music with Android Auto. But now I use Android Auto's voice control to select a new album to play, and it begins playing it (this interrupts the queued music). However, after the first song on the album, playback jumps back to the queued music. And this is annoying because I was expecting the whole album to play, and really it should. This has only happened to me when using Poweramp in Android Auto.  

    So my question is this... Is this a bug that Poweramp is having with Android Auto not knowing it was instructed to play a whole album or is there a Poweramp setting that I need to tweak so this will work how I want it to? 

    EDIT: After going back over the answers you guys have given, I'm 99.9% sure the 2nd option in On Queue End, needs to be set. I think I had it on the first option. So I will test and get back to this thread. 

  12. Hi everyone. 

    The latest version of Poweramp that I have (v3-build-830-play), has a feature in Settings > Library > Queue, called On Queue End. I'm not sure which of the two options it contains to use, as I am unsure what they do... The options are: 1. Stay in Queue / repeat Queue, or 2. Return to previous category. I've set it to the second option because I don't want my queue to repeat, however, I'm not sure what the "category" is. Is that the music I was listening to on the fly (prior to queueing any music up)? 

    Recently when using Poweramp in Android Auto, I might be listening to some music I'd previously queued up on my phone, and I get the urge to listen to something else. So I say "OK Google, play BAND NAME, ALBUM NAME, album." And it will play. BUT after the first song, it reverts back to the queue. Is this On Queue End setting affecting this? 

  13. 33 minutes ago, blaubär said:

    Yep, doesn't exist.


    Could have sworn I saw it somewhere. Oh well. 

    Would be nice to have the option to turn this off. Accidentally swiping and having your song progression lost is frustrating. If an argument against this cited the same could happen to accidentally tapping the next / previous button, then yes, I get it... However, the difference is accidentally swiping on the screen where there is no indication would certainly happen more often because unlike a button it is not shown visually (the button is shown). 

  14. Sorry to say this, but I really don't like the way queued music works in version 3 of Poweramp. I find it very odd that it would go from a flexible method to a very restrictive and unintuitive method. I will elaborate...  

    The previous version of Poweramp would allow you to start playing an album, and half-way through that album you could queue up another album, or several, and they would play AFTER the current album. Emphasis here is on ALBUM. This is because in Version 3 of Poweramp, when you queue up anything, it will play after the current song (not album) or immediately (you can choose one of those in settings). But if you queued up an album, you are out of luck. The point in time in which you add anything to the queue is where your album will be interrupted with whatever you have queued (at the end of the current song or immediately, as mentioned). 

    Version 3 seems to takes stance that you know what music you want to listen to beforehand, so you have to queue it all up before you start playing anything, and then it will be fine. This sucks. People do not work that way. People like to work things on the fly, or at least have that flexibility to add music / albums as they go...

    Example: I am half-way through listening to album A, and during which, I realise I want to listen to album B next. BUT I still want to hear all of album A. So currently I have to wait until the end of album A, then queue up B. This could be 30 minutes or so away. I could forget by then, I have a very large music library and I'm busy doing my day job... If I queue it up the moment I think of it, I don't get to listen to the rest of album A. And that sucks. The previous version of Poweramp allowed you to do this on the fly. 

    Did this make sense? I hope I've explained it properly. 

    Can we please have the old queue method back? 

  15. On 2/18/2019 at 7:42 PM, andrewilley said:

    For some people it seem to be the Preload for Gapless Tracks that causes this issue, try setting that to zero too.


    That fixed it, thank you! I did have to reboot the phone, but it 100% worked. And I tested for gapless still working, and it was. :)

  16. On 2/12/2019 at 3:25 PM, blaubär said:

    Do you mean switching from the waveseek bar to the simple seek bar ? That is done via skin. See Settings > Look and Feel > Skin.

    Or do you want to replace the A-Z scroll with scroll bar in lists ? That would be Settings > Library > Lists > A-Z Scroll.

    I meant the simple seek bar. I kind of wish there was a way to have both the simple and the new one. Maybe if the new one showed an overall progress of the song being played it would be cool... 


  17. On 2/12/2019 at 3:22 PM, blaubär said:

    What have you set in Settings > Audio > Crossfade ? There are known issues with crossfade. Try to disable it completely and see whether this helps.

    Thanks, I already have crossfades disabled or set to lowest values. Just had another instance of the last song on an album cutting short. It's more like 3 whole seconds being cut short. :(

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