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  1. yeeeeeeeeeeees ! Thank you soooo much Darth Moe, this work perfectly. Finally I can see the track info on my MW600. Cooool
  2. I agree with you, bob61! I can't understand why there are not feedback form the dev team regarding this problem It's frustrating to not be able to see on my mw600 which song is playing when I use Poweramp (that I bought!) and to know that it perfectly works with the Google Paly Music free app
  3. Hi, I would like to report a track info issue On my Motorola Razr i (XT890) running 4.1.2 / Brand new Sony MW600 the bluetooth track info support doesn't work, no info about the tracks are shown. But it works with the stock Google Play Music player I've also upgrade my Poweramp to the last version v2.0.8-build-519 I Have checked in settings/misc/tweaks : Send Metachanged Intent + Send Album! And still nothing Thank you for your help. I've ppurchased the unlocker version because Poweramp answers to all my needs and it will be a little bit painful for me if I have to switch back to the stock app
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