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  1. Would also like to see the ability to transfer songs to the device / Poweramp over wifi from a computer (through winamp?)
  2. I'm also really wanting to see this feature
  3. This seems like a really odd feature for a music player, especially one as decked out as Poweramp, to be missing. Not only is there no playlists for "Most Played" or "Recently Played", but when you choose music sorting options it's not in there either. Could both be added? Also, on a side note I'm noticing that the "Recently Added" playlist doesn't update with the tracks I've added most recently showing at the top, even though I can find those tracks in my library. EDIT : Turns out there is a feature for Most / Recently Played playlists (activated by going to library -> menu -> list options). Still would like to see these features built into the list options submenu, though (the submenu option that you can access by pressing the menu button while in a list).
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