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  1. +1 for support for casting to Sonos speakers. After the recent removal of local file playback in Sonos app. This is needed more than ever. AirMusic and Hi-Fi Cast player have this implementation already and allow casting to Sonos speakers!?
  2. Thank you. Can't believe it was so simple. I have never seen that hidden menu. Default option should be No Limit instead of 200 which was selected and I have never accessed that menu before.
  3. V3 Version build 945 Samsung S21+ Kernel version 5.4.147-25305783-abG996BXXS5DVK1 #2 Mon Oct 31 18:24:11 KST 2022 Build number TP1A.220624.014.G996BXXS5DVK1 I am new to these forums. I have a lot of 5 star rated music. But not all appears in the Top rated playlist. Even unmarking a song and marking it 5 star again doesn't make a difference. What's the best way to report this? What logs or a video showing the issue sufficient?
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