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  1. Wonderful - perfect! I want to resume - at the correct place in any-length track - on pause/disconnect, but that resume position should be stored only until another track is played.
  2. Thanks Andre! I thought i had looked at all options. This option is better than I'd hoped for, because I do sometimes listen to audio books.
  3. Hey, I have a related question. I only use PA for music- no podcasts or movies. So I definitely do NOT want songs starting where they left off. I can't tell you how annoying it is to be listening to an album -with no free hands to correct it - and have one of the songs start 5 seconds from the end, just because that happens to be the place I stopped listening to that song a month ago. I found where to change plug/BT connection behavior, but no mention of a way to reset to start of every track when you exit the track.
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