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  1. For some reason, the equalizer in the main app doesn't have any effect. I can try again if Max also wants to see the measurement, but I'll let it be for now.
  2. I am referring only to the standalone equalizer app, but I can download Poweramp and repeat the measurements there if that's helpful for you guys. It seems like there is a filter applied at 35Hz, but the gain is more like -1dB. I am also curious why the red graph has these higher frequency oscillations around 100Hz. Note that this is in cascade mode, but envelope mode looks identical at 35Hz and very similar at the higher frequencies.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply! The exported files by REW look very similar: Filter Settings file Room EQ V5.20.13 Dated: Nov 5, 2022 6:26:11 PM Notes: Equaliser: Generic Sofa1_L Nov 5 Filter 1: ON PK Fc 35.45 Hz Gain -9.90 dB Q 7.163 Filter 2: ON PK Fc 76.10 Hz Gain -3.40 dB Q 16.951 Filter 3: ON PK Fc 98.50 Hz Gain -9.20 dB Q 9.410 Filter 4: ON PK Fc 138.0 Hz Gain -4.90 dB Q 15.232 Filter 5: ON None Filter 6: ON None I had to add the “Preamp:” line and remove the headers to get Poweramp EQ to import it. However, the filters still seem to have a weaker effect than on my laptop. Well, since “weaker effect” could be some kind of placebo effect, I connected my phone's output to my sound card's input and did some REW measurements with and without Poweramp EQ running. Then, I repeated the same with my laptop's output, where I applied the same EQ preset with EasyEffects (Linux), and my FiiO E10K, connected to my PC, which was running EqualizerAPO to apply the same EQ preset. The brown graph is actually three overlapping graphs showing the output of the three devices without EQ running. The purple and blue graphs that are nearly overlapping are EqualizerAPO (purple) and EasyEffects in IIR mode (blue). The red one is Poweramp Equalizer. The yellow is EasyEffects again, but in FIR mode. The green is EasyEffects in FFT mode. Why does the first filter (which is also shown as -9.9 dB in Poweramp EQ) barely have a -1 dB dip instead of the desired -9.9 dB? And how could I achieve the same effect as with EqualizerAPO (purple graph) with Poweramp Equalizer? Looking at the tiny graphs shown in Poweramp EQ, it seems more like this is a bug, and Poweramp EQ is actually supposed to give the same results as EqualizerAPO, right? My phone is a OnePlus Nord 2 if that's relevant.
  4. I created an equalizer preset with REW that has the desired effect on my laptop (imported as APO preset into EasyEffects). However, when I create the same filters (frequency, gain and Q) in Poweramp Equalizer, the filters seem to have a weaker effect. Without knowing much about the details behind EQ, I am assuming that Poweramp Equalizer uses a different EQ mode than APO. When I select RLC (BT) as mode in EasyEffects, it sounds very similar to Poweramp Equalizer with the same filters. So, my questions: Is there a way to load an APO preset into Poweramp Equalizer or convert the filters accordingly? Is there a way to export a preset from REW in such a way that it can be loaded into Poweramp Equalizer? What mode is Poweramp Equalizer using exactly? With this information, I could ask in the REW community if there is a way to generate filters that are compatible with Poweramp Equalizer. Edit: These are the available EQ types in REW. Is any of those compatible with Poweramp Equalizer?
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