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  1. well, obviously it won't appear if the process isn't actually on. Not much to do about that (aside from a "start on boot" option). As for task killers though, Poweramp seems to be a pretty stubborn process, always reappearing in the process list a few seconds after i kill it with process manager. If it's the case that it's effectively always on after you start it (which does seem to be the case), then the only time it won't work is right after the phone reboots (a pretty infrequent occurrence i imagine) or maybe if the phone locks during the few seconds when the auto task killer has the process down (if you have one and don't have the app on the ignore list). tl;dr, i figure that such an option should be useful close to all of the time.
  2. at the moment, if the user puts the player on pause (except from the lockscreen widget when the phone is already locked) and the phone gets locked, when the user returns to the lockscreen the lockscreen widget does not appear. If the user just wants to play music he has to unlock the phone first. Is it possible to have the lockscreen widget appear even if the player is paused, maybe as a setting? With this fix, the user can start or resume playback from the lockscreen at any time. thanks for reading.
  3. this request is for a setting to adjust the opacity of the widget background. Right now I happen to be using a background/wallpaper against which the widget text below the track title is hard to read. Allowing for a lower opacity/higher transparency widget background would help strike a balance between transparency and readability. In case anyone's curious, the background i'm using is a landscape photo with sky and water (read: mostly blue of varying shades). I figure this is a common enough type of background to make this a noteworthy issue. Thumbnail attached. anyway, thanks for reading.
  4. hey, i think I just noticed something funny: if I longpress on my /sdcard/music folder in the folders view I get the options to shuffle all or play all. If I select Shuffle All, it shuffles through only the songs in the root of the directory, whereas if I select Play All it goes through all songs in all subdirectories (I can then press on the shuffle button to shuffle all songs). This seems a bit clumsy. What's the intended behaviour here?
  5. yeah, i've just worked that one out for myself. Looks like i'll be abandoning library mode, but that's ok with me. Folder mode is working fine, and I've used the sort option to put the the /sdcard/music folder on top of the folder list making for convenient access. That's good enough for my purposes. Thanks a lot for your help, and keep up the good work.
  6. yeah I've come across that solution. I tried it for myself yesterday and it turns out your suspicion is correct: media in folders with the .nomedia file are not accessible as ringtones; when the phone rings it reverts to some generic beeping tone. Is there no way within the player to tell it to play just what's in my /sdcard/music folder? (and subfolders, of course)
  7. Thanks for the quick reply. What would you suggest for a quick workaround then? Thanks.
  8. I have two .mp3 files on my phone which i use for the ringtone and alert tone which i do not want to be included in the music library. They are in the /sdcard/bluetooth folder. The rest of my music is in the /sdcard/music folder. I have only the /sdcard/music folder set as a music folder, which I thought would "hide" the ringtone/alert mp3s from view. Apparently, I was wrong. Is there something I'm missing? What can I do if anything to fix this? Anyway, sorry if this was posted before. I want to say that this is a fantastic music player. It blows away anything else I've seen on the market. I'm usually loathe to pay for apps, but I'll probably make an exception for one as outstanding as Poweramp.
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