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  1. update: i was able to fix it by going to the second tab of Poweramp's equalizer menu [the one that has the balance and stereo expand knobs at the top] and tapping on the "MusicFX" button. just enabling MusicFX in Poweramp's advanced audio tweaks didn't work for some reason
  2. this has been happening for months now. i've reset both Poweramp eq and Poweramp itself but the equalizer app absolutely refuses to process audio from Poweramp anymore. in fact, now after resetting the equalizer, the app doesn't even want to show Poweramp in the list of known players anymore. still works for other music players like samsung music and spotify. turned on MusicFX and turned off DVC in Poweramp, still not working. the only way i was able to get Poweramp equalizer to process audio coming from Poweramp was through the Poweramp full version unlocker, which ALSO randomly broke at some point
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