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  1. I suggest to add rate button and it will be open pop-up window of rating based on 5 stars rating or like or dislike...
  2. I Am using with the two option: like and dislike, and I notice that I can't to add folder or bunch of song at once, and instead I need to add them one by one and that's really annoying...
  3. It's important to me because when I hear a good song and want to share to my friends, so I don't need to mess with file explorer, to search the song where I put it!
  4. try to play this track with built-in music player, or just check the size of the tracks, if you can't to play the whole length or the size of the track is really low compared to what should be, so it's a problem with your files... It's happened to me either and thats work for me!
  5. FIIO M6 CUSTOM ROM: WETA ROM, ANDROID 7 Customized https://www.fiio.com/m6_parameters build.prop audio_policy.conf detection log.html
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