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  1. No, I don't think that would be correct. At least up to a certain point in time when songs started releasing as real singles with streaming services. Before then singles had at least a B-side and, thus, I believe the general practice was to tag the album as "Song title (Single)" which, by the way, is very similar to what you were suggesting in this post here. Furthermore, we could discuss tagging "philosophy" endlessly, I suppose (I even like those kind of discussions, tbh) but my idea is more based around convienience and what people are used to when coming from other systems/players. What would be the negative point in having Album Artist default to Artist if the Album Artist tag is empty? Because the positives are prettly clear, I suppose.
  2. Yeah, for reasons that are a bit complicated (it involves me using Subsonic to transcode music on the fly for smartphone use, while using a non-Subsonic player because, unfortunately, they all leave something/a lot to be desired), I need to do that directly on my smartphone. I'll have a look at Xander71's suggestion (thanks!). Edit: tried the app Xander71 suggested. It's only automated tagging. It would mean having my tags changed in an automated way. That surely is not what I want. Thanks anyway.
  3. Thanks. Furthermore, my other point was that using Album Artist when all of an album is by the same artist is... I don't know, doesn't seem to be the reason why the Album Artist tag was created in the first place. The difference is that GoneMad defaults to Album Artist being the same as Artist, if the Album Artist tag is unpopulated. I do not have hundreds of albums by "Unknown artist" in my Album Artist view. Which, once more, is useful to avoid having the list populated by tens of artists that maybe have a single track in a compilation. I surely am not worried about file size. I am worried about the imposed need to retag thousands of tracks. Especially when their source might be curated and shared with other people that do not condone tag editing for the sake of it (such as would be the case here). I am all for tagging correctly music. I have been doing since 2003, due to Rio Karma DAP and Squeezeboxes in my home. Squeezebox server handles things as GoneMad does, by the way. Which is why I was surprised by Poweramp. It's been the first occasion where I found myself in need of retagging a music collection carefully tagged in the span of decades, by now.
  4. I know this is an old request but, to be honest, having an album artist for single artist albums doesn't make that much sense. Sure I could go and do what you suggested, but that would also mean reimporting all my music to the smartphone in its transcoded Vorbis format (from the FLAC sources). Using Artist for Album Artist when Album Artist is empty should be a no brainer. I'm trying PA coming from GoneMad Music Player and I have 5,737 tracks from Unknown Artist in the Album Artist view. And to the question: "Why not use plain Artists mode then, rather than Album Artists, if your music collection is not tagged that way?", the answer is very simple: Album Artist is properly used for compilations, etc. using Various Artists as Album Artist. Browsing by Artist means having an overly long list of artists that have a single song in a single compilation...
  5. Coming from GoneMad Music Player, which offers quite full tag editing in the app, this is something I find lacking. And I miss it.
  6. For what it's worth, I agree with the user code, above. Locking bands and undo/redo sound like awesome features to have but, as a start, being able to deactivate auto-save, as it's possible for graphic EQ would be a start in the right direction.
  7. Oh, thanks. I searched this forum for "equalizer" in the title before posting. Didn't think about preset, sorry. Glad something is been worked on to "protect" the equalizer settings (locking bands is what I would prefer).
  8. If I deactivate the relevant option in settings I find it back on as soon as I re-enter settings. If I select the "regular" graphic equalizer, the option stays de-activated. Poweramp version: build-939-bundle-play 939004-333c8a71 OnePlus 6T 128GB - 8GB RAM Android 12 / LineageOS 19.1
  9. I came here through web search, since I was wondering why auto-save can't be deactivated for parametric equalizer. It's pretty disconcerting to set an option, exiting the settings section, coming back and finding it activated once more. Am I missing something? Edit: I am referring to the equalizer in the player. I don't know if it's different in the standalone EQ app.
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