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  1. How can you play a music folder in shuffle mode like the old times? Lomg press don't show play anymore

    Firstly, select the songs/lists shuffle option on the player screen, then pick any track from your chosen folder (from the folders, not library list) and it should play the rest in a random order.

  2. For what it's worth, I can confirm that Zagg Smartbuds work fine with my Motorola Defy.

    There is a button to start/pause or answer phone calls when pressed once. Twice for next track, thrice for previous track, as well as a microphone for phone calls. There is also a slider volume which works independently of the phone's volume.

    From what I read, they should be compatible with the majority of Android phones.

  3. As it happens, I was thinking along the same lines the other day, as most of my listening involves choosing an artist and then working my way through their output chronologically.

    However, I can understand that when compared to other Poweramp projects, this one may seem a tad frivolous.

  4. Try downloading ASTRO File Manager from Android Market, then do a search for 'mp3' (assuming that the missing files are mp3s) using the search button (the magnifying glass at the top).

    If the songs are still on the phone or SD card, they should be listed.

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