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  1. I would like to see an enhancement of the Import system-library playlists funtion. This function should update any existing Poweramp- playlists with the same name, so that songs will be added to or removed from an existing Poweramp-playlist. If there is no corresponding Poweramp playlist than this system-library playlists should be added. Thanks Bodo
  2. Hi, I build a set of playlist with windows media player and save them as wpl file. From time to time I modify my playlists and synchronise (Windows media player) them with my mobile device. When the sync is finished I go to my mobile device run Poweramp and import my playlist. As a result Poweramp adds all the playlist syncronized but duplicates existing by adding a number to the playlist name (e.g. My Jazz1) Howerver, all I want is that Poweramp updates exiting playlist and adds only playlist that didn't exist before the sync. Am I missing somethings with the import option of Poweramp? Appreciate any help?
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