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  1. Essentially I use Poweramp as my Music Player when my phone is docked in my car. I absolutely LOVE the swiping feature when I want to change tracks while driving because it is eyes free. The issue I have with it is when I am night driving the background colors (behind the album art and the album art in some cases as well) specifically get pretty bright. What I would love is quick button or an option to turn on a "Night Mode" which would dim the screen (Like both my GPS and my CarHome Ultra do). This will make it much less distracting while I am driving. Currently at night I am forced to use the shortcut buttons (this means no swiping) in my CarHome Ultra because it at least has a night mode and is much less distracting while driving. However this causes me to have to find the shortcut buttons and also doesn't give me quick sight to what song is playing (some songs start quiet and I have a pretty large Library on my phone).
  2. I like the option when I like the option...but don't when I don't.
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