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  1. Hi Does anyone have any ideas as to why this could be happening? Quite frustrating as when I did a mass rip just over a year ago the art for all 170 of my albums appeared and was spot on!
  2. Hi Thanks for the reply. I long pressed on the artwork area but it only came up with the option of no artwork. The title tags within the songs all appear accurate. It is a bit of a conundrum. The songs were ripped from CD into AAC format and then transferred to the phone.
  3. Hi I am using Poweramp version 2.0.5-build 488 on a HTC Desire running on Android 2.3. I have recently added 2 albums to the player and on both occasions no album art has been downloaded. One of these albums is the new Coldplay album and I would be surprised if this was not available. I have checked the settings and they are all as they should be. Could it be that as I am running an old version of Android that album art can no longer be downloaded or is it just a coincidence and the art isn't available for these 2 albums? I did delete all the music off my phone and then re-transfer it and all albums bar these 2 had art. Any help gratefully received.
  4. I hope this feature can be introduced in the future... it would allow me to use my nexus 7 as a music server with album art for all my apple lossless music!
  5. Correct, the external device is not visible within the folders list in Power amp and therefore it cannot be scanned.
  6. Any news on OTG support for connecting an external HDD and been able to scan folders on the connected device?
  7. I am surprised that this is something Poweramp is not capable of. I was hoping to connect my external HDD and select the music folder on Poweramp and away we go. Unfortunately Nexus Media Importer does not support alac files and therefore can't play my music via the otg method anyway. That is why if Poweramp supported otg it would be hugely beneficial as it is a great music player!
  8. Hi I have bought a google nexus 7 and have attached an external hdd using an otg cable and nexus media importer app. I note that Power amp will not recognise files that aren't stored on the device. Is this something that can be introduced in future updates?
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