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  1. Here's a newbie to revive the vote. One more for DLNA / Upnp support. My music is sitting on my NAS. I can only get to it with other players. I'd be happy to pay for this feature as an add on.
  2. I like the background how it is also. But having the option would be nice.
  3. Hi, this is similar to my recent post "Playing FLAC from NAS". I am also desperate to play audio from an external source. in my case a network NAS. Poweramp seems to do a better job at playing the music compared with other audio player apps with all the controls it provides. I just wish it could do this also. I my case all my audio is in FLAC which chews up SD card memory. Not an issue with an external hard drive. but in my case I need DLNA support. We just need to be able to access it. Sometimes i wish I was a programer!
  4. Hi all, I cant' stress this feature request more. Currently we listen to music by playing FLAC audio files on our SD cards via Logitech bluetooth audio adapters into yamaha pianocraft stereos in different rooms. Poweramp is the only player that does our music any justice. (love the player) But of couse we quickly come up against SD card storage space. (especialy using FLAC audio files) which is very limiting. I have been trying to find a way to play our music files from a NAS connected to our network. Some players do this with ease. I tried BubbleUPNP which happily plays FLAC from our NAS but
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