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  1. @andrewilley Sorry, I was not clear my new device does not allow for the installation of Huawei apps, I now have a Samsung S20 From what I take from answer, there is no way my non Play store unlocker purchase can be applied to a Play Store app, I will need to repurchase if I choose to use Poweramp
  2. @Fitzian Sorry my new device is a Samsung S20, we are not allowed to install Huawei app's on my new device
  3. I shelved my old personal phone when my organization provided a new phone. I transferred apps including Poweramp and the Unlocker onto the new phone by downloading the apps. Of course when I start the unlocker I get the “thank you for your purchase”. I assumed everything was good until a couple of weeks later I realized Poweramp was still a trial on my new phone. Perhaps I had originally purchased through the Poweramp Website so I attempted to download the website version, install. My phone will not allow me to install the app as it is offered through Huawei on the website, and thus a security violation. I downloaded the unlocker and App through the Play store, but my unlocker will work only with the Huawei app? So am I out of luck or does Poweramp offer a work around? Thank you
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