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  1. Thank you for your reply. The stock music player (Sense UI) had respond first for the trackpad action. I had only to enable in PA Settings > Headset Options > Respond to Headset Buttons to make it working again on GB ROM.
  2. I have been using this method (/system/usr/keylayouts/curcial-oj.kl): key 272 MEDIA_PLAY_PAUSE WAKE_DROPPED to play/pause Poweramp by trackpad on Froyo (desire) while screen was locked. I just updated ROM to Gingerbread and the command above doesn't work with Poweramp anymore. Is there another "MEDIA_PLAY_PAUSE" for PA?
  3. Hello. Could you make simple widget looks like one from attachment (it's pure music widget). It's exteremely useful and looks great, unlucky doesn't support your player. Imho the stock widgets not fit to some homescreen.s Thank you for replies.
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