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  1. happy to report that all OK now. Im using Sony Z5 Compact and the recent N update from Sony has a buy with audio in 3rd party apps. the latest N build 376 from Sony resolve this. Not a bug in powerampp. im happy now. great support guys.
  2. sort of "partially" resolve the volume erratic issue.... i turn off TONE control. The setting with Bass and Treble control. The volume is so much better now. However, i'm missing one of feature i like.
  3. updated to alpha 703. DVC on still causes low volume. DVC Off works but volume still erratic. but nice v3...
  4. had the same problem on my Z5 Compact. update to Nougat and Poweramp volume suddenly turn very very low. I disable the DVC and half the problem solved. with DVC Off the audio volume/quality become erratic. it's like the volume goes up and down. not sure if this is due to sum other setting but everything was find on Marshmallow. is this sumthing that can b fixed?
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