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  1. Anybody from Poweramp monitor this forum? If anyone can help me...my main question is what make the album show up under "Artist"? I've got a ton of "Unknown artist" albums, about 98% of all the albums that I've put on my card. I'm not sure what made the three albums that show up in "Artist" to do that. Anyone?
  2. How should I organize my music using Poweramp for Android? I have a music collection in FLAC that I'd like to put on my phone (Samsung Galaxy S3). I would like convert the format to either .wma or .mp3. But how should I organize the folders and files? And should I include a CUE or m3u files? I tried putting the flac to my external SD card. And I have the music organized in folders like this... The Beatles / The Beatles - Rubber Soul - (1965) / 01 - Song Name.mp3(or .flac) Inside the "The Beatles - Rubber Soul - (1965)" folder (which contains the songs) what tags need to be in there? Curren
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