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  1. Can't use Poweramp on my Galaxy Player (which has no radio it is an android mp3 player). I was planning on using it in my carputer as well, but not a chance. How do I get a refund? This situation is absurd.
  2. I mean when you go to library, choose artists you have a list of artists and the number of songs. If you select an artist it will display the albums, I am requesting that in the artist list it display the number of albums as well as the number of songs.
  3. Currently says eg Pearl Jam 100 songs, would be nice if it said "6 Albums, 100 Songs" Thanks
  4. Bit of a pain to find albums beginning with S when picking albums loads a grid starting at A, and the one you want is a lot of rows down. I know you could use a keyboard but I am using PA in a carputer. A big alphabet overlay on the left or right side? Thanks
  5. I think this is how it should work as well. I think switching to "Shuffle Lists, Songs in order" achieves what you want (though the list will be shuffled at the end of the album)
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