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  1. New update is mUcH better in many areas. THX! But, album list view scrolls like poopy still. Poweramp FTMFW!!!
  2. New update is mUcH better in many areas. THX! But, album list view scrolls like poopy still. Poweramp FTMFW!!!
  3. i downloaded 1.4, build 387 for comparison and it has none of the problems mentioned above. However, i cannot get it to dl album art. any suggestions? And, the old stock skin is so sick. i know there is a skin add-on available in the market, but it is not quite the same thing. thanks for the help.
  4. Mostly Apex. I've also tried Nova, stock ICS, modded stock ICS, ADW, ADW ex, go (not good with ics, imo), SPB, TSF, zeam, launcher 7. I have also tried short cut launcher app launches, system launches (from nav bar shortcuts), widget launches, selecting library instead of player for startup screen. I've also run it with data restored and without. I've used adw ex custom fade opening transition, which solves the problem, but adw ex is a bit outdated... I've tried wallpaper hacks (old adw ex and current adw) and internally managed wallpaper selection (zeam). I've been on liquid, aokp, axiom, stock, gummy...miui...bamf.... I've also run different animation packages, and on those, Poweramp behaves no differently than an other amp when launching into it. Therefore, I think it's a weird combo of stock ics anims and Poweramp Suggestion One: code in custom anims to use when opening. Facebook app now includes it's own fade anim when opening. So that user can select from a few anims and totaly trick out their power amp experience. And, again, can the album art list be updated to run smoothly with ics list scrolling framework. I would happily pay--as wood all Poweramp users on ics--for a ics only version of Poweramp that is optimized for ics framework. Poweramp is the best music player i have used and i would like it to be totally slick on ics. thanks for hearing me out. !!!Poweramp ftw!!!
  5. Now that the 4.0.4 update for g.nex is official, can Poweramp be updated for it. Scrolling the album list (with album art) in the library is choppy. I think we all know about the constant media scans. And, opening Poweramp from the launcher is inconsistent. Sometimes it wil open and run the ICS anim fine, but other times, it will rescan album art to update the app background and this will produce an inconsistent, choppy animation. It's to the point, that I'll either only launch from app drawer, or use google play music, which doesn't play my old wma files. Help!!! thanks. robb
  6. robbkoch


    Love the update and look forward to the skins/themes. Please include other colors options for the white/purple light that glows from buttons and track progress bar. Thanks!!!!!!
  7. I have the widget pack, but would like more skin options, so we can totally pimp our home pages with power amp widgets. Current widgets are good, but not quite great. thanks, max. robb
  8. Please add Library button and working volume knob to main player page. On Droid X, I have to hit menu button to open options to see libray. It would be nice to skip that extra step. And the same with volume. I'd like to stay on main player page to adjust volume. Poweramp is pimp. thanks.
  9. Doesn't streaming from the cloud thingy introduce signal distortion and/or reduce the quality of the music in order to stream it? I'd think that it would. I'd rather have the direct goods on my phone....and play it directly...so to speak.
  10. Max, this thing is pimp. Thanks. I almost got an iphone instead of droid x because of the stock music players. but with Poweramp, there is no equal. Thanks!!! robb
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