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  1. I don't know what to tell you, I have zero problem with my UTF-8 playlists coming from MusicBee -- umlauts and all.
  2. You can just set Musicbee to export m3u8 files, and Poweramp will import them correctly. I've been doing this for awhile. "Menu > Edit> Edit Preferences" ---> "Devices" -> "Configure" -> "Settings > Playlist storage > save as format" and pick m3u8. Then you'd sync your device again. You'd want to delete the old m3u playlists off of your phone. Musicbee actually follows the standard where it output the playlists with the expected character type. m3u is supposed to be ascii, m3u8 is supposed to be UTF-8.
  3. As more and more tags are finally starting to use UTF characters over ASCII, it would be nice if the search feature could have an option to ignore those diacritical marks. For example, searching for "Celine Dion" should find "Céline Dion". It would be helpful for when you remember a name but not necessarily all the special characters.
  4. I just noticed a bug in v3-build-838. If there is an album song that is exactly one hour long, 1:00:00, in the list view the time will show up as ":00" rather than "1:00:00". Longer and shorter albums show up correctly. I'd imagine it probably has the same problem if the album is exactly 1 min long as well, but I didn't test it. If you go to the indiviual song listing (the album is one long track), the individual track will show up correctly as "1:00:00", so it's only something with the format string in the album list portion. This also worked correctly for a 1:00 song.
  5. That's kind of a requirement. All Android Auto does is pass along the assistant command to the actual app -- that's how GoneMad works. There is also some sort of app glue to get the menus to show up I think, and maybe to control the UI, but only Google-selected apps are allowed to actually fully interact in Android Auto (like Google play Music). They are kind of strict about it. For maps you can only use Google Maps or Waze, not any secondary program like HERE! or OSM-based apps.
  6. I remembered another issue, but not sure if it's just in the "not added yet" part. On 2.x you could change the bitrate meta data to instead be the Next Track info. I didn't see that option in the 3.0 beta.
  7. Congrats on getting it out. I've found a few issues though. as others have said, there should be a more condensed view when in an album. It would be nice to list the track number and data rather than album art which is just the same. constant crash if you set the album list to sort by artist/album artist (crash log sent via app) the app absolutely destroys my battery life. I had my phone unplugged over night with like 80% battery and woke up to like 15% left, with Poweramp using all the juice no way to remove the notification. Won't swipe to close, closing the app doesn't close it. It shouldn't be a persistent notification.
  8. I installed over 704 on my Axon 7 (android 7.1.1), and it was crashed everytime on startup. Clearing data for the app worked. So, it seems there is some issue with upgrading settings.
  9. If you installed it from the Play Store, you need to uninstall the app, remove yourself from the Alpha testing group, and then the Play Store should revert to giving you the old version in a bit.
  10. 24-bit snapdragon output works on the Axon 7 US, but it doesn't use the built in DACs. Using the normal GL ES path actually sounds better than the hi-res output since they system will use the external DACs then. I had previously provided the audio_policy.conf from the Chinese version (same audio hardware) on the request thread.
  11. ZTE Axon 7 stock (ships with 6.0.x) AKM 4961 HiFi Recording Processor+ AKM 4490 HiFi Audio Amplifier chips included for hi-res audio /etc/audio_policy.conf included from the Chinese B05 ROM. The US/international versions should have the same chipset. audio_policy.conf Edit: just for note, with an actual US release phone in hand, it has the option for hi res audio for the internal Snapdragon 24-bit PCM, but not the special DAC chips in the phone.
  12. While I voted for material design, your #2 is a much bigger issue. there are TONs or little things people have been asking for awhile now (many of which have already been made into the alpha). And I think there could be a minor amount of work to update the current skin without necessarily redesigning the whole UI just yet. Like updating the icons from GB-era to something more current. That alone would help in that area. If you look at the threads on reddit and such places, more people care about the look of the app than one might think. I think DLNA is a big thing, as long as that ALSO includes Chromecast support, which is becoming more of a needed feature. And I think most people would be happy with this pushing out to the release channel even, as long as it was followed up with consistent bug fixing. If there is going to be long stretches between releases, then it's better to just leave it as a sideload.
  13. Actually, that's a much less efficient design. To go from various points in that that's multiple swipes instead of one swipe and one tap, especially as you add more tabs into the mix (for example, you don't even have playlist in there). Navitation drawers have a purpose in Android -- navigation. That's what they are good for.
  14. It seems best at this point to move onto a different music player that does support it, I know I have. Poweramp is only my backup player now. The rewrite has been pending for YEARS now, and it's supposed to be in two different phases. It will be a very pleasant surprise if it shows up, but hoping that it does at this point doesn't seem worth it.
  15. Just get MusicBee and use some of the Metro Themes. Supports basically all the audio formats, flac and opus included. The Dev is constantly working on it (including an UI overhaul for W10).
  16. The guy that made N7 Player made ToasterCast for just this purpose. And he allows others to link into it (which of course, get's him cash from the purchase). So, if MaxMP wanted the features but not the dev time, he could just build in support for that API and then could have access to all that streaming and litte of the support (just working with any API changes).
  17. There is already a thread asking for this feature, if you had searched. And Poweramp isn't an internet player, so OPUS being an internet spec doesn't really affect anything here -- it's not doing WebRTC or streaming. And MaxMP already said it would be part of the audio engine rewrite. (Granted, that's been pending for like 1+ years now).
  18. While I agree that it would be nice to actually see something about the new update, the only thing you should ever really expect from ANY app is bug fixes. New features/full redesigns can easily just be released as a new version that you have to pay for, much as is done with normal applications. That being said, I'm sure the inclusion of the new audio APIs in Android 5.0 will change things up again as well, requiring even more changes.
  19. > Tabbed UI. Slide left/right to switch to Albums, All songs, Playlist, Folders, ... Maybe the player screen should be a tab too. No. Those are a pain. If you want to move from one end to the other, it ends up being multiple swipes. It should really be the hamburger menu, which is what the design stardard is/was (not sure how Material Design changed that if it did).
  20. The JB look is already taken care off via plugins. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ikorolkov.Poweramp.skins.ics https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ikorolkov.Poweramp.skins.icsl https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ikorolkov.audioplayer.icsw
  21. So, I finished some debugging of at least my issue. Something must have been updated with the Google Play Services to change the media scanner. Up until a little bit ago, my setup worked fine. Now, playlists are getting deleted for being "empty". I had a .nomedia file in my music folder to prevent the album art from getting sucked in. This worked until recently. It was seeing no music in media scanner, so it was deleting the playlists. Putting a .nomedia in my playlist folder worked correctly to have them left alone (.no_media didn't work). Getting rid of the .nomedia files altogether sort of worked. The first scan removed the playlists (before it had a chance to scan the music folder). This seems odd, as why would it scan for playlists first? Anyway, doing another sync left the playlists along this time. Solution for me: problem with mediscanner deleting lists, as well as out of order scanning. No problem for me in Poweramp.
  22. I just recently had this problem as well. I can sync the playlists using MusicBee. The files are there on the SD card. After I dismount the device and Android remounts the SD card, I go into Poweramp and there are no playlists there. Go to view in the file explorer, and they are all gone from the SD card. Edit: looking throught the log files, it seemt he only Poweramp messages about calling an unsupported function PlayListActivity;.getActionBar SQLiteDatabase.beginTransactionNonExclusive (from scanner.l1ll) It also seems that MediaScanner is saying the playlists are empty and deleting them. Now, as to why it's deleting them, that makes no sense. I do have .flac files, which perhaps 2.3 is deleting because it doesn't consider them valid. But I also have ones without flacs that are getting deleted as well. Edit 2: I uninstalled Poweramp, and the playlists are still being deleted. In fact, I uninstalled every media player except the default music app in 2.3.7, and they are still being deleted. And the media scanner isn't scanning the music folder, either. So something in Google's framework has changed recently to cause a problem.
  23. Sadly, Opus support seems tied up in the audio engine rewrite (and maybe the UI overhaul) which we keep hearing about. Hopefully maxmp can give us a status update (like how many work items left type deal). Seems like it's been in process a long time. Max, have you thought of setting up a g+ community along with beta releases? Might let people see more what you're doing and help test it out sooner.
  24. http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/3469-opus-codec/ OPUS has been planned for awhile and part of an internal beta build (that now one has seen as far as I know). I assume it waiting for the audio engine rewrite.
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