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  1. Poweramp is so random for me that it's confusing. Sometimes it finds all my songs, sometimes it doesn't. And nothing is more frustrating than watching it calculate 12118 songs then drop to 9815 upon completion of the scan right afterwards. I am using LiquidSmooth 4.4.4 and every other music app has no issues with my songs. What's killing me most is how much I love this app, the fact that I paid for it and it's the only app that doesn't work right.
  2. I use all mp3s. I only have like 2 WMA files I believe. The stock player handles all the tags & song detection well but I hate the UI. Poweramp has the best UI by far.
  3. Same problem here. The scan has been atrocious for me. Even with full rescans, there will be missing songs. Regular rescans report random numbers of songs as well. It also struggles with the tags often reporting hundreds of unknown artists.
  4. I have the same problem. 600+ unknown artists. The stock player only says 2. All tags are present except those 2 that the stock player is referring to. Version 2.0.9 build 558 Edit: It's also removing/adding songs upon rescans regardless of the fact that I haven't removed or added any songs to my phone. Saddening because this is my favorite player based on the UI alone. I can't use it if songs are going to disappear and reappear when they feel like it.
  5. First off, thank you for this wonderful program. It was my first market purchase and it has been a pleasure getting away from those other music players. Now if I may ask, with the Tegra 2 support, I'm assuming it will run more efficiently on my Atrix now. Am I correct? Not that I had a problem before.
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