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  1. Is a Fake Option. You can Backup and not import more in Poweramp.Really Stupid Sorry. Take Playlist Backup https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.ssi.playlistbackup&hl=de
  2. First Sorry for my Bad English. I have a Question. Is here no Support more? I See the Feature Request list. And i see, it will come larger and larger, largest and no Feature come. Its it Very Hard? to make a Option to Export Import EQ Presents and Settings, and Playlist to SDCard and Restore it from it? To make this ,it will take MORE as 2 Years? Or 5 Years? See DLNA . The Wish is from 2011. 2-3 Years and nothing come?
  3. Please tell us this Feature will never come? is really Stupid to Say take Titanum Backup. Make you Root for the Device? Please Add a Backup and Restore Function for EQ Settings, EQ Presents, Playlist,
  4. Yes this is Important. And the EQ Present Settings to File or Directory.
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