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  1. I am running the following: Samsung Galaxy S5 Media Player (YP-G70) Android 2.6 Poweramp Can't get the earbud controls to do anything. I've tried it with and without the Klipsch Control app installed. How can I get the controls to work? These are all great performers, but it be nice for the controls to work. Thanks. CAT
  2. I have just downloaded the trial. I would like to shuffle play a genre. Here is what I do: -select genre type of list-list of albums in genre is displayed -select album-list of songs on album is displayed -select song-song plays -long select shuffle icon-popup menu of shuffle options is displayed I cannot find an option that will shuffle all songs in the genre. Any option other than shuffle all plays the songs on the album in order. The shuffle all option shuffles all songs in all genres. What steps do I need to follow to shuffle play a genre? Where do I find a user guide or detailed help fo
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