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  1. Ok, so I have tried that out and its good. But it would be far superior to be able to have the player in the bottom and the list above it. Then I can pause or skip a track in the current playing list while looking somewhere else, just like I can now but without needing to go to the player view. As a fast fix, putting the "go to player view"-button on the right thumb side (in the bottom, which is an option allredy) would make things easier for one hand navigation for right handed people like myself!
  2. Oh, that's perfect. Can't believe I just missed a setting. Though I must say that setting was fairly embedded in a place I wouldn't expect it and was awkwardly named in the Swedish version, etc... Anyway, thank you very much for the tip! /spejr
  3. When I scroll through my music and play a track, I'm really not interested in looking at the album art. No, I want to stay in the list I'm at and may be change track or whatever. Please just have an option of having the player in the bottom of the screen when looking in folders/library/playlists and just keeping the view unchanged when clicking a new track. Or have a small play button on every track for playing the track while keeping the list view. Thanks for the great sound /spejr
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